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Home > How To > How can I buy a TV in chopping season?
How can I buy a TV in chopping season?

How can I buy a TV in chopping season?

By  Anatola Perna 2020-02-24 2272 0

In fact, when it comes to online shopping, the Singles Day holiday and other activities are indeed very affordable, people can not help but "chop hands" impulse, and smart TV has also become the object of many friends to buy, so how should we buy TV? What do you want to watch on high, middle and low-end TV? Let's have a good talk about this today.

The status of TV in the family

With the continuous development of mobile devices, especially the improvement of mobile phone penetration, our demand for TV has become lower and lower. Even as early as ten years ago, when computers entered thousands of households, some people speculated that television would gradually be completely replaced by computers. But it is obvious that up to now, computers have not been able to replace TV.

In fact, from a certain point of view, even though our demand for TV has decreased, in the minds of many Chinese people, TV is still the "protagonist" in the living room. Even if you don't know when to lift that dustproof cloth, or even forget the brand of the TV, it doesn't affect the status of TV in our hearts. In other words, we can not watch TV, but we can't do without TV at home.

Since television is indispensable, let's get back to the subject, how to buy a TV? The answer is simple: choose on demand, of course.

Light users of TV-- there is no need for high-end TVs, and it is a waste to buy them

As we said above, modern people, especially the younger generation, have a lower and lower demand for TV. But this does not mean that no one at home watches TV at all. we young people do not like to watch TV, and the old people and children in the family still turn on the TV from time to time. This situation belongs to families who use TV lightly.

Since the users of TV are the elderly and children, and they often do not have a high demand for TV display and intelligence, on the contrary, you do not need to buy tens of thousands of televisions for the bear children at home to watch cartoons. So for such a light use of TV families, there is no need to move closer to the high-end TV, otherwise buying it will only lead to a waste of performance, just choose a cost-effective pro-TV.

Games, audio and video lovers-- high-end TV is the first choice, and the TV effect must be good

Many games, audio and video lovers have a view in their hearts, that is, the audio-visual effects that TV can give are incomparable to any mobile phone or computer. Such people are also more willing to spend more on television. Of course, the high-end TV bought back at more cost will be better in terms of audio-visual effect and audio-visual experience.

So for this kind of game enthusiasts and HD audiovisual suitors, high-end TV is absolutely the first choice.

In addition, there are some people who pursue intelligent life, who like to chase high-tech and new intelligence. Ordinary low-end televisions can not meet their needs, so high-end televisions will become their purchase target.

What do you want to watch on high, middle and low-end TV?

We have talked about so many high-end and low-end televisions above, do you know what is the difference between high-end and low-end TV products? For today's TV products, grade classification from a relatively narrow point of view, is actually the type classification of panel types.

The types of panels active in the TV market today are QLED, OLED and LCD. First of all, let's talk about LCD, which is the liquid crystal technology that we have the most contact with at present. This technology is highly mature, has the highest production capacity, and the finished product price is lower, so it is widely used in low-and middle-end products. Of course, we can not generalize that the products of LCD panels are low-end, but there is a high probability that the products will be in the low-and middle-end range.

As for QLED, OLED these two panel types, in the current market, in fact, it is a high-end, low-end watershed. Compared with LCD,QLED and OLED, it can present a better display effect. QLED has better inorganic display stability than QLED, and OLED also has a slimmer advantage.

It is worth mentioning that the prices of the two product types OLED and QLED have begun to decline gradually, and the excellent training of LCD seems to bring the ability not to lose to QLED/OLED, so the three are about the same in terms of price. This also shows that the price of the product can not be graded to the TV.


When we buy a TV, we must first make clear our own use. Whether we want to furnish things, turn on the electricity when something happens, or be used for audio-visual entertainment, we should still prescribe the right remedy to the case according to our own needs and budget. For a more direct example, if you have high requirements and high demand for TV, you can start with QLED and OLED panel type TVs. If you are a very mild TV user, you can buy people-friendly, cost-effective LCD TVs. Of course, these are only some of the author's personal experience, only for your reference.

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