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Home > How To > How to clean up the garbage of iPad or iPhone
How to clean up the garbage of iPad or iPhone

How to clean up the garbage of iPad or iPhone

By  Lauren Soltan 2020-01-18 2553 222

After using iPhone or iPad for a period of time, it is found that the machine is getting slower and slower, and there is less and less free space in the iTunes display system. I don't know how to clean it up. If I restore the equipment to the exit settings, I'm afraid some of the important things in it will be gone. Here are some methods to take a look at.

1. The most common situation: loss of video and audio files synchronized by iTunes  

Analysis of the reason: due to USB interface and other reasons, iTunes synchronization is sometimes not successful, at this time, video and audio files will suddenly disappear. Sometimes it comes back when you synchronize again, but sometimes it doesn't work. At this time, from the capacity point of view, the video and audio capacity of iTunes will be reduced, and accordingly, other capacity will increase. Our aim is to find out the missing files and delete them.

Cleaning method:

[/ Private/var/ mobile / Media/iTunes_Control/Music] directory, and the directory where multimedia files (such as MP3, MP4, etc.) uploaded by iTunes are stored. The files have not been modified, but the file names have been modified and can be downloaded directly to the computer to read. All folders that start with "F", such as F11, F20, etc., step: delete the folder at the beginning of F "restart machine" cancel multimedia synchronization "re-synchronize

2, iTunes failed to synchronize photos

Analysis: due to unknown reasons, iTunes will fail to synchronize pictures and photos. At this time, the pictures and photos that originally exist in iPhone will not be found, but in fact, the file exists. The picture file is in the / private/var/mobile/Media/Photos/Thumbs folder of iPhone. If you have it in PC and do not intend to keep the images in iPhone, you can delete all the files in Thumbs and the Photo Database files at the same level as Thumbs. If you still need these images, which are not available in PC, you can only copy the ithmb file in the Thumbs folder to PC and extract it with Format Factory software (Format Factory.exe searches google, there are many download links).

Cleanup method:

Find the [/ private/var/mobile/Media/Photos/Thumbs] directory, delete the folder at the beginning of F "restart machine" cancel multimedia synchronization "re-synchronize

3. The installed program is not clean when deleted  

Analyze the reason: the official installation is of course iTunes ipa format files, third-party installation programs such as Cydia (including deb), 91Magi App direct copy and paste, etc.). Although iTunes, Cydia, 91 can be deleted through their own programs, sometimes the deletion is not clean. The most common is to use these programs to install different versions of the same program, sometimes you will find that it can be installed, but there is only one in iPhone, and you have forgotten to install several times, which version. In this way, there is more and more rubbish in iPhone. In this case, you can only go to the appropriate folder and open it to find it.

Cleanup method:

1 ipa is installed in the / private/var/mobile/Applications folder, and the installation date can be used to roughly determine where the software is located.

2 Cydia,91, manual installation is placed in the / private/var/stash/Applications folder, where the folder name is clear at a glance. Find the software you also want and delete it directly. The premise is that you have deleted it once on iPhone, but have not deleted it clean, that is, you have found a software that you have deleted in these folders, but still have its folder.

3 [/ User/Media/ApplicationArchives/] directory can be safely deleted, which is to delete the wrong software package.

4 [/ tmp] newly discovered iTunes failed to synchronize or delete files, folder named after install_greenmile.XXXXXX type, delete. (see figure)

5 [/ User/Media/PublicStaging] 6.14 discovered redundant file paths for failed installation of iTunes. (see figure)

4, file management software file deletion is not clean or stored in the Recycle Bin (actually not deleted)

Analysis of the reasons: such as Mobilestudio file management software. You can delete, copy and paste, rename and other operations in Mobilestudio. But Mobilestudio has a Recycle Bin where deleted files are in the Recycle Bin. If you don't empty the Recycle Bin, the files are still there. Of course, other capacity will not be released. For example, the famous iFile, does not open the Recycle Bin by default. If you open the Recycle Bin, you may forget which deleted files.

Cleanup method: find the Recycle Bin folder of the file management software and delete the files in the Recycle Bin.

5, Cydia, 91, App manually installed software is counted in other capacity, if you are all installed through these programs, then it is not surprising that the others will be so big, the trash is there. Delete what you don't want.

1 [/ private/var/mobile/Library/NetDragon/Applications] is the junk file path left after the 91 program failed to install. You can only delete the program that failed to install. If you delete the folder, the program will not be able to open it.  

2 [/ private/var/cache/apt/archives/partial] Cydia. Cydia will delete the downloaded content from time to time, and the cydia download can be resumed at breakpoint. Your reinstallation is likely to continue with the download, and if you start from scratch, the parts that have not been downloaded have been automatically deleted. If there is something you do not want and the deb file has not been downloaded, you can delete it directly.

3 [/ var/mobile/Media/ApplicationArchives] when the second computer turns on iTunes synchronization, if the computer does not have the software on iphone, it will prompt you whether to transfer the software to the current computer. The APP software in this temporary ZIP format is generated under this directory, and can be safely deleted!

6. E-mail attachments are also in others. If you have undeleted email attachments or downloaded email attachments, you can delete and make room.

7, safari downloaded ipa and deb, If you have installed the Safari download plug-in, do you remember to erase the 7. Safari download ipa and deb, if you have installed the Safari download plug-in, do you remember to erase the downloaded files?

8. Delete those left by previously installed virtual memory in the [var/vm] directory.  

9, [var/mobile/Library/Caches/] directory, if there are virtual files at the beginning of Proswitcher, delete them (do not delete all files in this directory directly, otherwise all your programs become other, backup is useless! Do not!)

10, oneself copy into the file, the most common is the font file, for example, there is a FY copied 230m dictionary library, to the Dictionary Univeral directory. Itunes shows 3.47g of the application, while using iFile to view the Applications directory is 3.71G, the difference happens to be the dictionary library, delete it.

11, the temporary file cleaning path downloaded by mobile phone (for iOS5.0 systems only)

//User/Media/Downloads this directory contains downloaded temporary files, can be safely deleted.


A, pay attention to backing up files before operation, just in case.

B. After deleting directly with i-FunBox in step 12, you must shut down and restart the machine (logout is invalid), otherwise pictures, music and videos cannot be synchronized and played normally. Because direct deletion in i-FunBox will not update the iTunes database. If there is a problem with the synchronization of some children's boots, you can restart the machine to solve it. I would like to emphasize!

C. Abandon 91 assistants and find a tragic picture in the forum. "other" takes up more than 4G, and that friend uses 91 to install PXL format software, which is not recognized by iTunes and becomes "other" . 

D, "other" can not be completely removed, the new machine "other" will occupy 200MB iFunBox directly delete the media folder, directly click synchronization, The "other" will be eliminated "temporarily", but this is an illusion. After restarting the machine to synchronize again, the "other" will come back.

E, "other" will not affect the stability and use of your machine at all, they just take up some space, there are hundreds of megabytes of normal, a few G can self-check the above items, those who like to toss can simplify the "other" as much as possible according to the methods I enumerated. 

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