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Home > How To > Flying High | 6 tips on flying safely with the Syma X5HW
Flying High | 6 tips on flying safely with the Syma X5HW

Flying High | 6 tips on flying safely with the Syma X5HW

By  GB Blog Official 2018-07-03 3281 0

Eager to fly your new Syma X5HW? We can help you to own the skies but first follow our tips for the best flying experience.

Syma X5HW quadcopter

1. Do a routine check before flying

● Make sure that the drone battery and transmitter battery are fully charged.

● Land with some power in reserve in case of an incident that delays the landing.

● Make sure that there are no missing spare parts or broken spare parts.

● Don't forget to check all the propellers are securely mounted to the motors

● Inspect them individually for signs of damage or wear.

2. Ensure the transmitter board is clean and tidy

The transmitter is a significant part of aircraft. By controlling the transmitter, the aircraft can flip forward / backward / leftward / rightward.

● Make sure the transmitter is always clean and tidy in order for better control.

● If the controller board is dirty, the control performance can be compromised.

3. Calibrate your compass before you playing

● Different geographical locations have different electromagnetic profiles.

● Make sure that you calibrate the compass in each location for accurate positioning and stable flight.

4. Play in open areas

Syma X5HW fly tips● Always choose an open area for flight!

● For safety, we recommend you to choose some appropriate places as follows:

- Go to a park or other open areas.

- Area should be free of power lines, cellphone towers, or other transformer devices.

- Stay away from trees, streetlights and utility wires.

- Keep away from people, pets, and road junctions.

- Fly in the morning for reducing the chances of flying in strong wind.

5. Fly no higher than 400ft

● The maximum drone altitude in the USA is 400 ft.

● Even though GearBest sells drones capable of flying higher, always keep it within visual line of sight.

● If you fly your drone behind obstacles, you can easily lose orientation and control.

6. Do not fly the aircraft continuously without rest

● Overworking can be seriously damage your aircraft.

● Rest the drone to minimize wear and motor failure rate.

● Extend the service life of your quadcopter!

That's all for now

There are many ways to get better flying. The above tips are just one part of them. If you have any new suggestions or any questions, please don't hesitate to let us know.

We hope you'll get good value for money with your Syma X5HW! Enjoy flying it!

One more note here: please read the user manual carefully before playing your aircraft.

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