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Home > How To > Fix VOYO VBook V3 Ultrabook issues
Fix VOYO VBook V3 Ultrabook issues

Fix VOYO VBook V3 Ultrabook issues

By  Sophia Windsor 2017-09-14 7801 1

Here is a fixing guide of VOYO VBook V3 Ultrabook frequently asked about issues. Learn quick fixes for VOYO Ultrabook's screen, boot, keyboard, SIM card, battery and other problems. Find out more details below.

VOYO VBook V3 Ultrabook

Screen issues

The lines on the screen may be caused by a faulty flat cable.

If there are just one or two lines on the screen and they are not multiplying, you may choose to bear it and leave it be - provided, of course, that they are not blocking key elements on your display. If this is a source of much annoyance, take the laptop to a repair centre or send it back to the factory.

The screen may have been damaged during shipping. Try the following solutions:

● Adjust the monitor's refresh rates in "Display settings - Advanced settings - Monitor - Screen refresh rate", and press "OK" to activate it.

● If necessary, you may need to flash your ultrabook with drivers.

● If the problem persists, it may be caused by hardware problems. Just send it back to the factory or have it repaired in a fixing store.

Boot & Keyboard issues

● Your Ultrabook battery may be running low. Charge it and long press the power key until it powers on. If the laptop is not charging, try switching to another cable.

● The battery may not be activated. Please connect it to the power supply. Then, press the power key for about 30 seconds to activate the battery. After at least half an hour of charging, try rebooting it.

● Connect your V3 to a computer. If it can be detected on your computer, you can try flashing it.

● If none of the above works, this is probably a hardware issue. You can contact the after-sales service or fix it in a professional repair store.

● You may accidentally have pressed the key lock to lock the keyboard. The key lock is near the power key, just turn it off.

● Make sure that the keyboard is compatible with your Ultrabook.

● Check if the keyboard is well connected to your Ultrabook. If not, try reconnecting them.

● Usually, you can use it directly after connecting the keyboard to your tablet without installing any drivers. If you have installed any drivers, uninstall them.

● If all the workarounds have failed, there is probably something wrong with the keyboard itself. Contact the after-sales service or have it fixed at a repair store.

SIM card & battery issues

● Check if the SIM card has been inserted correctly in the slot, try reinserting the SIM card or change to another SIM to check the problem lies with the card.

● The SIM card pins or chip might have a poor contact with the connectors, just power off the phone and remove the SIM card. Carefully wipe the chip and pins clean before reinserting the card.

● The card reader module may have failed. Try flashing your V3 Ultrabook and see whether it works.

● If the flashing even doesn't work, there is probably something wrong with the SIM card slot, please contact the aftersales service to have it checked and repaired.

It is a normal phenomenon. Usually, the battery will consume 3% of its power in shutdown state per day, because there are still some other programs running in the background even if the laptop is powered off.

There are some tricks you can use to make the battery last longer.

● Close any unnecessary programs running in the background. This is one of the most effective ways to save your battery power.

● Charge your Ultrabook in time. Don't wait until the battery is completely used up.

● Set appropriate screen brightness. If your VBook's screen is too bright, it is not only bad for your eyes, but will consume lots of battery power.

● If none of these tricks make a difference and your battery is draining unreasonably fast, the battery may be damaged. Please contact the after-sales service or ask for professional repair.

Some unofficial data online may be inaccurate. If you want to know some credible information, please refer to VOYO's official website.

● Check whether the charger is the original one. A non-original power charger has a different input and output power which may cause the battery charge failure.

● Connect your Ultrabook to the power supply, and then press the power key three times continuously. Next, press the power key for about 10 seconds to check if it can power on.

● The battery may not have been activated. Connect your Ultrabook to the power supply and press the power key for 30 seconds to activate the battery. Then let it charge for at least half an hour to see if it can boot.

● If none of the above works, the most possible reason should be the charging port is broken or the battery has something wrong. Contact the after-sales service or take it to the repair store to fix.

Other issues

Yes, the V3 Ultrabook supports WiDi.

It is compatible with an active capacitive pen.

Unfortunately, the V3 Ultrabook does not support Linux Operating System.

No, it doesn't, but it supports HDMI.

Have the above solutions helped you? If you have other questions about your V3 Ultrabook unmentioned in this post, feel free to submit your questions at our Support Center. We will try our best to deal with your problems as soon as possible.


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