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Home > How To > How to choose the perfect IP camera without breaking a sweat?
How to choose the perfect IP camera without breaking a sweat?

How to choose the perfect IP camera without breaking a sweat?

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-13 2502 0

Give the users some practical advice while they buying a IP camera so that to get their satisfied one.

Security matters. An IP camera is invaluable, so choose the right one for your home and your workplace needs. Here are the most important camera features you should always consider:

Camera lens

A high resolution ensure consistently clear, high quality pictures and videos. Generally 720P HD is the lowest acceptable resolution, especially when watching/recording the HD output from the IP camera.

Some IP cameras can record in 1080P FHD; while these may be more expensive, they are still extremely affordable.

A high pixel count also ensures that images remain clear even when enlarged. This is crucial for identifying people and/or submitting evidence to the authorities.


Image sensor

The image sensor can be divided into two types: CMOS and CCD. When comparing the two, CCD is superior to CMOS in terms of image transparency, sharpness, color restoration and exposure.

This means that a CCD sensor can deliver clearer, more accurate images than a CMOS one. This can make a significant difference due to the IP camera’s monitoring function.


Video compression algorithm:

The algorithm used determines the definition, fluency and storage format of the video. The two main video compression algorithms available to IP cameras are H.264 and MPEG4.

Generally, the compression ability of H.264 is superior in generating clearer, more fluid video. It can also support 25 frames per second, generally higher than MPEG4.


Frame rate:

If your own security needs include real-time dynamic monitoring and/or recording, then the frame rate of the respective IP cam cannot be overlooked. We recommend at least 20 frames per second – higher is preferable – while anything under 20 fps will be jerky.

Dual stream:

Simply put, one stream is used for transferring real-time images and the other stream is used for saving the images the IP camera records. A single stream setup means video transferring and saving process are running in the same one stream.

We recommend dual stream functionality, as it is much better than a single stream for bandwidth allowing smoother video playback and transmission.

Storage card support:

If your bandwidth is not high enough to support real-time image/video streaming, a local storage card will be required. This allows the IP camera to record and save the video stream on a storage card.

GearBest recommends that you carefully check the maximum card size the IP camera is designed to use. Don’t forget to purchase high quality media from a trusted brand (properly formatted) for maximum reliability.


Additional Features:

Other diverse functions available can include IR night vision, motion capture, wireless RC, POE support, dedicated app functionality (view and/or control), cloud storage, and more.

Before you buy, carefully research what features are essential for your own security needs – for example, does the IP camera need to be wired or wireless? Also consider where and how it will be located; if it’s outdoors, it will need to be weatherproof/waterproof.


If you keep the above points in mind and spend some time wisely, we are confident you can save a lot of money and select the perfect IP camera for home or work.

All of these pictures are selected from network, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about them.

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