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Home > How To > Easy tutorial for solving ILIFE V7 vacuum cleaner 6 problems
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Easy tutorial for solving ILIFE V7 vacuum cleaner 6 problems

Easy tutorial for solving ILIFE V7 vacuum cleaner 6 problems

By  Adeline Belluz 2018-03-14 26277 2

A post answers questions about ILIFE V7 smart vacuum cleaner, including app installation, the ILIFE not cleaning clearly, the V7 vacuum cleaner works abnormally, side brush doesn’t work, the device gives out “beep” sound.

pair ILIFE V7 cleaner with a phone

The ILIFE V7 user manual has introduced the way to download its app, if you still don't know how to download, here are two simple methods:

A. Scan the QR code on the packaging box with an Android phone, then follow the instruction to install the app.

scan the QR code to download app for ILIFE V7

B. You can search "ILIFE" in the Google Play store to download an English app for your ILIFE V7 vacuum cleaner.

If you feel the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is not strong after using it for a period, that's because the robot vacuum cleaner cleans your house daily which improves its cleanliness and reduces dust in your home.

Also, this situation appears when the suction tube is blocked by rubbish or the cleaner is in low power status. In this case, follow the solutions below:

Check and clean the ILIFE V7 robot cleaner's dust bin, dust inlet, dust bin cover.

Press the PUSH mark to open the middle pad and take out the dust bin.

Open the dust bin cover and remove the primary filter or just dump the trash from dust bin sides.

Use the device after charging your ILIFE V7 fully if it's in low power status or totally hasn't any power. Plug the adapter into the robot and outlet, press HOME (or "回充") on the main body or remote control to make it return to charging home base to charge itself. (Note: Orange lights flash means it's charging, green lights turn solid means charging is finished.)

Change a strainer if the strainer on the cleaner is dirty.

Check if the side brush is abnormal. If yes, change another side brush for your ILIFE V7.

If above solutions don't help, you should go to a local fixing store to solve the problem or ask the seller for help if the product is under guarantee.

This problem has three situations:

The ILIFE V7 vacuum cleaner change direction unreasonably.

The robot circles in a certain place all the time.

It makes a turn like it has detected an obstacle though there hasn't.

To solve above problem, you should check and clean the wheels on your ILIFE V7 vacuum cleaner:

Please pull firmly on the front wheel with a screwdriver to remove it from its housing under the robot.

remove ILIFE V7's front wheel

Clear any hair wrapped around the axle and remove debris or hair from inside the front wheel cavity.

clean ILIFE V7's wheel

Push firmly on the wheel to re-install it.

reinstall ILIFE V7's wheel

Check whether the side brush is blocked by hair or any other things, which cause it gets stuck. If yes, just uninstall the side brush to remove the things off and then reinstall it again.

If the side brush doesn't return to work after the cleaning, the cleaner needs to be changed a new side brush motor or even a mainboard (it's hard for most of the users to change motor or mainboard by themselves, thus, you can ask the seller for help or go to a fixing store to solve the problem).

This is side brush auto boot situation, which requires the user to change side brush module and mainboard. If you don't know how to change, you should repair it in a fixing store or ask the seller for help.

Here are 3 different conditions that the cleaner alarms:

A. It's back circling, beeps one time and the red light shines, then the device beeps twice. To solve this issue, check ILIFE V7 vacuum cleaner's bumper and cliff sensors:

First of all, check if the bumper will be rebound or not. If not, you should re-install the bumper and notice that do not screw the nuts too tight.

check ILIFE V7's bumper

Clean the bumper for fear that something covers the sensors and cause the device works abnormally.

Clean the cliff sensors on the ILIFE V7.

check ILIFE V7's cliff sensor

If check and clean the bumper and cliff sensors don't solve your problem, you should contact the aftersale service.

B. The device stops working suddenly, beeps one time and its red light shines, then the cleaner beeps four times. This problem is caused by abnormal turbo brush. Take out the turbo brush to check if there are hair or thread twining around it.

C. Hair or other things wound tightly around the inside of the spinning side brushes. To fix it: simply use a screwdriver to unscrew the two side brushes and remove any hair that's wound about the brush axels.



For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased the ILIFE V7 smart vacuum cleaner from us, but the guide doesn't solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.

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