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Home > How To > How to choose a smart light bulb?
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How to choose a smart light bulb?

How to choose a smart light bulb?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-03 1389 0

Smart bulb is practical, because the light bulb is used every day by every family. Although other smart items are equally attractive, there is always a little sense of dispensability. Second, it is the price, compared with other smart products on the market at present, smart bulbs are relatively price-friendly. In order to facilitate you to better understand and buy a suitable smart light bulb, I will share the purchase skills below.

smart light bulbs 

Connection mode

At present, there are three main ways to realize smart connection of smart light bulbs in the market. The first is to connect APP through routers, such as Xiaomi yeelight smart light bulb; the second is to connect APP via wireless WIFI, such as Philips Hue smart light bulb and Osram A60 smart light bulb; the third is to connect Bluetooth to mobile phone APP operation, which is currently more popular, such as Shellett smart light bulb.

connecting APP via wireless WIFI  

Overall, Bluetooth + APP connection mode now has relatively obvious advantages. Because Bluetooth supports short-distance communication between devices, it can effectively simplify the communication between devices, make data transmission more stable and fast, and save energy.

Bluetooth + APP connection mode

However, it should be noted that no matter how the connection mode changes, the current control of smart bulbs is still inseparable from mobile phones. For ease of use, you can choose smart bulbs that rely less on mobile phones when choosing and purchasing.

Lighting performance

Smart bulb, first of all, needs to satisfy the basic function of the bulb that is, lighting. Usually, the lighting performance of a light bulb is measured from the aspects of brightness, color rendering, light source radiation, and heat dissipation and so on.

Lighting performance 

If a product has high brightness but not dazzling, good color rendering and real object color, low radiation, no stroboscopic protection of vision, then it is really worth starting. But no one is perfect, so is the smart light bulb. In this case, you can step back and select the lighting advantages that you value most.

In addition, smart bulbs have the advantage of multi-color light source, and some bulbs can even adjust 16 million colors. However, it should be noted that there are many colors that cannot be recognized by the naked eye, and we do not need to excessively pursue the transformation of light sources when choosing and purchasing.

Another function is that smart light bulbs are more popular nowadays, that is, phantom. After understanding, I found that these products have built-in APP in a variety of ways to achieve, such as music rhythm change, shake a shake... But to be clear, the cool color effect can only bring temporary attraction, after all, we cannot make the home colorful, like a nightclub.

the cool color effect 

Finally, we should pay attention to its heat dissipation performance when choosing and purchasing smart light bulbs. Even if the smart bulb is an LED bulb, its calorific value can be considerable. Therefore, more attention should be paid to the heat dissipation materials of products, such as aluminum alloy heat dissipation shell, heat dissipation glue, color difference of lamp tube, etc. This is conducive to the selection of fast heat dissipation and relatively long life lamp.

Operation Bug

Smart light bulb realizes remote control through mobile phone, which changes the switch mode of traditional light and makes the control easier. But the problem arises. What happens if the phone is not around or if there is a problem with the phone connection?

Many consumers have reported that some smart bulbs will lose their connection once they turn off the power supply and turn on again. They need to delete the established connection and search the bulb again, add and adjust the color temperature. This is what we need to pay attention to when choosing smart bulbs.

In addition, in order to prevent connection errors, smart bulbs are completely "useless"; you can try to buy lighting products that can be both common and smart.


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Finally, the price of smart bulbs is the focus of attention. At present, the price of smart bulbs on the market varies from 10 dollar to hundred dollars, which is much more expensive than ordinary LED lamps. It needs to be clear that as long as smart products with high-tech elements are added, the price is certainly not cheap.

If we recognize the function of the product and want to experience the wonderful enjoyment of smart lighting, we might as well choose some big brands, but the price is relatively moderate. It should not be neglected that the smart light bulb market is full of many counterfeit and sub-optimal products. When choosing and purchasing, you should be clear, do not blindly believe that what is expensive is good, and do not covet cheap products.

If you feel that the price on the market is a little expensive, you can start later. With the spread of Internet technology, the price of these products will surely be fall.

Concluding remarks: Finally, I want to remind you that "light bulbs are multi-smart, start with caution". Although smart light bulbs are powerful and can bring us different pleasure experience, we still need to consider the actual needs when choosing and purchasing, pay more attention to the performance of light bulbs and choose products suitable for ourselves.



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