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Home > How To > How to connect SKRC D20W quadcopter to phone
How to connect SKRC D20W quadcopter to phone

How to connect SKRC D20W quadcopter to phone

By  Zim Watson 2017-05-19 4242 1

Let's see how to connect the SKRC D20W quadcopter to the phone. After that, you can control the quadcopter on your phone as well, and also watch and record the image/video which captured by the drone camera.
How to connect SKRC D20W quadcopter to phone

To connect the SKRC D20W quadcopter is quite easy, just 4 steps with about 1 minute, the connection can be made. But on its user manual, the steps seem too complicated and make us feel dizzy. So look at this connection guide, which much simplifies the operation and makes you know how to connect the SKRC D20W quadcopter to phone pretty clearly and easily.

Step 1. Download GX_UFO application.

According to your phone operating system, search the GX_UFO application in the Google Play store, any Android app market, website, Apple store, or scan the below QR code to download the SKRC D20W quadcopter's remote control app.

Download GX_UFO application

Step 2. Launch the SKRC D20W quadcopter.

Insert the battery into the drone power port to turn on the quadcopter. Once the drone's LED lights flash, the drone is successfully powered on. And a wireless signal will be released by this toy, which called WiFiUFO-xxx.

power on SKRC D20W quadcopter

And you need to connect the drone camera to the drone as well. Simply insert the camera cable to the drone port.

connect the drone camera to SKRC D20W quadcopter

Step 3. Connect to the WiFiUFO-xxx signal.

Open your phone, enter the Settings interface - WIFI setting, find out the WiFiUFO-xxx wireless signal and tap it to connect to it. When the connection is done, the "connected" status will show up, and there won't be a WIFI sign on the phone task bar (but shows as the cellular data sign).

Connect to the WiFiUFO-xxx signal

Step 4. Launch the GX_UFO app.

Go back to the phone home screen and launch the GX_UFO app.

Launch the GX_UFO app

The app screen will show as below. Simply tap the "play" button on the screen right bottom. If the connection is well made, you can enter the app's control interface and see the real time living image captured with the drone camera. If not, you won't see anything, just try the above steps again.

real-time image/video captured by SKRC D20W quadcopter

After the SKRC D20W quadcopter is successfully connected to the GX_UFO phone app, besides the transmitter, you can also control the drone on the phone through the app, which is really convenient if you don't want to bring too many things outdoors, or when the transmitter runs out the battery. And only connecting it to the app, you can capture images or record videos by the drone camera. So it's essential to connect the SKRC D20W quadcopter to the phone.

Hope this connection instruction is useful for you.

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