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Home > How To > How does a GPS tracker work?
How does a GPS tracker work?

How does a GPS tracker work?

By  Evelyn Garcia 2020-01-20 1594 3

In order to even understand why a GPS tracker is such a versatile and practical device, you need to know how it works. The first thing you need is a so-called GPS signal that is sent. Now there are two ways in which communication can take place: either with a satellite or with a SIM card.

A smart device

The GPS receiver is built into the GPS tracker. The GPS signal permanently determines the corresponding current position so that the device knows exactly where it is at any given moment. Now either a mobile phone or another server receives the data from the GPS receiver, such as speed, time and of course the position. Especially equipped GPS trackers can send a signal in case of an emergency call from a person via SMS or phone call. The mobile internet helps to track a vehicle or a person in short intervals. The transmitted data for the position can be viewed either on the PC or on the mobile phone. In most cases, the coordinates are displayed as markers on a map.

Tracking markers on the map

In order for positioning to take place, there must be a GPS signal. Information about the GSM base station can help to determine a position if there are inaccuracies in the location, often equipped with this function when it comes to locating people specifically.

Visual tracking

GPS personal tracker releases the current position when, for example, a request for it is sent by SMS. Many manufacturers offer a separate page on the Internet so that the position can be viewed on a map. This also makes it easier to trace the route that has been driven or run so far.

Using online tracking portals

A so-called tracking portal is not only needed for people, but also for animal tracking or vehicle tracking. With such an online portal the user enjoys several advantages at once. The peripheral data, as well as the current position of the global gps tracker can be optimally viewed. Often numerous reports and functions are available, which allow optimal and accurate route tracking. In the same way, information about standing times and driving times is disclosed. If a certain area is left, an alarm can be activated. The collected data is optimally summarized on such portals. On the portal it is possible to configure the gps tracker device, this also works remotely. In order to manage this professionally, a proper program should always be used.

In this respect, there are certainly different versions. On the one hand, there is the English tracking portal from China or the USA with an unknown server location, insufficient data protection and poor reliability. On the other hand, there are professional fleet-manager software variants, where data protection and very high reliability is important, such as couriers, pharmacy services, newspaper delivery, medical transport, etc., are different costs than the simple tracking app for the hobby athlete Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

GPS monitoring provides security

A GPS tracker is also often referred to as a homing device, tracking device, tracking dog or tracker. Not only can one's own sporting achievements when jogging, running or touring be better documented and tracked, but the device is much more. There are many areas in which general safety can be improved by GPS monitoring. For example, if parents are worried whether their children have arrived safely at school, a GPS tracker is highly recommended. This also applies to the way home, of course. In an emergency, people with dementia can be found more quickly. If accidents occur or a call for help is needed on holiday or on a trip, the device provides just as much security. For cars, motorcycles, bicycles and other vehicles, this provides ideal protection against theft. Luggage or other valuables can also be found easily with a GPS tracker and GPS monitoring.

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