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Home > How To > Fix BAYANGTOYS X8 RC quadcopter camera & battery issues
Fix BAYANGTOYS X8 RC quadcopter camera & battery issues

Fix BAYANGTOYS X8 RC quadcopter camera & battery issues

By  Zim Watson 2017-05-22 2144 3

Fixing guide for BAYANGTOYS X8 RC quadcopter camera and battery issues, focus on the two questions - the camera doesn't work, the battery consumes fast (short flying time).
Fix BAYANGTOYS X8 RC quadcopter camera & battery issues
 BAYANGTOYS X8 quadcopter's camera doesn't work.
 The quadcopter can only fly for a short time.


BAYANGTOYS X8 quadcopter's camera doesn't work.

Some users fed back that the camera indicator didn't light, or the Micro SD card saved nothing, therefore, they thought the camera could not work. Please refer to following reasons and operation:

● The camera cable is not connected well to the drone. Check whether the camera cable is well connected to the drone. If not, sure the indicator won't light and it cannot save anything in the Micro SD card. Please insert the cable to the drone port tightly.

connect BAYANGTOYS X8 quadcopter's camera cable well

● If yes, maybe the camera indicator is broken. Insert the Micro SD card into the camera card slot. Install the card like the below picture and push it inside the card slot tightly.

insert Micro SD card into BAYANGTOYS X8 quadcopter's camera

Then launch the drone, press the "photo and video" button on the transmitter to capture the images. Then remove the Micro SD card from the drone and insert it into a USB card reader to check whether the images are saved inside. If yes, even the indicator doesn't light, the camera works normally.

capture images by BAYANGTOYS X8 quadcopter's camera

● The Micro SD card might be broken. If you have tried the last step's operation, but there are no images and videos saved in the Micro SD card, maybe the card is broken. Simply change another working Micro SD card and try to capture images with the camera again, then to check whether the images are stored in the card. If yes, the Micro SD card is broken, simply change a new one.

● After all above steps, if the camera still cannot work, the camera hardware must be damaged. Please contact the after-sales service for help, or take it to an RC toy shop to check and repair.

The quadcopter can only fly for a short time.

Generally, if the battery is fully charged, the BAYANGTOYS X8 quadcopter can fly about 10 minutes. But how long it exactly can fly is depending on how you play with this toy. If you play with it with difficult movements and skills, sure the battery will consume faster than the general condition. However, if it can only fly for 2 minutes after a full charge, it's absolutely unusual!

● Firstly, make sure you have fully charged the battery. Please charge it to a USB port with its original USB cable. Wait until the cable's indicator lights with red light, the battery is full. Usually it takes about 40 minutes to fully charge an empty battery. If you only charge it for a short time after it drains, sure the battery can only save a little power inside, so that can only support the quadcopter flying for a short time.

charge BAYANGTOYS X8 quadcopter's battery

● After a full charge, if you haven't flight it with complicated skills or movements, but the battery consumes still fast, the battery has some problems. You can use an electric voltage test pen to test the battery's voltage before and after a full charge, if the voltage has no changes or it is not about 4.2V, the battery is damaged. You can change a new battery for this drone. Please contact the after-sales service to ask where you can get a new battery.


1. Please charge the battery with its original USB cable to a USB port. Do not charge it with a power charger on a socket. Otherwise, the battery is easy to be damaged.

2. When the battery drains, if it's heated, do not charge it immediately. Wait for half or one hour until it cools down, then you can charge it.

3. Do not charge it for a long time. When the USB cable's indicator light lights, stop charging it. If you continue to charge it, the battery will be overcharged and the lifespan will be shortened.

4. Do not charge the battery too frequently, otherwise, the lifespan will be shortened.

5. Do not place the battery at any high temperature or humid environment.

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For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased the BAYANGTOYS X8 RC quadcopter from us, but the guide doesn't solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.

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