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Home > How To > Fix common HOMTOM HT3 Pro smartphone issues
Fix common HOMTOM HT3 Pro smartphone issues

Fix common HOMTOM HT3 Pro smartphone issues

By  GB Blog Official 2017-03-23 5000 2

Have you ever encountered problems when using your HOMTOM HT3 Pro smartphone? For instance, issues with the screen/display, battery/charging, network/signal, or speaker. If so, look no further - our solutions are here to help!

The HOMTOM HT3 Pro 4G smartphone is the much-improved successor to the successful HOMTOM HT3. Showcasing a slim and beautiful design, a 5.0" HD display, double the RAM and storage of its predecessor, and a 3000mAh removable battery, this sub-$100 phone is one of our most popular ever. But while our customers love the HT3 Pro, some problems have been reported. We've listened and, with this handy practical guide, we're ready to help you resolve the most common issues.

HOMTOM HT3 Pro troubleshooting guide

Screen & Display Issues

Find the "display sliding trace" feature, either delete or deactivate this option.

Turn off and reboot the phone to see if the problem is resolved.

If the issue still persists, the display flex cable may either be faulty or loose. This is a relatively minor issue, just take the phone to your local mobile repair store; alternatively contact our aftersales support staff for technical assistance.

Firstly, is the HOMTOM HT3 Pro display becoming less sensitive during charging? If so, please refrain from charging if you need to use the phone. The charging current can have an impact on screen sensitivity. If the phone itself was dropped or damaged, the circuitry may have been damaged – you'll have to go to a repair store or replace the screen display.

If these steps do not fix the issue, try the following:

Check whether there are too many junk files, a large cache, or redundant files on the phone - these can all contribute to system slowdown (lag) as well as make the touchscreen less responsive. To do this, you will need a reputable and effective third-party app to clean up your phone, e.g. CCleaner, Clean Master, etc.

Try to restore the HOMTOM HT3 Pro back to its factory settings via the recovery menu.

The screen may itself be damaged, please contact the aftersales service for further technical assistance.

Battery/Charging Issues

You may have simply opened too many different apps and phone functions. To decrease the power draw, close all unnecessary apps, processes and functions, e.g. Bluetooth, NFC, etc.

A higher screen brightness can also consume more power. Manually adjust the brightness to a moderate level to reduce power consumption.

The battery could also be suffering from the "battery memory effect".

(a). At the boot state, fully charge the battery and remove the phone from the charger.

(b). Then fully discharge/drain the battery. Repeat this procedure a total of three times.

(c). Next, reboot the phone into Recovery mode: to do this, long press the power button and volume up button together. Choose these options: "Recovery - advanced - wipe battery status".

If these fixes do not resolve the battery drain problem, we recommend replacing the battery (This battery of HOMTOM HT3 Pro is removable).

Always try to charge the phone using the original USB charger supplied to ensure the correct input and output power values.

If the problem continues, the battery display or the battery itself may be damaged. Go to a local repair store to fix the phone, or contact our aftersales service to arrange a product return and factory repair.

Some of the electricity/energy used to charge the battery is converted to heat energy during the charging process. This is a common physical reaction with mobile batteries.

Once the phone is fully charged, any additional electric current will be converted to heat energy, heating up the phone battery. This can also damage the battery.

Do not play games or run processor-intensive apps while the phone is charging, this will place additional strain on the hardware increasing the temperature.

The worst case scenario is battery damage. If the battery temperature is extremely high, please stop charging immediately and avoid using the phone! Wait until the battery has cooled down before taking it to a local phone repair store. We recommend replacing the battery.

● WARNING: If the battery is swollen and hot while charging, this is extremely dangerous. Please refrain from using the phone and contact the aftersales service for further assistance.

Network & Signal Issues

If you have set a monthly data limit, check whether you have used up the quota for your cellular data plan. If you have reached the limit, you will be unable to use any more data on your existing plan without buying another data block from your provider.

How to check: Go to Settings - Wireless & Networks - More - Cellular networks. Check to ensure that the cellular network can be used.

HOMTOM HT3 Pro cellular networks

Your phone has exceeded its data quota and you've paid for extra data, but the network is still not usable. Simply restart the phone.

The APN settings may be incorrect. Go to Settings - Under Wireless and Networks, tap More - Mobile Networks - APN / Access Point Settings Settings - Reset to default, and the system will automatically choose the correct settings.

If the previous methods do not work, contact the provider for assistance.

If the signal is not stable, try to use another mobile phone or digital device to connect to the same WiFi SSID. Make sure the problem is not caused by the router.

The WiFi router may have entered an endless loop state – continuously cycling through different IP address but not connecting to any of them. In this situation, please reset the router to its factory settings. Then restart the router after a few minutes.

Do not connect too many devices to the same router at the same time, as IP conflicts can prevent your phone from connecting to the WiFi signal. The problem can be solved by setting a static IP.

Try to restore both the phone and the router to their factory default settings.

If there is still a WiFi signal issue, the wireless module inside the phone itself may be damaged, please contact the aftersales service for technical support.

This can be caused by unstable battery voltage leading to insufficient power to receive the signal. You can discharge (drain) the battery fully first before recharging. Alternatively, try changing to a working battery to solve the problem.

Your location can have an effect on signal quality. Try to move to another location with a better signal and less interference.

There may be problem with the provider’s base station, call your provider for assistance.

Should the problem remain unresolved, contact our aftersales support center for further help.

Additional Queries

Firstly, please check if the protective film has been removed from the speaker. Another possible reason is forgetting to unplug any earphones attached during the call. If the problem continues, try the following solutions:

Poor signal reception can cause reduce the call quality, so move to more open area that has a good signal, then try the phone call again.

Increase the volume by pressing the volume up button when answering a phone call.

Call other people in your contacts. If the call volume is satisfactory, then there may be a problem with the original caller's phone.

If the problem persists, backup your important data and restore the phone to its factory settings via the recovery menu.

If there is still no sound, your phone may need to be professionally repaired. Our aftersales service can arrange a product return and repair on your behalf.

The official website doesn't provide any associated information. However, this information (for most phones) can be obtained by performing a Google Search: "The SAR value of + product model".

Yes, it does. If you wish to rotate the screen, please open the landscape mode from the settings first. Please note that not all apps provide support for landscape mode.

Wrap Up

We hope this guide has helped you get the most out of your awesome HOMTOM HT3 Pro smartphone. If you have encountered other issues that have not been covered in the guide, feel free to contact our Support Center to submit a help ticket. Our support staff will deal with your query as soon as possible. Thanks for reading!

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