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Home > How To > How to Choose a Suitable Yoga Mat for Yoga Beginner?
How to Choose a Suitable Yoga Mat for Yoga Beginner?

How to Choose a Suitable Yoga Mat for Yoga Beginner?

By  Lydia Scott 2020-04-13 419 0

As a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, many cities and even countries have stopped working or suspended from school and quarantined at home. Because you can't go out for a long time, yoga is a very suitable way to exercise indoors. So for yoga beginners, how to choose a yoga mat that suits them? The material and size of the yoga mat are very important. Next, let’s take a look at the material and size of yoga mat!

The main purpose of practicing yoga is to relax people, so the yoga matis comfortable, soft and flexible, and its main function is to prevent skid and bruise. Many beginners do not know how to choose their own yoga mat, here is to introduce the classification and selection of yoga mat!


Yoga mat classification

Material: rubber, TPE, PVC, flax, EVA.

Function: anti-skid, protection.

Dimensions: 610x173,610x1830,800x1830.

Thickness: 2-15mm


The selection of Yoga Mat material

At present, there are 5 most common yoga mat materials on the market. They are natural rubber, TPE, PVC, cotton and linen, and EVA, different materials have different advantages and disadvantages.


1. Natural rubber

Advantages: the source of raw materials is natural and environmentally friendly, the natural texture and opening structure of the surface help to absorb moisture, so the anti-dry or wet skid effect is very good.

Deficiency: the smell is heavy when you just buy it back; the opening structure is easy to absorb stains and needs to be cleaned by the market.



Advantages: high elasticity, good dry/wet skid resistance; environmental protection, some products can be completely recycled.

Deficiency: less durable than PVC.



Advantages: good durability, low cost of raw materials, so the price is relatively close to the people, it is also a relatively common yoga mat used at present; does not contain latex, suitable for people who are allergic to latex; the material absorbability is poor, so it is easy to clean.

Deficiency: because of the poor absorption of the material, the anti-skid property is good under dry conditions, but for the sweaty Jia people, the anti-wet skid property is poor; plastic products can not be degraded naturally.


4. Cotton and linen

Advantages: Gentle and non-irritating, it is the first choice for those who love traditional weaving technology; it is easy to clean.

Deficiency: the effect of grasping the ground is poor, which is limited to yoga classes or meditation exercises with few movements, which is relatively minor.



Pros: cheap.

Deficiency: poor elasticity, poor anti-skid effect, mostly used in the manufacture of soles, a strong smell


At present, the most suitable yoga mat material for beginners is TPE. TPE is a relatively high-end environmentally friendly material with better taste and safety. It has elasticity comparable to natural rubber and can be recycled. At the same time, TPE is light, easy to carry, good toughness and good performance in resilience and anti-skid performance, almost no shortcomings.


Selection of yoga mat size

Beginner (6mm-8mm): the most suitable thickness for beginners, the thicker 10mm is called fitness mat, yoga is a balanced exercise, too thick cushion is not easy to feel the ground is not easy to maintain balance. This stage allows you to fully perceive the ground and gives you effective protection.


Advanced (3mm-5mm): general rubber pads are of this thickness and are used by advanced gamma players. They are less protective and have a deeper sense of the ground.


Senior (1.5mm-3mm): thin yoga mat is not usually used, it is mainly a foldable yoga mat, easy to carry. To put it simply, you can bring your own yoga mat to class and travel. Non-slippery and sanitary. But the thickness is really thin, a little creepy, and uncomfortable to use.


To sum up, the yoga mat made of 6mm TPE is the most suitable for beginners.


How to extend the service life of yoga mats?

  1. When not in use for a long time, avoid exposure to the sun or place in a humid environment.
  2. Avoid folding when not in use. It is best to pack it in a yoga mat pocket after curling (avoid binding).
  3. Avoid using in a harsh environment. (outdoor sand and gravel floor, rock floor, muddy ground).
  4. Avoid placing heavy objects on yoga mats for a long time.
  5. It is necessary to have good maintenance.


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