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Home > How To > Easily fix all your NO.1 D6 smartwatch phone issues
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Easily fix all your NO.1 D6 smartwatch phone issues

Easily fix all your NO.1 D6 smartwatch phone issues

By  GB Blog Official 2017-03-07 5570 2

All NO.1 D6 smartwatch phone's issues can be easily fixed after you read this troubleshooting, including charge, sound, dead, Bluetooth connection, phone call issues, etc.

Hi friends, welcome to Gearbest Blog. Once you enter this page and watch here, I know you've met some problems with NO.1 D6 smartwatch phone. But, once you come here, the problems will be all gone immediately because this article can help you figure them out! Our blog has collected the most frequently asked questions from thousands of NO.1 D6 smartwatch phone users, and tried our best to find the solutions. They are all listed below! Hope they are working for you!

NO.1 D6 Smartwatch Phone

Charge issues

Maybe it's because the connection between the USB cable and watch is not well done, USB cable or charger is broken, some system errors, power supply has something wrong, or the device component / hardware is broken. You can try these methods:

● Remove the USB cable from the watch and then reconnect them together, then try to charge it again.

● Check whether the four touching points between the band and USB cable charging bench are well connected or not. The metal touching points might be oxidized, so try to use a sharp knife to scratch the points' surface, then try to charge again.

Charge NO.1 D6 smartwatch phone

Change another USB cable or change a USB charger.

● Change a power source / supplier, for example, change a PC USB port to charge this watch or change a power socket.

● Make sure the USB charging cable, charging adapter, and power source (PC or power socket) are well connected, and the power source supplies the electric.

● If it's the watch's first charge, please connect the device to a high power source like a standard power socket for at least three hours and then launch it to use.

● Once you are sure that the connection is well done, USB cable, charger and power supplier is working, but the watch still cannot be charged, that should be the watch's battery or hardware issue. Please contact the after-sales service for a professional help. You are not suggested to simply take this NO.1 D6 smartwatch phone to a digital product fixing shop because they won't know this device better than its own engineer.

There must be some errors happens on the identification circuit. When the watch is at a power off state, the identification circuit won't work, so the electric can be charged into the watch through the USB charging circuit. But once the watch is powered on, as the identification circuit is broken, it cannot identify whether the USB cable is working to charge power or transfer data. So the charge task cannot be executed. However, when the watch is powered off and is being charged, even you open the watch, the charge task has been already ongoing, so it won't bother the charge mission, which may make you puzzled.

● The only solution for this issue is to return it back to the factory for a component exchange or fix. Just contact the after-sales service, they will help you.

How long a battery can work actually depends on how the users use. If you open all the functions on the phone and open the Bluetooth all the time, sure the battery consumes very fast that cannot be used for a long time after a full charge. Also, if the screen always lights, it will speed the power consumption.

● If you have just used this watch for a few times, you’d better charge it when the battery only leaves 10% power and please charge it at least for 2 to 3 hours to activate it.

● Also, to prevent the battery consuming too fast, you can shut off the functions you rarely use, and only launch them when needed.

Dead & Boot issues

There might be some system errors happening, otherwise, it should be hardware damage issue. Try to:

● Long press the Power button for 30 seconds to force the watch to open.

force NO.1 D6 to open

● Charge the phone through its original USB cable for minimum 10 minutes then reboot it.

● If both the methods don't work, try to flash the watch. Download the ROM according to your need from its official website then to do the ROM flash. The detail steps are contained in the text file, please operate as the guide shows. If you think it's too complicated for you, you can ask help from some professional phone fixing center staff.

Once the flash cannot solve this problem, the hardware must be damaged. Please contact the after-sales service to send the product back to the factory to repair.

This problem happens usually because the battery has run out or the battery or other component of the watch has been damaged.

● Charge the device for at least 15 minutes, then observe whether you cannot turn it on or not.

● Usually when you are charging the watch, it will have some reaction to the charge, like the screen will light up and show a battery charging icon. If so, keep charging it for minimum three hours for a full charge and then launch it.

full charge NO.1 D6 smartwatch

● If the watch has no reaction to the charge, no charging icon appears on the LED screen, which means it may cannot be charged, please refer to the above Charge issue's first question's solutions.

Bluetooth issues

● Check your phone operating system and Bluetooth version, whether they are compatible with this watch. This watch is compatible with all Android and iOS OS devices, but the Bluetooth version should be Bluetooth 4.0 version. If the compatibility is not matched, sure they cannot be connected.

● If the device compatibility has no problem but they cannot pair, check whether you have open the Bluetooth feature on your phone and the watch.

● Check whether you have followed the correct steps to connect the watch to your phone:

A. For Android devices, you need to download and install the Watch helper on your phone. Then open both the phone and watch's Bluetooth. Enter the watch's Settings - Connect - Bluetooth to connect your phone to D6 Android device. Then enter the Watch helper app's interface, tap Connect BT to connect it to the watch as well. Then the two devices can be successfully connected.

connect NO.1 D6 smartwatch with Android devices

connect NO.1 D6 smartwatch to smartphone

connect NO.1 D6 smartwatch to Android phone through Bluetooth

pair NO.1 D6 smartwatch with Android devices

B. For iOS devices, the steps are much easier. Just turn on the Bluetooth feature on both devices. Enter the watch's Settings - Connect - Bluetooth. Open the feature. Then the phone can detect the D6 iOS device. Click it to connect with it. Then confirm the access on both the watch and the phone. Then they can be connected.

NO.1 D6 smartwatch Bluetooth connection

connect NO.1 D6 smartwatch to iOS devices

pair NO.1 D6 smartwatch with iOS through Bluetooth

● Check the phone Bluetooth connection / pair records, if the records are too many, we suggest you to clean the records and then search this watch again and connect with it.

● The Bluetooth connection needs to be done in a good condition which means there is no obstacles between the phone and watch and also the distance should be in 10 meters. Otherwise the Bluetooth transfer is invalid.

● Turn off the phone Bluetooth button and then launch it again to have a try. Or reboot your phone.

● Try to connect the watch with another phone to check whether the Bluetooth connection is working. If not, we can sure that there must be something wrong with the watch's components, or an individual quality issue. Contact the after-sales center for more help.

No, you can't. Through the Bluetooth connection, you can sync all the contacts, messages, calls, music, camera, and other applications' notifications from your phone to this watch. The watch can only receive the call notification but you cannot answer the phone on this watch.

This NO.1 D6 smartwatch is actually an individual phone, so if you want to answer phone calls or make phone calls on this watch, you can insert a SIM card into this watch, then it can work as you wish.

Other issues

This problem should be divided into two occasions:

A. If the watch gets heated immediately when being connected to WiFi or Bluetooth, it means the motherboard of the watch is broken. What you should do is to contact the after-sales service and then send the watch back to the factory to check and repair.

B. If the watch gets heated gradually after being connected to the WiFi or Bluetooth for a long time, it's a normal phenomenon. Because when it be connected to the WiFi or Bluetooth, the watch's CPU will work at a high speed, therefore, there will be heat being produced. And once the CPU is overloaded, the heat will be created abundantly. So sure, the watch will get heated. Just stop using it and let it relax for some time.

● Check whether you have removed the phone's screen protective film, which will reduce the receiver's sound.

NO.1 D6 smartwatch sound issue

● Turn up the volume: Slide the menu from the screen bottom, enter the Settings - Sound, turn up the Media volume.


● Maybe the signal is not good in some places so that the phone cannot receive the signal so that the users cannot hear clearly. Move to the balcony or some open area to check wheth NO.1 D6 smartwatch volume problem er you can hear clearly.

● If all these situations are eliminated, that should be a speaker broken issue. Please contact the after-sales service to send it back to the factory for a repair. We do not suggest you to solve it locally because they won't know this device better than its own engineer.

We sincerely hope this article can help you solve the No.1 D6 smartwatch phone problems.

For Gearbest customers: if the above solutions are not working for your issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. Just fill the ticket with your questions at our Support center and send it to us. And we will try our best to deal with it as soon as possible we receive it. We are always here for helping you.

Gearbest after-sales center: Support Center.

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