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Home > How To > Effortless fixes for Bluboo Maya 3G phablet common issues
Effortless fixes for Bluboo Maya 3G phablet common issues

Effortless fixes for Bluboo Maya 3G phablet common issues

By  Felicity Rosa 2017-04-28 2646 2

Troubleshoot all Bluboo Maya 3G phablet problems! From display, touchscreen, calling and audio charging, to GPS issue. We summed them all up in one handy FAQ to fix them effortlessly.

Bluboo Maya smartphone

Screen / Display Issues

● First of all, try to flash the system ROM firmware.

● If a firmware update does not help, restore the phone's factory settings: Settings Personal Backup & reset Factory data reset. WARNING: A factory reset will erase all your data and restore settings to default.

factory data reset Bluboo Maya

● If you have dropped the phone recently, this most likely due to a hardware issue. Please consult a local phone repair shop.

If there are only a few small black spots on the LCD screen, it could be the problem of stochastic nature processing. According to the international standard, 3 dots or below on a phone are qualified and they wouldn't affect the normal use. If you do hope to clear the black spots, follow these steps below:

● First, try to use some fix software to recover, like Dead Pixel Test and Dead Pixel Detect and Fix.

● If the problem not solved, the LCD in your display has been damaged. It likely has a crack in the LCD which can cause the dark spot. Going to the repair store and getting the display fixed is to replace the LCD in the display. Or for an easier repair, replacing the whole display.

This problem may be triggered by the older version software, just simply upgraded by OTA can solve it. (Settings - About Phone - Wireless Upgrade - Check for updates). The latest software has been optimized. However, if you watch the ultra HD video, this issue will be occur again, because the display supports HD video.

update Bluboo Maya smartphone

● This can happen during charging due to the charging current, please try using the screen when the phone is not charging. The screen responsiveness should return to normal again.

● If the phone was dropped or damaged recently, the internal circuitry may be damaged. You will need to consult to repair store or replace the screen display.

● Touch the right button to end all of the programs and turn off the phone. Then restart to see if the touch function back to work.

end programs in Bluboo Maya

● Excessive amounts of junk files, a large cache, or redundant files on the phone can all contribute to system slowdown (lag) as well as make the touchscreen less responsive. To remove excess and unnecessary files, install and regularly run a reputable and effective third-party app to clean up your phone, e.g. CCleaner, Super Speed Cleaner etc.

● Backup your important data and then restore the phone to factory settings: Settings - Backup & reset - Factory data reset. WARNING: A factory reset will erase all your data and restore settings to default.

● Besides, system upgrade failure could lead irresponsiveness too. Therefore, please make the update successful without any interrupt is important.

Calling and Audio Issues

Firstly, do you tear off the factory film of the phone? If so, tear off it because you barely cannot hear the sound if the film remains there. Do you wear the earphone but you forget it? If so, please use the earphone or take off the pair to communicate. If the problem continues, try the following:

● It can be the result of poor signal, so move to open areas where has a good signal, then the phone will call normally.

● Turn up the volume by pressing the volume plus button when answering a phone call.

● Call other people in your contacts. If you can hear the sound, that it is your friends' phone problem.

● If the speaker is faulty, backup your important data and restore the phone to its factory settings.

● If there is still no sound, your phone may need to be professionally repaired. Our after-sales service can arrange this on your behalf.

● May be the phone is running too slow and lead to the cracking voice or noise, try rebooting the phone.

● The device is affected by strong magnetic fields, try to remove potential sources of interference.

● The speaker is defective and in need of repair, please contact the aftersales for further support.

Charging & GPS Issues

● After a long time using, the adapter may have been oxidized, use a cotton swab (with some anhydrous alcohol) and carefully clean the phone adapter before trying again.

● Some external foreign matters will attach to the charging port, so be careful to check the charging interface firstly and remove the impurity around it.

● Connect to the original charger and then press the power button for about 30 seconds to re-active the battery.

● Try to replace the other charger and the socket to see if it works.

● Otherwise, it might be the charging port or battery faulty, please contact the aftersales for help or go to the nearby repair shop to fix it.

● Firstly, ensure you are in an open area outside. Ideally, there is a clear sky (minimal cloud cover) with good visibility with few obstacles. Using the GPS function inside vehicles or buildings can interfere with the signal clarity and strength.

● When you use the GPS function, try to obtain a signal first while stationary, before using it while in motion.

● If this is the first time you have used your phone's GPS, it can take a little longer to locate a satellite and lock on to the signal, so please be patient.

● Try choosing the high accuracy location mode under "Settings LocationMode - tap on the High accuracy".

improve Bluboo Maya location accuracy

● Change to a different map app and see if this improves the GPS signal strength/stability.

● If the GPS is unable to work outdoors, then the GPS module may be faulty. Also, You can check by GPS Plus/Z-DeviceTest to test if it is normal. If it is faulty, please contact the aftersales service for further assistance.

Wrap Up

Got more questions about the awesome Bluboo Maya phablet or other devices? Simply visit our Gearbest Support Center, provide your ticket information then submit it. We will deal with your issue as soon as we receive them. Thanks for reading!

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