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Home > How To > How do the girls choose the right dress?
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How do the girls choose the right dress?

How do the girls choose the right dress?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-16 3135 0

Autumn is the best time to wear a dress. The dress can be said to be the "Queen of change" in the dress, also is the pronoun of "dignified and decent". It is unpredictable and has many kinds. By choosing different styles, it can be a perfect item for shaping the proportion of figure. According to the needs of shaping, it can create various contours and waist positions. It does not need too many complicated accessories, because "one-piece" dress, wearing it is equivalent to wearing the right "whole body". Whatever your shape and style, you will always find your dress in the window of the street. Dresses are woven with women's pursuit of beauty and fantasy, so they have become the most popular style for girls.

1. Body-wrapped dress

In 1977, Diane, 26, designed an unzipper wrapped dress, a dress that awakened women's desire for body curves. No matter any figures, no matter the length of the dress, only a waist band or scratching can reveal the waist, so the dress has received unprecedented attention, and even become a symbol of the 1970s. It also established its position in fashion and became a classic that the fashion world could not reproduce.

Body-wrapped dress 

The dress, which has been around for more than 40 years, is old but new. It maximizes the shape of a woman's body and seduces the woman who wears it. Delicate V collar design, elongated neck curve, can let you inadvertently reveal sexy collarbone; The waist strap design can be adjusted according to their preferences. Elegant, classic, sexy wrapped in a dress, is the autumn dress choice.

2. Knitted dress

Although the autumn sun is clear and warm during the day, it is still a bit chilly in the evening. The simplest and most comfortable thing at this time is to wear a knit dress ~ a dress designed from a close-knit fabric. It can perfectly show the female s shape curve; And loose knit dress is more casual on collocation. Even with a belt, the whole temperament can be embodied . Knit dresses are not limited to the occasion, whether commuting, shopping, or even visiting friends and relatives.

.Knitted dress 

Knitted dresses not only bring a feminine flavor, but also have a soft feeling of maturity. Pay attention to choose the dress style and color that you like, which can better decorate the body.  With the temperature down, you can wear any tie-in coat.

Knitted dresses and trousers are also one of the most fashionable look of the year, looking more hierarchical, and the wear is also divorced from the singularity of knit dresses, which can make the overall look higher. However, this kind of dress is more demanding for body, the fairies with wider hips are advised not to wear trousers.

3. Shirt dress

Shirts are fashionable items that have endured for a long time in the fashion circle. From the deduction of the original basic style to the present, the changing outline, fabric and color of their designs give wearers more innovative choices. And the shirt dress derived from this has become a necessary classic style for women's wardrobes, a well-fitting shirt dress, showing the French style of casual elegance and sexuality.

Shirt dress 

Autumn is not as hot and dry as midsummer, nor as cold as early winter. Nothing is more suitable for this season than shirts and dresss. The design of shirt dress is quite special, it can pull up sleeves and unlock several buttons to wear if it is too hot; when it is cold, it is fashionable to fly up with T-shirt and jeans, which is simple but not without losing the sense of design. It not only has atmospheric casual sexy, but also can deduce the delicate taste, especially for lazy aliens, put on a shirt. A shirt dress can be stylish.

4. Lace dress

Lace is not only a sweet and lovely synonym, in some clothing matching, lace also has a charming and sexy breath. Lace is a popular element for all the girls with princess dreams, and it is a monolithic product that never goes out of date. Lace dress is one of the most popular fashion items at the moment. In color selection, whether it is high saturation warm color system or low saturation cold color system, or a variety of splicing colors, with lace and perspective two sexy elements of blessing, each deduction of beauty is suffocating.

Lace dress 

Lace has always been the favorite of every woman, because it is not only good-looking, feminine, but also light, soft and elegant. It does not irritate the skin and not pierce the skin when it was worn close to the skin.

5. Denim dress

Denim, a fashion element that never goes out of style, has been popular with millions of consumers since the beginning of the panties that gold miners wore, and now it has become a basic one-piece collection. In recent years, it seems that because of the matching of jeans and denim garments, people have already developed aesthetic fatigue in matching jeans with shirts, sweaters, etc. As a result, the retro wear of a large area of jeans has begun to become fashionable. Denim dresses have thus become fashionable items that can be worn without matching other clothes.

Denim dress 

Because the wear-resistant and stiff fabric of jeans is rich in texture, it can highlight the quality and at the same time enhance the overall temperament, making people look younger and more spiritual. At the same time, the dark blue color can also brighten the complexion, so making jeans into dresses is more in line with the needs of the public, which makes jeans dresses an invincible myth in the fashion world.

6. Sling dress

The most balanced way to dress is to have grace and beauty in your comfort and relaxation. A sling dress with different items will easily make you the best of all fairies. If you think a sling dress is a summer muse, you're wrong. Whether it goes with a turtleneck or a shirt, or a cashmere coat, it is definitely the latest way to match it.

Sling dress 


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