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Home > How To > Five questions and answers about Xiaomi router to solve the net problems
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Five questions and answers about Xiaomi router to solve the net problems

Five questions and answers about Xiaomi router to solve the net problems

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-15 7182 0

I believe every family has a router. After entering the era of optical fiber, the speed of home network has also been greatly improved, but there may be some troubles in the daily use process, such as the choice of network mode, network speed instability, and so on. Today, I will take the router Xiaomi 3 as an example, using the question-and-answer mode to solve some common problems in daily use.

Xiaomi router 

1. Why the speed of my network cannot reach the rate of signing?

Nowadays, many families have access to 100M or even higher speed broadband, but in daily use, the rate of signing is often not reached. Take 100M broadband as an example, the theoretical download speed should be around 12M/s, and the upload rate should be 1.2M/s if it is 10M upstream, if you can't measure the speed in wired case. Speed, then you has to check the router settings. In the premise that there is no problem with the operator's network and equipment (equipment with Gigabit ports for Broadband over 100M), in fact, you can restore your network speed by setting it up. Enter the router settings page (, automatically adjust the LAN port rate to 100M, turn off QOS intelligent allocation or improve the speed of QOS downlink and downlink restrictions.

2. Do the signals of dual-frequency routers need to be switched frequently?

Dual-band routers support both 2.4G and 5G bands. 2.4G signals have strong ability to penetrate the wall and 5G signals have fast access to the Internet. The combination of advantages of the two routers is more effective. Does that mean manual handover is necessary? In fact, it does not need to. Xiaomi router provides the function of dual-frequency integration. The two signals use the same configuration as one signal. The device will automatically select the channel according to the strength of the signal, thus eliminating the trouble of manual switching.

3. How to set up the telecommunication equipment connected to the router?

This is because the telecommunications equipment is also changing relatively quickly. In the past, it was all modems. It is now with the routing function. Of course, different devices have different linking methods, if they are model devices that are connected to telecommunications; Routers need to be set to pppoe dial-up mode, input the account and password to access the Internet.

If the telecommunications device is routing, then your router can be set up in two ways: 1. the access mode is selected for dynamic IP (DHCP), to set the gateway to a different section from the host. 2. Turn off the router's DHCP function and connect all the network cables to the LAN port. The router acts as a switch at this time.

4. How to restrict Internet access behavior of access devices?

Neighbors borrow your broadband and download it frantically, which affects the speed of the Internet. If your neighbor borrows your broadband, it will affect internet speed if you download things wildly. Do you want to see what the kids at home are playing on their cell phones recently? Do these problems bother you? In fact, millet routing can help you. You can use the intelligent speed limit function. Set up a download 10K, upload 5K, and see how he plays. Then you can directly prohibit networking and access control.

5. How to hide wireless signals?

Everyone hates people who come to steal Wi-Fi frequently, and some people use rogue software to crack. There is a way to eliminate hidden dangers. Use the hidden SSID function, enter the router's Wi-Fi settings, and tick the options so that no one can search for your wireless signal. So how do you connect yourself? It doesn't matter, open the wlan option on your phone, select other, manually add your own wireless name and password, you can connect.


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