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Home > How To > Home clean home: 4 easy tips to maintain your robot cleaner
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Home clean home: 4 easy tips to maintain your robot cleaner

Home clean home: 4 easy tips to maintain your robot cleaner

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-19 2117 0

Robot Vacuum Cleaners are masters of housework. Maintenance is easy if you follow some basic principles.

While robot cleaners save a huge amount of your personal time, they still require care they operate flawlessly. Investing even a small amount of time will prolong its life and deliver exceptional results.

Follow this guide if you want to save time on maintaining a smart vacuum cleaner, from brands including HaierJISIWEI , iLife.

1. Clean the brushes regularly

The main reason why most robot cleaners deliver degraded performance is mainly due to hairs or strings caught. These tangle the rotating parts of the cleaner, slowing or stopping them from moving.

All robot cleaners are designed to use wheels, rotary components, and brushes as part of their vacuuming work.

Tip: Do regular checks to ensure the main brushes, gum brushes, wheels, and side brushes are free from hairs or other items. This maximizes overall performance.


2. Clear the dustbin regularly

Most robot vacuum cleaners are generally much smaller and more compact than a normal full-sized one.

This means the dust container fills up much faster due to lower capacity.

Tip: Be sure to clear out the dustbin either after every before or after every time you use the cleaner. This ensures you avoid overflow.


3. Clean the HEPA filter

This is vital for health and hygiene purposes. The HEPA filter is located in the dustbin area.

The main purpose of HEPA is to trap dust particles as small as 0.3 micrometers. This is important to ensure a dust-free environment and to manage allergies.

Tip: Use a brush first, then use soapy water before rinsing thoroughly. Ensure the filter has dried completely before reinstalling it.

4. Always protect the sensors

Most robot vacuum cleaners feature both front and bottom sensors, acting as eyes.

This design layout protects your sweeper from impacts with objects/walls or falling over edges.

Tip: If the robot cleaner is stuck underneath a bed or sofa, and unable to get out on its own, please do not pull the cleaner. This risks damaging the bumper, sensors or other body parts – lift up the main body first and reposition the cleaner.

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