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Home > How To > How does Xiaomi Mi 6 splash resistance work?
How does Xiaomi Mi 6 splash resistance work?

How does Xiaomi Mi 6 splash resistance work?

By  Sophia Windsor 2017-09-11 5216 5

What comes to your mind when talking about Xiaomi Mi 6? 3D curved glass design, dual-rear cameras...But you are probably leaving one important feature our - splash resistance. But what gives the smartphone its resistance? Let's find out in this post.

Generally speaking, Xiaomi Mi 6's water resistance is mainly attributed to seven aspects. Let's explore them in detail.

Splash resistant on screen

Now, let's start with the screen. In order to prevent water from seeping into the screen, engineers use water resistant glue to seal the gap between the housing and the cover glass, just like in the following picture:

Xiaomi Mi 6 splash resistant on screen

But in order to achieve total screen splash resistance, more is needed: the phone receiver mesh and everywhere around the screen are injected with water resistant glue. See the following picture (the yellow section indicates the water resistant glue sealed around screen): 

Splash resistant on screen

Water resistant microphone

The Mi 6 microphone system consists of Main Mic and Sub Mic. If you look at it in detail, you will find that there is a channel opened to the outside. But actually the channel is not completely open -  a piece of water resistant film is attached in the channel with the help of an adhesive, which will keep the water out of the water resistant film, but will not affect air circulation. The following picture is the Microscopic sketch of water resistant film technology.

Xiaomi 6 water resistant film

Type-C water resistant design

As we all know, the Type-C port is the largest opening on the phone. It is impossible to seal the port completely since it is frequently used to charge the device. However, engineers use Lim TPU Ring to reinforce the steel pad on the Type-C female connector. See the sketch of the Type-C water resistant design below.

Mi 6 type-C water resistant design

Volume key and power key water resistant design

The FPC on the side keys is designed outside the cavity. And the whole volume key near the phone cavity is covered by water resistant PSA. This design can effectively prevent water from getting into the device.

Volume key and power key water resistant design

Tip: frequent presses of the volume key and power key may lead to the deformation of block gine on the base. Thus, in order to ensure the optimum water resistant performance of block gine, it's better not to press the side keys when your phone is in the water.

SIM card slot water resistant design

When you take a closer look at SIM card holder, you will find a circle of flexible rubber around it. When SIM card holder is installed, the flexible rubber will be extruded to seal the gap between the slot and holder. But you may also worry about the small pinhole near the SIM card slot. Take it easy. A rubber plug inside it makes the perfect seal. Thus, water still has no chance of seeping into your phone.

SIM card slot water resistant design

Rear cover water resistant design

The Mi 6 has two kinds of rear cover: glass rear cover and ceramic rear cover. The first level of  water protection is provided by the materials used in making the cover: silica and microcrystalline zirconium oxide are powerful enough to resist water invasion. The second level of protection is offered by the double sided adhesive tape on both the margin of rear cover and the front shell that is perfectly attached to protect the phone from water.

Rear cover water resistant design

Discharge holes water resistant design

Still see some holes in the phone? Don't worry. They are, in fact, discharge holes. Their function is to balance the air pressure between the internal and the external components of the phone. Thus, relief valves are installed inside these holes, and it can not only balance the air pressure, but plays an important role in water resistance as well.

Bottom line

As you can see, the M6 really does come with a well thought through splash resistant design. However, it is still not advised to submerge the phone in the water for a long period of time to be on the safe side.


For the purpose of this new article, the featured image(s) were sourced from the internet. For any issue, please contact us, and we will deal with the matter promptly.


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