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Home > How To > How to choose electric toothbrush for kid, sonic toothbrush or mechanical toothbrush
How to choose electric toothbrush for kid, sonic toothbrush or mechanical toothbrush

How to choose electric toothbrush for kid, sonic toothbrush or mechanical toothbrush

By  Sigismondo Eisenhower 2019-06-19 3301 0

Brushing teeth is often a difficult topic for babies and toddlers, and many parents feel the same way. In the hope of improvement, many would like to use an electric toothbrush for the baby - but the age recommendation says "from 3 years old". However, if you use and form it correctly, you can use it earlier.

electric toothbrushes

Basic knowledge of electric toothbrushes

1.When can a child start using an electric toothbrush?

When can the child start brushing the teeth and when can I start using the electric toothbrush? Because the vibration of electric toothbrushes for children under 3 years is very mild. Therefore, there is no difference in safety compared to brushing with ordinary toothbrushes.

2.Isn't the electric toothbrush as good as a normal children's toothbrush?

The general opinion is that electric toothbrushes are just as good as normal toothbrushes. ADA believes that electric toothbrushes are as safe and effective as normal toothbrushes.

The British Dental Health Organization even advocates that children use electric toothbrushes and that electric toothbrushes for children are better than normal toothbrushes.

● The electric toothbrush can improve the cleaning strength of the cleaning teeth due to the vibration or rotation of the bristles.

● The electric toothbrush, which has a time function that makes it easier for children to develop the right brushing habits.

● Electric toothbrushes are usually more interesting, so children can be encouraged to brush their teeth and increase their interest in brushing.

3. Does the electric toothbrush need to be replaced?

Absolutely do not need to be different from ordinary toothbrushes, do not replace the electric toothbrush because it is more expensive, it is recommended to replace it at least three months.

Classification of electric toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes can be divided into three categories: mechanical toothbrushes, sonic toothbrushes and ultrasonic toothbrushes. Let's talk about the comparison of the three.

● Difference 1: Vibration frequency

The biggest difference between these three types of toothbrushes is the speed of movement of the bristles.

We have roughly divided the vibration modes of electric toothbrushes into two types: Vibration and rotation.

It is generally assumed that the speed is between 12,000 and 24,000 beats per minute and the toothbrush that vibrates between 24,000 and 48,000 beats per minute is a sonic toothbrush. (Children's electric toothbrush standard is slightly lower)

The vibration frequency of the ultrasonic toothbrush and the other two is of no magnitude, and it is necessary to achieve a vibration of 2,400,000 times per minute to be called an ultrasonic toothbrush.

Ultrasonic toothbrushes approved by the US FDA should reach 192,000,000 times per minute.

● Difference 2: Drive power

Mechanical toothbrushes and sonic toothbrushes are motor-driven, while ultrasonic wave fluctuations are generated by pressure point crystals.

● Difference 3: Cleaning principle

The principle of cleaning the mechanical toothbrush and the sonic toothbrush is similar, and the tartar is scraped off the tooth surface with a sweeping brush. However, the sonic toothbrush can not only clean the bristles itself, but also stimulate the flow of water between the teeth through its high-frequency vibration and thus clean the teeth more thoroughly.

However, some dentists believe that the best solution for dealing with teeth is still dental floss. If you have a habit of flossing for yourself and your baby. Then there's no need to rely on a toothbrush.

The principle of ultrasonic toothbrush cleaning differs fundamentally from the other two. No bristles are used to sweep tartar.

It is the cavitation effect generated in the liquid by ultrasonic vibration.

The so-called cavitation effect is the process by which bubbles are randomly generated and destroyed when the liquid is pressurized. A strong shock wave is generated when the bubble splits in the liquid.

Medical ultrasonic cleaning devices use the cavitation effect to clean teeth thoroughly.

Due to the enormous energy of the cavitation effect, its cleaning performance is also superior to that of normal electric toothbrushes. However, there are also concerns that ultrasonic toothbrushes have a more exceptional cleaning power and damage teeth than ordinary toothbrushes.

The usual ultrasonic toothbrush often has a sound mode (low frequency mode) between which you can switch freely.

The most important points when buying a toothbrush

1.Sonic or mechanical toothbrush

Since there are no models of ultrasonic toothbrushes for children on the market, we have omitted this. Compare the advantages and disadvantages of sonic and mechanical toothbrush.

In general, the mechanical cleaning power is good and the sound waves protect the enamel.

Let's talk about the problem of enamel: the damage caused by daily brushing of the enamel is negligible. If you buy a more expensive sonic toothbrush because of the psychological protection of the "protective enamel", this is not necessary.

There are also people who worry about stimulating the gums when brushing their teeth. This is a problem to be considered. But whether it stimulates the gums to relate more to the hardness and quality of the bristles, rather than saying that a mechanical toothbrush with a lower frequency of movement and a larger movement irritates the gums more.

As far as the cleaning power is concerned, it is a comprehensive performance which is not only related to the frequency of the bristles. It is also related to many factors such as soft and hard bristles, vibration intensity and so on. Therefore, it is not true that the mechanical toothbrush has more cleaning power.

2.Rotation or vibration

The electric toothbrush is divided into two types according to the way the bristles vibrate, which are divided into a rotation type and a vibration type. The vibration type is much smaller than the rotation type.

Rotating and vibrating differ in the way they are used: The rotating type is a circular brush head and the teeth are aligned individually. The toothbrush does not move when it presses against the teeth. The vibrating electric toothbrush resembles a manual ordinary toothbrush, but is more labour-saving and cleaner.

For comparison, we recommend a vibrating toothbrush.

● First, the rotating electric toothbrush must match the baby's teeth one-to-one. How much will increase the difficulty of the operation. In the previous discussion of the Tong Dou Group, many mothers thought that using a rotating electric toothbrush for adults to brush teeth would be very impractical.

Second, the vibration type is identical to the normal toothbrush, so the cleaning method can be better cultivated for children.

Third, we also found that many consumers misunderstood when buying toothbrushes: They hold rotating toothbrushes for mechanical toothbrushes and vibrating toothbrushes for acoustic brushes. In fact, it cannot be generalized. Electric rotary toothbrush because the bristles have a big swing and a strong force. Therefore, the rotation often does not reach the high frequency like a vibrating toothbrush, and the sound wave standard cannot be reached. With a vibrating toothbrush, the movement of the bristles is usually small, so the speed of movement is often high and it is often a sonic toothbrush.

But on the market many children's toothbrushes vibrate with a frequency that does not meet the so-called sonic toothbrush standards that we normally adopt. There are also some rotating toothbrushes that can penetrate the sound wave field.

It should also be noted that the frequency of rotation and vibration cannot be compared horizontally because the amplitude and strength of each bristle movement are not on the same plane. Therefore, in many cases, the higher the brush speed, the stronger the cleaning power.

3.What type of engine?

The motor is divided into a reciprocating brush vibration machine, a brush rotating motor, a brushless reciprocating vibration motor and a torsion vibration motor.

The motor is a device that drives the electric toothbrush. If the power is insufficient, the toothbrush cannot swing strongly when pressed against the teeth. Influence the cleaning effect. Although it is difficult to directly understand which motor is used in the toothbrush at purchase, we can speculate about the performance of the electric toothbrush.

Oscillating motor of the torque type: affects the bristles of the force when the force is applied and the life is short. The highest vibration frequency is 31,000 times / minute

With vibrating toothbrushes, Philips electric toothbrushes often use torsional vibration motors. The problem with this type of motor is that the torque is insufficient. Simply put, if you clean your teeth with an electric toothbrush, too much pressure will affect their amplitude. The worst case is that the amplitude drops to zero. The toothbrush does not move directly. Compared to brushed piston motors and brushless oscillation motors, the frequency of up to 31,000 times / minute is not high.

● Brushed rotating motor : high noise level, limited rotation frequency, lifetime depending on the material

The noise problem with Oral-b's electric toothbrush has always been the point at which spitting has concentrated. This is because Oral-b uses a brush rotating motor.

● Brushed piston engine : high frequency, high torque and some noise.

For example, the electric Soocare toothbrush from Xiaomi is used.

● Brushless reciprocating vibration motor : high frequency, high torque, low damping, low noise, long life and high cost

This is the best choice for electric toothbrush motors. But the price for a toothbrush with this motor is higher.

4.Rounding rate of Bristles

The so-called bristle rounding rate indicates whether the bristles have been finely treated to remove the ribs and become smooth and comfortable. A badly ground toothbrush that irritates the gums and root surface and reduces the cleaning effect. The standard for rounding for adults in China is 50%. This means that more than 50% of all bristles are smooth, even if they are qualified. The standard for children's toothbrushes is stricter and must be 70% qualified. According to our test results, however, some toothbrushes are difficult to achieve even with this standard. In the latter style assessment, the specific test results are explained.

5.Brush density

The denser the bristles, the larger the contact area with the teeth, and brushing is more efficient.

6.The form of bristles

Conventional bristles are cylindrical, now there are diamond bristles and triangular bristles, the latter two having a larger contact surface with the teeth when brushing, which allows the teeth to be cleaned more effectively. This type of bristles is called diamond bristles. It's the highest end of all bristles. Two companies have the most famous diamond bristles, one is DuPont and the other is the German company Pedex. The Philips 9 Series electric toothbrush we know of is the DuPont diamond bristles.

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