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Home > How To > How to clean your Xiaomi AirDots
How to clean your Xiaomi AirDots

How to clean your Xiaomi AirDots

By  Fields Corrielus 2019-07-06 7544 0

Brilliantly white and with a great sound - that's how you know your AirDots. But you'll always notice how quickly Xiaomi headphones get dirty. Every tiny particle of dirt is visible on the glossy, white surface - and it's just so annoying. UPDATED shows you how to clean your AirDots: from the outside and the inside. In addition, we have a few tips in stock on how to keep the AirDots case clean for a long time.

Xiaomi AirDots

Clean the surfaces of the AirDots

Because Xiaomi AirDots have a pure white and glossy surface, they are also susceptible to dirt. Even small impurities are immediately noticeable on the bright plastic - and even matt areas quickly leave a bad impression.

First clean your AirDots externally with the following measures:

Take a lint-free and soft cloth and wipe the AirDots with it. Microfibre cloths are particularly suitable.

In the case of heavy soiling, which cannot be dealt with dry, it is worth slightly moistening the cleaning cloth with water.

Especially stubborn dirt should only be removed with a special display cleaner or glass cleaner. Do not use aggressive cleaning agents in any case.

Tip: If you want to clean your AirDots on the go, you can easily reach for a paper handkerchief. It doesn't fluff and has a particularly soft and gentle surface that leaves no scratches on the smooth surface.

Xiaomi AirDots

How often should AirDots be cleaned?

You are well advised to clean your AirDots regularly. So dirt and germs won't have a chance to spread on your wireless headphones.

How often you need to clean depends on how often you use AirDots. If you enjoy music every day in all situations, including sports, you should clean the AirDots at least once a week, and always after sports. This means there are no major cleaning operations and the AirDots stay clean and look like new all the time.

Cleaning the AirDots openings

Even if your AirDots shine like new on the surface, dirt can get stuck in the small openings of your headphones. The grills on the earcups and microphone make it especially difficult. But there are a few clever helpers for that, too, that you're sure to have in the house:

First clean the grids with a dry cotton swab and remove all coarse dirt.

Tip: If some dirt particles do not come off, you can gently moisten the cotton swab. Make sure, however, that no water gets inside the AirDots! The headphones are not waterproof and could be damaged.

Xiaomi AirDots

Use a brush with soft bristles to drive it into the grilles of the microphone and earcup openings. This will loosen dirt particles and gently knock them out.

Attention: The temptation is great to clean small openings with a toothpick or a thin needle and scrape out the dirt. But you shouldn't do that at all. You could damage sensitive parts of the electronics and make the AirDots unusable. Instead, try to work with a soft brush even in these small spaces.

Cleaning the AirDots charging case

Not only the AirDots itself, but also the loading case shines in a pure and shiny white. Unfortunately, impurities can also accumulate here - inside as well as outside. The AirDots loading case is then no longer a beautiful sight. But here, too, simple cleaning is a quick remedy:

Wipe the outside of the case with a soft, lint-free cloth, preferably dry. If the dry cloth does not come up against the dirt, moisten it lightly with water.

Stubborn dirt can usually be removed with a drop of glass cleaner. However, you should avoid other cleaning agents, especially those with abrasive particles.

Never wipe the inside with a damp cloth, but only use a dry microfibre cloth or a dry cotton swab.

Important: Do not touch the metallic contact points inside the charging case that are used to charge your AirDots. They can be damaged by abrasion of the material and then no longer fulfil their charging function.

Type cleaner: Suitable for AirDots?

Type cleaners for iPhone, AirDots and Co. are now available like sand at the sea. But what is a type cleaner anyway? Simply put: a lump of modelling clay, as you probably know it from childhood days. In contrast to children's modelling clay, however, type cleaners have been specially developed to clean hard-to-reach places on electronic devices.

They are known above all for their reliable services for PC keyboards. The mass is simply pressed into hard-to-reach openings in a device, adapts perfectly to even the smallest hole and simply pulls out the dirt thanks to its stickiness.

So why not clean the AirDots with the type cleaner? There's nothing wrong with the headphones themselves, but you shouldn't clean the inside of the loading case with plasticine. Otherwise the sensitive metallic contact points could stick together - and in the worst case the AirDots could no longer charge properly.

You should also clean the AirDots with a brush as described above. The earcup and the housing of the AirDots can be easily cleaned with the type cleaner.

Clean AirDots: Little work, beautiful result

How nice it would be if your AirDots were as sparkling and clean as when you first used them. If you clean them at regular intervals, this wish will not only remain a dream, but will become reality. A weekly cleaning with a dry microfiber cloth is usually enough to keep the wireless headphones clean. If the dirt is a bit more stubborn, you can help with a little water and glass cleaner. This keeps your jewellery white and shiny for a long time - and listening to music is all the more fun.

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