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Home > How To > Fixes for Discovery V8 3G Smartphone Common Issues
Fixes for Discovery V8 3G Smartphone Common Issues

Fixes for Discovery V8 3G Smartphone Common Issues

By  GB Blog Official 2017-03-27 3879 3

Have you ever experienced a problem with your Discovery V8 3G Smartphone SIM card? Screen? Network connectivity? Bluetooth? Re-booting your phone? You will find these and many other frequent problem fixes right here.

Discovery V8, to the naked eye, is a rugged Android handset. Topping its specs list is its resistance to dust, water, and shock, remarkable 2-day standby time powered by the 2800mAh removable battery. This sub-$100 phone is an absolute treat for sports lovers.

Discovery V8 troubleshooting guide

In this post, we answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Discovery V8 3G and give advice on how to resolve a few commonly occurring issues.

● Ensure the SIM card is inserted securely and correctly into the card slot. Hold your SIM card with the gold-plated side DOWN and the white side UP. Match the size of the SIM ('cut-off' corner on the top left) with the image on the SIM slot.

● The SIM card may have poor contact and needs to be cleaned. Power off the phone, take out the SIM card and gently clean the chip in the SIM card.

● Try the SIM card with another phone. If it is still not recognized, the SIM card is faulty and needs to be replaced.

● If the SIM card is detected by another phone, the SIM card slot of your phone may be damaged. Return the product for a factory repair.

● Since the phone battery is removable, check for any dirt or glue between the battery and the mainboard’s contact. Then, clean the contacts carefully and boot your phone again.

● The battery might be drained. Try charging the phone about 10 minutes and boot again.

● Alternatively, restore the phone to the factory default settings. While powering off, long press the power button and the volume up button together to boot into Recovery Mode. Navigate to "Restore to Factory Settings" option with the volume up and down buttons, select the option with the power button.

● To rule out the possibility of defective peripherals, change to another USB cable and/or power charger. Charge the phone for half an hour and then try to boot again.

● If none of the solutions work, the most likely causes of the boot issue are the USB connector, mainboard, or the battery. Contact the aftersales service to arrange a product return and repair or take the phone to a local phone repair store.

(1). If you are using a new SIM card, try the following:

● Activate the SIM card and use network traffic.

● Insert the SIM card into another phone to see if it is faulty. For assistance, you can contact the service provider.

● Verify that the specific network/carrier frequency is compatible with the phone.

(2). What if I'm using an old SIM card?

● If you have set monthly traffic limits, check whether you have used up your allowance for the cellular network. If you have reached the limit, then you will not be able to use any more cellular data on the existing plan.

● Go to Settings - Wireless & Network - Cellular. Make sure that the cellular network is available. Still not working? Try the following steps:

a. Reboot the phone - If your phone has exceeded its data quota and you have paid for extra data, but the network is still not usable. Try restarting the device.

b. Reset APNs to default - The APN setting may be incorrect. Go to Settings - Network - APNs - Reset to default and the system will choose the correct settings.

c. Contact your service provider - If none of the above works, contact your service provider for assistance.

● If the screen goes blank for a while after booting, it could be caused by a software problem. Just flash your phone for recovery.

● When the screen goes blank as soon as it powers on, the most likely cause is a fault in the flexible flat cable. Contact our aftersales service to arrange a product return and factory repair.

● Try to turn off and reboot the phone.

● If the issue persists, the display's flexible flat cable may either be faulty or loose. This is a relatively minor issue, just take the phone to your local mobile repair store. Alternatively, contact our aftersales staff for technical assistance.

Do you find the Discovery V8 to be less responsive during charging? If so, try cutting off the power and stop charging - and the responsiveness should return to normal again. Charging current can have an impact on sensitivity.

If you have recently dropped or somehow damaged your Discovery V8, the electrical circuitry may be broken and you'll have to go to a repair store or replace the screen display.

If these steps do not fix the issue, try the following:

● Check whether there are too many junk files, a large cache, or redundant files on the phone - these can all contribute to slowing down the system and make the touchscreen less responsive. We recommend cleaning your phone's OS regularly using reputable third-party maintenance apps, i.e. Clean Master, CCleaner, etc.

● If the problem is being caused by a major system failure, try to restore the phone’s default factory settings. Warning: back up your personal data before the reset, as it will be wiped during the process.

Discovery V8 factory reset

● If none of the above solutions are successful, the phone screen itself may be faulty. We advise having the screen professionally repaired or replaced.

About 2 days, depending on the way the phone is used.

If you have any other questions regarding the Discovery V8 smartphone, head over to our GearBest Support Center and submit a support ticket. We are always happy to help, and will reply you as soon as possible.

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