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Home > How To > Fixing common issues of Alfawise WS - 960 robot window cleaner
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Fixing common issues of Alfawise WS - 960 robot window cleaner

Fixing common issues of Alfawise WS - 960 robot window cleaner

By  Steve Lowry 2019-03-13 3707 0

Alfawise WS - 960 robot window cleaner is a smart window cleaning machine, which make the glass cleaning more easy and safe. This post will talk about the common issues you may meet with Alfawise WS - 960.
Alfawise WS-960 Robot Window Cleaner

Common pre-sales problems

The working principle of the window cleaning robot is vacuum adsorption and crawler walking. It adopts the intelligent path planning, glass frame current sensing detection and origin memory function design.

It won't fall. This robot adopts a triple protection function. The suction rate can reach 2.8 kpa, and the vertical load-bearing can reach 7 kg, which are enough to ensure that the robot will not fall; if a sudden power failure occurs, the built-in battery of the robot can absorb glass for 30 minutes; at the same time, the safety rope protection measures are taken to prevent the robot from accidental fall.

 Alfawise WS - 960 Robot Window Cleaner firmly running

The robot has no collision border design, and the area of its cloth cover is no longer limited. The cleaning robot does not leave a dead angle. The robot adopts the setting of the cloth zone. It has the function of removing dust from glass, cleaning and wiping independently, removing dust on glass efficiently while walking. The robot absorbs and wipes at the same time and cleans with ultra-fine fiber cloth, fine wiping. There is no damage to glass and no trace after wiping.

 Alfawise WS - 960 Robot Window Cleaner clean well

The robot needs to be connected to the power cord and can work continuously. It is recommended that the robot rest for a period of time every three hours after continuous work.
Robots need to be connected to a power supply. Glass cleaning is mostly done at high altitude. The built-in lithium batteries may need to be recharged before long working hours. In addition, connecting the power cord can continuously ensure the stable power supply in the operation of the robot to ensure that the robot is sufficiently attractive and safe.
0.5 m x 0.5 m to 5 m x 5 m. The robot is equipped with an extension line of 4 meters.
Window robot is mainly used to wipe glasses, so there is no designed function to wipe the floor, you can wipe wall bricks.
The working noise of the robot is 60dB, and the comparator is very small.
It adopts a new design of super hard alloy transmission mechanism and drive. Its output power is much stronger than before, and it has the function of no longer fearing the cleaning environment of more dust glasses.

(1) The robot adopts the design of wiping cloth zoning, which has the function of glass dust removal and cleaning and wiping independent operation. It removes dust on the glass efficiently during walking. The performance of the robot in dirty glass is more prominent, and it effectively avoids the phenomenon of track being easily slippery and frequent cleaning and replacing the wiping cloth.

(2) The design of six-axis acceleration sensor and window current sensor system makes the detection of the frame more precise, and the switch-start without the frame detection can effectively avoid the misjudgment in operation.

(3) It adopts a new design of super hard alloy transmission mechanism and drive. Its output power is many times stronger than before, and it has the function of cleaning environment without fear of more dust glass.

(4) The robot adopts more scientific mechanical power steering design with 360 degree guide wheel. Therefore, the steering is easier, more precise and more flexible, which effectively avoids the phenomenon of easy edge clipping at the corner of the same kind of window cleaning robot.

(5) The crawler of the robot gear set adopts reinforced and non-skid belt, which is more durable, effective and durable. The utility model can effectively avoid the problems of soft teeth hopping and walking weakness caused by the belt being used for a long time, and can meet the high strength requirement of the belt when the robot Z-shaped travels. The track test report shows that it can work for more than 400 hours continuously and has a long use time.

(6) The design of axle hole structure of gear driving wheel is more scientific, which can effectively avoid the phenomenon of power reduction caused by wear of axle hole in long-term use of robot. The gear drive wheel is made of PC high wear resistant material, which is more durable.

(7) It uses embedded floating wiper. The internal structure design of the floating plate at the bottom of the robot is more precise and reasonable, and the operation of the robot is more relaxed. It can deal with various interfaces perfectly.


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Brushless motor. Brushless means that there is no pair of carbon brushes like brushes, so it is called brushless. Brushless motors have a pair of carbon brushes. When they are used for a certain number of times, the carbon brushes are worn out. Therefore, the brushless motors have no carbon brushes. This is that the life of brushless motors is much longer than that of dramatic motors. Brushless efficiency is higher than brush. Efficiency refers to the fact that brushes provide greater power at the same power consumption.
The square robot adopts the caterpillar walking mode. When any robot starts to wipe the glass that has dust, the resistance becomes bigger when walking, and the robot will appear the phenomenon that the walking route is not straight and smooth. After wiping twice, replace the wipe cloth and wipe the track.
The robot programming has the function of automatic avoidance and path adjustment of bricks encountering obstacles.
When the robot rubs on the frame glass, the frame of the glass needs to be greater than 0.5CM, and it can also be rubbed on the non-frame glass.
Before cleaning the glass, the robot can properly and evenly spray less water or glass liquid on the cloth or glass. But you can't spray cleaning fluid (such as laundry detergent, powder, etc.) because of the lubrication effect, it will then cause crawler slippage.
The company has been specializing in the development and production of window cleaners for four years. After the market test and feedback of tens of thousands of robots at home and abroad, the technology of window cleaning robot has been very mature. At present, the comprehensive technical strength ranks first in the country.
No matter from the aspects of product structure design, material and intelligent control, there are many advantages and highlights of the product.
The operation of the product is still very simple, but it needs to be operated according to the instructions or the manufacturer's operational specifications.
Products are widely used in home window glass, sliding door glass, balcony glass, shopping mall window, office window glass, sunshine room glass and other areas of the interior and exterior with and without borders on the glass surface.
The robot has CE. ROHS, FCC, product testing report, built-in lithium battery with UN38.3, MSD certificate.

Common after-sales problems

Please refer to the picture below:

How to use Alfawise WS-960 robot window cleaner

Analysis: If the crawler of the robot causes more slippage, it is easier and normal to walk downward because of gravity, but after the frame, the resistance of the crawler is still in the state of running slippage and the resistance of the crawler is not increased to the set standard, so the robot is always in the condition of walking before asking, and the direction is not adjusted, leading to jamming.

Processing method: instruct customers to wipe the track. (After removing the robot from the glass, turn on the power switch key, press the left or right key of the remote control for a long time, the track will run automatically, and wipe the track with a wet cloth.)

Analysis: After the robot moves to the glass frame, because the glass frame is too thin, the robot will pry the bottom of the robot slightly after walking to the frame, causing the track to be in a slippery state. Generally, the glass frame of windows is larger than 0.5CM.

Processing: Indicate the customer to wipe the track and try to change other glass.

Analysis: The error of pressing the calibration key at the bottom of the remote control during robot walking results.

Processing method:

You can instruct customers to calibrate the robot. (Calibration mode):

(1) Connect the power cord without opening the power switch;

(2) Place the robot in a straight line near the left window, press the top type code key of the remote controller;

(3) Press the bottom calibration key of the remote controller after the length of the code; the robot will enter the calibration mode after several successive sounds;

(4) Press the N-key robot to carry out the N-shaped path calibration;

(5) Press the Z-key robot to carry out the Z-shaped path calibration and then you complete the calibration.

Maybe because the cloth is too wet or there is too much water spraying on the glass, replace the other cloth or wipe the water spraying on the glass after a little drying.
If the robot is connected to the power supply to charge the internal lithium battery, it can be filled up for 3 hours. There is a risk of damage to the long-term charging of the lithium battery.

Wrap up


For Gearbest customers: If you've purchased Alfawise WS - 960 Robot Window Cleaner from us and still have problem after using the firmware, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.





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