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Home > How To > Effortless home cinema | Your guide to LCD projectors
Effortless home cinema | Your guide to LCD projectors

Effortless home cinema | Your guide to LCD projectors

By  GB Blog Official 2016-11-04 1653 0

LCD projectors are practical for all kinds of reasons. Our handy guide explains just how useful a projector can be for anyone interested in owning their own one.

LCD projector guide

Some people use them for business presentations, while others use them to show movies as part of home theater center.

Before you start

When you make a decision to buy an LCD projector the first time, you will inevitably come across a wide variety of projectors and screens, at different prices, and with diverse features.

How do you know which one to choose? The best way for you to choose the right projector is to decide why you need it or want.

Once you know how you will use the LCD projector, deciding which to purchase becomes much easier.

Projector technologies differ from one to another. Most projectors either have liquid crystal display (LCD) or digital light processing (DLP). Each type of technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

Besides, there are other factors you need to take into consideration: screen brightness, contrast ratio, resolution and color, size of screen, lamp life and fan noise, etc.

What can you do with an LCD Projector and how?

There are many LCD projector uses and applications since the projector is essentially a device projecting on to a giant screen; which can be used in a similar way as a monitor or TV screen. An LCD projector can be used in the following ways:

1. Use an LCD screen and projector system to make a business presentation. PowerPoint presentations are a popular use of LCD screens, but there are other programs that also showcase pictures, graphs, and other visual information.

2. Make presentations at their local church, community centers, or any other group setting where it is important that a large group of people is able to see the presentation clearly.

3. Connect an LCD projector screen to your computer so that you can view videos, slideshows, web pages, and pictures.

4. Connect the screen to their DVD player to watch a movie or television shows.

5. Use for craft projects such as mural painting on a wall – great for creativity. Instead of using the LCD screen, users can employ the projector equipment and outline the picture directly onto a wall.

6. For educators, an LCD projector can be used to teach medium to large classes while showcasing lesson plans and associated learning material.

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Take into account each of these details before making the final purchase. We hope this article helpful.

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