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Home > How To > Easy ways to prevent & fix phone crashes
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Easy ways to prevent & fix phone crashes

Easy ways to prevent & fix phone crashes

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 11668 0

Smartphones are amazing pieces of technology - when they work. However, with so much powerful hardware, functionality, and applications, hardware crashes are almost unavoidable. We reveal the main reasons behind crashes, along with ways to prevent and fix them.

Android crashes: some quick solutions

• Long press the power button to power off.

• Remove the back cover, reseat the battery, and put back cover on.

• Charge your phone for several hours.

• If still unresponsive, remove the back cover, taking out the SIM card, SD card and battery for 5-10 seconds; reseat the battery and charge it.

• The final resort is a hardware factory reset: you can't back-up phone data after a crash, so remove your SD card (click here to buy) to preserve data. Hold the power button and volume up button to reboot into recovery mode, select factory reset/wipe data using volume keys. Press power key to factory reset.


Android logo

Android Crashes: 8 Possible Reasons & Prevention Tips

1.Memory problem

Your phone will slow down significantly as it approaches its storage capacity, esp. after 80%.


• Develop the habit of exiting apps instantly when not in use; uninstall apps that are not regularly used.

• Long press the home button, and close all open apps.

• Download third-party monitoring apps to clear cache faster.


clear cache faster

2. Software conflict

With so many apps available, conflicts are virtually unavoidable leading to crashes and reboots.


• Uninstall apps that cause instability issues.

• Replace them with alternative apps.

3. Contact problems

These involve two aspects:


1). Loose phone screen: not always easy to establish, usually caused by flat cable loose for your phone broken.

2). Moisture can cause a cable to short out. This is more common if you use the device in the bath room, sauna, or other humid/hot environments.

• Avoid moisture/heat when using your phone.

• Protect your phone with a cover.


Android contact problems

4. Battery issue

Long-term use and/or over-discharge will shorten phone battery life and cause crashes and automatic reboots. Poor contact between battery and the connector can lead to the same result.


• Contact the after-sales and change the original battery.

• Wipe the connecting part on the battery connector by alcohol while the connecting part on the battery by eraser, then charge it.

5. Virus infection

Viruses, malware and ads are increasing with the prolific availability of apps. This can lead to instability and crashes.


• Identify problematic apps by checking app reviews first.

• Install security monitoring apps and antivirus apps.


security monitoring apps

6. Phone screen film protector (click here to buy) problem

Incorrectly applied screen protectors can affect the distance sensor and the screen dimming.


• Go to maintenance shops or professional staff to apply the screen protector correctly.


Phone screen film protector

7. Mistakenly delete critical system files

You may be tempted to delete files using the file manager during space shortage, but it is possible that you deleted the wrong file(s) leading to phone instability.


• Download phone manager software on your computer, this will make it more difficult to mistakenly delete critical files on the file manager.

• If lack of storage space leads to continual problems, contact the support team for aftersales service or approach maintenance shops for help.


Android root problems

8. Root problem

Important files could be deleted by mistake after getting root or following failed rooting attempt(s).


• Download a Root Checker app from the store to confirm root status.

• If your phone is rooted, contact technical support for aftersales advice or request a replacement unit.

iPhone crashes: some quick solutions

• Long press the power and home buttons, wait for the screen to respond.

• Charge your iPhone for 10 minutes and power on.

• If your iPhone is still unresponsive, charge it and long press the power and home button until the white apple logo appears.

• As a last resort: install iTools on your computer, connect your iPhone with it, and click reboot function in iTools to restart your iPhone.


iPhone crashes: some quick solutions

iPhone crashes: 3 possible reasons & prevention tips

1. Quality problem

There are many refurbished iPhones with QA issues available on the market.


• Only purchase your iPhone from an official Apple store, buy an original phone and only use authorized apps.

2. Your iPhone has accidentally entered DFU mode

DFU mode is the iPhone's recovery mode, causing it to crash.


• This is difficult to resolve. We recommend restarting your iPhone using iTools on your computer, try to restart your iphone by iTools on your computer.


iPhone has accidentally entered DFU mode

3. Screen display is broken

If your phone display is broken, go to a maintenance shop to replace the display.


• Buy a screen protector for your iPhone.

Wrap up: your phone's life can only be maximized through proper use. Prevent problems, solve them in time, or use a repair store when you can't solve them yourself.


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