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Home > How To > Fix Z80 smart watch charging & battery problems
Fix Z80 smart watch charging & battery problems

Fix Z80 smart watch charging & battery problems

By  Sophia Windsor 2017-09-18 3860 1

Your Z80 smart watch cannot be fully charged or the battery consumes too fast? Find solutions to the problem in this handy fixing guide.

Z80 smart watch gets black screen

1. My Z80 smart watch cannot be fully charged.

● The adapter and charging cable has something wrong. Please replace another good power adapter and charging cable instead.

● There may be something wrong with the system. Try restoring the smart watch's factory settings: go to Settings feature, and then choose reset option to restore your smart watch.

● Maybe the battery has not been activated. Run out the battery until the smart watch powers off automatically. Then fully charge the battery. If the issue still persists, repeat the operation for several times.

● If all the solutions doesn't work, your smart watch battery or circuit board may be damaged. Please contact our aftersales service to arrange a product return and factory repair or take it to the repair store to have it fixed.

2. My smart watch battery consumes very fast.

● Too many apps running in the background will accelerate power consumption, such as network, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, and so forth. Turn off the functions you rarely use.

● The brightness of your smart watch's screen also speeds up the power consumption. So set your screen brightness to an appropriate degree or set it as the automatic adjusting mode.

● Maybe your smart watch battery hasn't been activated, so activate the battery: continuously use the smart watch until the battery is running out and the device powers off automatically. Then charge it. Do it for several times.

● Usually, it is normal that the battery can last for 3 - 4 hours under continuous or frequent use, while abnormal under the standby mode. If it is the latter case, your smart watch battery may break down. Please contact the after-sales service for more help or return it back the factory to check and repair.

Does this guide help you? If you have other questions about your Z80 Smart watch unmentioned in this post, welcome to submit your questions at our Support Center. We will try our best to deal with your problems as soon as possible.

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