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Home > How To > How to connect Android / Sony /Apple Smartwatch to mobile phone
How to connect Android / Sony /Apple Smartwatch to mobile phone

How to connect Android / Sony /Apple Smartwatch to mobile phone

By  Evelyn Garcia 2019-05-09 3136 0

Smartwatches work on different operating systems, so there is no single guide to how to connect any smartwatch to any mobile phone. In this article, however, we will try to see how to connect the main smartwatches (such as those based on the Android Wear system) and understand how to "pair" them to your smartphone (both Android and iPhone). Dock the smartwatch to your mobile phone allows you to access basic functions such as making a call or displaying a message while driving or receiving notifications directly on the watch without having to pick up the phone. Once connected, you can also configure the clock from your mobile phone in the best possible way, also customising it from a graphic point of view.

Connect your Android Wear smartwatch to your phone

All the best smartwatches of the moment work on the Android Wear operating system and their pairing with other devices (both Android and iOS) becomes very easy thanks to the Android Wear app available on both the Play Store and iTunes Store.  Among these smartwatches stand out the Motorola Moto 360, Huawei Watch, LG Urban Watch, Polar M600, ASUS ZenWatch 3, Huawei Watch 2, Casio WSD-F20, Samsung Gear, etc. ...


Here are the simple steps to follow to connect your Android Wear smartwatch to your mobile phone:

Step 1. On your mobile phone activate Bluetooth (on Android go to Settings -> Wireless and Networks -> Bluetooth). Turn on your smartwatch and make sure that Bluetooth is also active on it.

Step 2. On your Android phone download the Android wear app from here. If you have an iPhone download the app from here

Step 3. Open the Android Wear app on your mobile phone and start the configuration

Step 4. The name of the smartwatch detected nearby will appear on the screen of your mobile phone. Click on it to select it and to display a code on both devices.

Step 5. If the codes are the same, you'll have to tap Pair on the phone. If there are several restarts the smartwatch and try again.


Once the pairing is done correctly you can from your mobile phone perform a series of operations such as synchronization and settings of notifications and functions that you want to activate on your watch (eg receive calls and messages also on the smartwatch)

Connect your Sony smartwatch to your phone

As we have seen before, many smartwatches need to be connected to a smart phone in order to activate certain functions. In the case of Sony smartwatches, you can connect it with your Android phone in a few simple steps. Let's see which ones together:

1. Turn on both your mobile phone and your Sony smartwatch

2. Activate the Bluetooth function on your mobile phone

3. Under the "Available devices" section you will see the name of the Sony smartwatch, click on it to pair it

4. Once paired, go to the Play Store from your Android phone and search for the Smart Connect app.

5. Install the Smart Connect app and once it is open, follow the instructions to access the watch and configure it as you wish.

Connecting Apple Watch to your iPhone

A comprehensive and detailed guide on how to connect an Apple Watch to the iPhone available on Apple's official website, and exactly at this address: As you will notice, the pairing between Apple Watch and iPhone is not immediate, but you need to follow a series of operations and therefore you need to be patient and do everything carefully.


At the moment it's not possible to connect Apple Watch to an Android phone, but it's presumable to think that in the next versions this possibility will be added considering that there are many potential customers with an Android phone who might want an Apple Watch!



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