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Home > How To > Every successful man should have a watch
Every successful man should have a watch

Every successful man should have a watch

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-12 8550 0

Women are born with a passion for purses, and a man's favorite is a watch with both performance and beauty. And that's especially true of successful men, whose watches regularly top the list. So why do men love watches so much?

It must be admitted that men do not have many accessories. Among the few accessories, the temperament of the watch is the most prominent. Low - key in showing a connotation, people want to savor the content. Particularly for successful people in the workplace, this understated yet dignified trait is exactly what they have or what they want to cultivate. Their craze for watches is probably due to these points:

men watch 

The practicality of a watch

The watch is used to see time. This is the reason why it was born. Although mobile phones can now tell the time, in the eyes of successful people, the phone is not a substitute for the watch. Successful people in the workplace always have meetings to attend and need to set a good example to their subordinates. For example, speaking in a meeting, having a watch to watch the time, can easily control the progress and steps of the meeting. If you keep looking down at your phone, you lose the seriousness of the meeting. People think you need to look at your phone because you haven't prepared your paper. That's why time keeping is still impossible to replace: a textured watch gives you a sense of ritual even when you look at time.

The practicality of a watch 

There is still an important practicality for watches: matching! Simple and agile style is the favorite style of successful professionals. They don't like flashy accessories or clothing and tend to give off a shaky, unsteady first impression. This impression can also affect career development. But simplicity does not mean simplicity. The more successful a person is, the more he or she needs to watch their image.

The watch is also a reflection of identity

Ordinary student, or newcomers, who just start work, they choose to pay more attention to the performance of the watch, and use it for time and matching, not to pay too much attention to price. For successful people, the watch has become a status symbol. In addition to the car, the second thing to show their strength implicitly in front of them is the watch! Most will choose watches that are slightly more expensive, at prices that match their status and income. In everyday life, expensive watches aren't used for flaunt wealth. It's because successful people need to do business with other successful people, who will also make a little judgment about the car you drive and the watch you wear, and then take into account whether you have the strength to complete the project. So in business, watches are also a sign of strength for those who are successful.

The watch is also a reflection of identity 

Showing a man’s view of life, world view, and values

First of all, a man wearing a watch should have a positive taste in choosing accessories. A watch shows a person's personality and the ability to choose such unassuming and low-key accessories, indicating that this person's personality is the same: low-key and modest. Wearing watches also shows that men have a strong sense of time. A man's strong sense of time is not only responsible for his own time, but also respect for others'. This makes it easier for you to gain the trust of others, regardless of whether in negotiations or negotiations can improve the success rate. Imagine how a man without a sense of time can succeed if he often lets others wait for you, so wearing a watch also reflects a person's attitude toward people.

Showing a man’s view of life, world view, and values 

These three are probably the reasons why successful men love watches, not to show off their wealth, but to improve themselves and fight for more opportunities for themselves.


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