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Home > How To > Fix guide to Chuwi Hi10 tablet problems
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Fix guide to Chuwi Hi10 tablet problems

Fix guide to Chuwi Hi10 tablet problems

By  Sophia Windsor 2017-09-13 37331 2

Dear Chuwi Hi10 tablet users, have you encountered any screen, boot, WIFI or other problems with your Chuwi Hi10 tablet? If so, this fixing guide may be of assistance.

Chuwi Hi10 tablet

Screen problems

● Your tablet may be infected with a virus. Try long pressing the power key to power off your tablet, then reboot it to check if it goes back to normal. In this case, we also suggest that you don't turn on the Bluetooth feature often as your tablet may be vulnerable to viruses transmitted via Bluetooth.

● Your screen problems may be also generated by Bluetooth driver problems. We advise you to re-install the drivers or Operating System.

● If the touch screen is just partly unresponsive, it may have something to do with system software problem. You can try calibrating the screen in "Settings - Developer options - switch on Show touches and Pointer location".

Next, your screen will go into calibration mode. Each time you tap the screen, a small white spot will appear on the screen and a crosshair will locate it. Once you finish the calibration, the touch screen may be more responsive and accurate.

However, when you tap the screen in the calibration mode and it displays a small white spot but the software doesn't respond, it is probably stuck. Just wait a moment or exit the calibration mode and then repeat the calibration again.

● If the whole touch screen is completely unresponsive, it may be the touch drivers problem. You had better re-install drivers or system. If necessary, you can download the drivers and system.

Boot problems

● It may be the result of your improper operation. Long press the power key for 30 seconds to power off your tablet and then reboot it to check if it works.

● There may be something wrong with the Operating System - try reinstalling it. Download the system here as needed.

● Your tablet battery may have been completely drained. If it doesn't respond when pressing the power key, you can connect the tablet to the adapter to charge it for about 30 - 60 minutes. Then reboot it to see if the problem disappears.

● Please make sure the adapter and the charging cable are alright. Change another device like a smartphone or the tablet with the same current and voltage to test if the adapter and charging cable are working properly.

● This may be the result of a system problem. Connect your tablet to the adapter to charge it for about one hour. Then long press the power key for about 15 seconds to perform a mandatory reset. About 5 - 10 seconds later, reboot it to check.

● The BIOS chip in your tablet may be damaged. In this case, you will need to re-flash the BIOS. The BIOS must be flashed with special fixture after dismantling your tablet and you can't operate it through USB flash disk, so we advise you to ask for professional assistance.

● The power key of your tablet may be damaged. Examine it carefully. If there is any damage or malfunction with the power key, you should take it to a repair store to fix the FPC flat cable.

● The issue may also be caused by a poor battery. If the charge indicator flashes when charging and it displays 100% power, while the tablet powers off once disconnected from power, there is probably something wrong with the battery.

● There may be something wrong with the display. If the display shows backlight initially, but the backlight disappears after long pressing the power key for about 15 seconds, the screen may be damaged and you will need to change it.

● But there may be other possibilities: if your tablet has been dropped recently, a disconnection of the FPC cable may have occurred. In this case, a repair may be needed.

● The hardware fault on the motherboard may cause the problem as well. Contact a repair centre for help.

WIFI connection & keyboard problems

● Usually, the unstable WIFI connection is related to the network. Try restarting the router or rebooting your tablet to check if it works well.

● Bluetooth can also affect the network speed since Bluetooth and WIFI are included in one module, so try turning off Bluetooth when it is not in use.

● Please ensure the matched keyboard is compatible with your tablet.

● Check if the keyboard is well connected to your tablet. If not, please reconnect them.

● Usually, you can start using the keyboard directly after connecting it to your tablet without installing any drivers. If you have installed any - reinstall them.

Other issues

Yes, it supports. You can buy one Stylus on GearBest.

You can also connect to the keyboard through docking station and magnetic port.

Normally, the battery can last for 5 - 6 hours, but it depends on how you use it.

No, any system removal is not recommended.

The version depends on the Serial Number of tablet, and you can find the SN after receiving it.

For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased Chuwi Hi10 Ultrabook Tablet PC from us, but the post doesn't solve your issue, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.


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