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Home > How To > Cura 3D slicing software installation and operation
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Cura 3D slicing software installation and operation

Cura 3D slicing software installation and operation

By  Steve Lowry 2018-05-21 26923 0

Cura is an open source 3D printer slicing application, it is widely used in 3D printing. Cura-15.04.3 as an example, let's talk about how to install Cura 3D slicing software and operate it.
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1. Cura 3D slicing software installation

Install the Cura software


Click Cura .exe file, pop-up installation window, continue to click next step to complete the installation.


Machine  settings








2. Cura 3D slicing software operation for offline printing

For offline printing, do not need to connect to computer, easy to operate with SD card. After install Cura software,Select "print all the once" from the "Tools".








Object operation









Click right mouse function







The name of "filename. gcode" file must be in English or number, do not name it into Chinese characters or others. Save the file to the SD card, then insert it into the card slot and turn on the power. Select "print from SD" in the main menu from LCD Control Screen, then select the "filename. gcode" file you just saved and confirm it and begin to print.



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3. Cura software parameter settings

Open Cura software,you can modify all of the printing parameters on the display screen.


Select "Switch to full settings".








Layer height: 0.1 - 0.4mm available. 0.1mm high precision, but long printing time, 0.4mm low precision, but printing time is too short, in general select 0.2mm.


Shell thickness: 0.4mm is very thin, in general select 1.2mm, that will increase the printing time.


Enable retraction: To prevent the wire from leaking when printing quickly, otherwise it will affect the appearance.


Bottom / Top thickness: In order to make the top layer print more perfect and flat bottom layer.


Fill density: If the intensity is not high, select 20%. If the intensity is high, increase it and the printing time also will increase.


Print speed: Generally set 30-100, he print speed is higher and the precision is lower.


Printing temperature: Depends on the filament, generally select 190 - 210 degrees.


Support type: Include a half-support and full support. In general the model with suspended structure needs to set support, but a surface will be rough after removing support.


Platform adhesion type: "None" means do not set any support, "Brim" increases the bottom area. "Raft" base makes the model more adherent. To make the model better adhere to the base, add a base or edge. But best to increase a base and an edge relative to the small bottom area.


Diameter: 1.75mm


Flow: 100%




Nozzle size: 0.4mm.


Retraction Speed: The speed of retraction when printing.


Retraction distance: The length of material retraction, generally select 4.5 - 8mm.


Initial layer thickness: The first layer thickness of printing. Select default option.


Initial layer line width: 100% will be thicker and denser, Select default option.


Cut off object bottom: The length of cutting off the bottom of model.


Dual extrusion overlap: 0.15mm. Select default option.


Travel speed: The moving speed when nozzle does not extrude filament.


Bottom layer speed: The speed of printing the first layer. Setting a slower speed to make object better attached to base plate.


Infill speed, Top / bottom speed, Outer shell speed, Inner Shell speed: Select default option.


Minimal layer time: Select default option.


Enable cooling fan: To cool the temperature of nozzle.



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