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Home > How To > How to calibrate your laptop battery correctly and safely
How to calibrate your laptop battery correctly and safely

How to calibrate your laptop battery correctly and safely

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-18 166203 13

Laptops are essential companions for tech lovers. Improve the battery by calibrating it in a few easy steps.

Xiaomi Mi laptop

Nobody wants to suffer with a low battery situation. We show you how to fine-tune and calibrate your laptop battery so you can squeeze more time out of it.

There are two simple ways to correct electric quantities.


Standard calibration via BIOS


The vast majority of brand name laptops have a Battery Calibration program built straight into their BIOS.

Step 1:

Power on the laptop and hit F2 at the boot screen to enter BIOS. Choose the Power menu using the cursor keys.


Step 2:

Choose Start Battery Calibration and then press "Enter".


Step 3:

The screen should turn blue. According to the on-screen tip, you should plug in an AC adapter to charge the laptop to full; afterwards, unplug the AC adapter.


Step 4:

The laptopwill continue discharging until it automatically shuts down. Once it does, plug in a power adapter to charge it again, however do not start the laptop or boot it.

Once the laptop has been fully charged, the battery calibration has completed.


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Manually calibrating the laptop battery


If there is no Battery Calibration option in BIOS, you will need to conduct a manual calibration of the laptop battery.

Step 1:

Boot the laptop, and go into your laptop’s power management settings.



Step 2:

Now click "Change plan settings".


Step 3:

Go to "Change advanced power settings" and select "Battery". Click "Critical Battery Action" and set it to hibernate.


Next, click "Critical Battery Level" and set it to 5%.


Step 4:

Once all settings have been updated, you should close all applications. Remove the power cord and let your laptop discharge until it automatically shuts off.


Wait for a few hours, please plug the power cord back in and charge up to 100%.


Note: if you want to calibrate your laptop while not in use, you should make sure the following options are all "Never".


Let the notebook sit for a few hours until it shuts down automatically. After calibrating, ensure all the power settings are set to their normal values before using the notebook.



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