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Home > How To > How to connect Sricam SP009 IP cam to the smartphone App
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How to connect Sricam SP009 IP cam to the smartphone App

How to connect Sricam SP009 IP cam to the smartphone App

By  Zim Watson 2018-07-03 23946 5

Show the users how to connect the Sricam SP009 IP camera with smartphone via the WiFi setting.

Security always matters. The bestselling Sricam SP009 mini IP camera is one of our top picks, delivering exceptional performance for home and office security. An affordable choice, it also provides convenient real-time monitoring remotely. Indeed, the premium features and excellent price (just $24 or so on Gearbest) of the Sricam SP009 have made it a superstar among our customers. However, we received feedback that the camera and App do not always connect, so our handy walkthrough will show users the correct way to resolve this issue.

Sricam SP009 IP camera

The official Sricam SP009 IP camera app is called "Sricam", supporting both Android and iOS devices. During the connection process, make sure your device is connected to standard WiFi and not a 5GHz network. Here I will use the iPhone as our test example to demonstrate the steps.

Sricam SP009 IP camera package content

Sricam SP009 App Connection Guide

Step 1. Scan the QR code from the user manual to download and install the Sricam app (alternatively, search on Google Play, Apple Store, or the Sricam website).

Sricam app

Step 2. Launch the app and register an account with your email address and set the password. Tap "Register" to finish. A linked ID will pop up.

Step 3. Simply click "Confirm" to access the account. Once you log out, you can use either your email address or ID to enter the account.

Step 4. Connect the IP camera to a power socket using the original USB cable and charger. When powered on, a red light will appear under the lens.

Step 5. Insert the small pin (supplied in the product box) into the reset hole for about 10 seconds until you hear a notification sound. Then wait a further 15 seconds until the continuous "di di di" beeping starts.

Step 6. Go back to the app.

• Tap "Add new device".

Add new device

• Name your Sricam camera and tap the QR code icon next to "Input Device ID".

• Scan the QR code on the back of the camera. The device ID will be automatically filled in the text field. Alternatively, you can input the device ID manually (6 digit numbers on the camera's rear).

• Input the device password and click "Next". The default code is 888888. After you enter your account, you can (and should) change it for security.

default code of Sricam SP009

Step 7. Click "Next" on the following screen and tap "Smart WiFi Setting" to proceed.

Smart WiFi Setting

Step 8. In the WiFi setting screen, your connected WiFi name (SSID) will be displayed. Input your WiFi password and tap "Next". Then wait for a while allowing your camera to finish the process.

input WiFi password

Step 9. Once the connection is achieved, the app will ask you to modify the device's password. You can skip this step or tap "Modify Password" to change the code. I strongly suggest you set a new admin password for better security (The old admin password is: 888888.)

Modify Password of Sricam SP009

Step 10. Now your newly added device will be shown on the Device List of the app. Tap the device to view the camera feed in real-time.

real-time video

To be honest, I tried the whole process several times as well. It does contain some problems during the connection process. Here are some personal notes I made.


• Always remember to reset the camera before making a new connection.

• Start the connection process only after you hearing the continuous "di di di" beeping sound.

• It doesn't matter if the indicator is green or red during the connection process. After the connection, red simply means offline, green means online, and yellow means connection timeout.

Sricam SP009 connection condition

• The default old admin password is 888888. If this does not work, please contact the after-sales service, they will relay the problem to the manufacturer to resolve the issue.

• The camera only supports a standard WiFi connection, a 5GHz network will not work.

• Make sure your WiFi network work correctly and there is sufficient bandwidth (e.g. it's not shared by too many people), otherwise even a successful connection will timeout with the indicator displaying yellow.

device list


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