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Home > How To > How to connect Xiaomi Mi air purifier to a phone via Mi Home
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How to connect Xiaomi Mi air purifier to a phone via Mi Home

How to connect Xiaomi Mi air purifier to a phone via Mi Home

By  Adeline Belluz 2018-03-28 115827 4

If you fail to connect your Mi smart air purifier to a phone via Mi Home application and the app shows you "Connection time out". This post will help you connect the Mi air purifier successfully.

Xiaomi Mi air purifier


You may have "Connection time out" problem while connecting your Mi air purifier, so let's take a closer look at the connection method as the problem may be caused by the wrong operation. If you are sure that your connection method is correct, just read Why the App shows "Connection time out".

How to connect Xiaomi Mi smart air purifier to your phone?

The connection method of Xiaomi smart devices is similar, read AP mode to connect Xiaomi 1080P smart IP camera to phone you may find out the general steps are (1) download Mi Home App, (2) add a device, then (3) follow the instruction to connect.

Xiaomi Mi air purifier App control

Leave your Mi air purifier and phone under the same wireless network, connect the phone to the WIFI. Then follow the detailed steps to connect Xiaomi smart air purifier:

Step 1. Power on the Mi air purifier.

Connect the purifier to power source via its power cable, press the power key to turn it on. It supports 100V - 220V 50 / 60Hz, which can be used in most countries (if you don't make sure, just check at worldwide power plug & socket types listed by country).

reset Xiaomi Mi air purifier

Step 2. Download & install Mi Home App.

Scan QR code below or search "Mi home" in the App store to download Mi Home (if you own a Xiaomi phone, it may have pre-installed Mi Home App).

QR code for downloading Mi Home

Step 3. Log in Mi Home with your account.

● Launch the App with the Mi account you already have or WeChat / Facebook account. Alternatively, create a new account by clicking Sign up option.


● If the installed App is in Chinese and you don't know how to operate, switch the language into English:

For Android system: open the Mi Home application, go to "Profile" ("我的") - "Settings" ("设置") - "Language" ("语言"), select "English".


Note: For iOS system: set your device's language as English, then download latest Mi Home App, the language of your App will become English.



Step 4. Connect Mi purifier via Mi Home.

● After opening the App, a notification pops up / appears at notification bar to notify you there is a Mi air purifier is available for connecting. Just tap "Yes" to connect the purifier. If the notification doesn't appear, tap "+" at the top right corner to add a device, choose Mi Air Purifier 2.


● After that, the WIFI indicator on Mi purifier is flashing, an indicator instruction page shows on screen, click "Confirm" to connect to WIFI. Enter your WIFI name and its password, tap "Next", The phone screen displays it's connecting to Xiaomi air purifier. Wait until the connection finish, you can see the Xiaomi air purifier at "My device".


Note: If the connection failure, press the two buttons at the same time to reset the purifier, then try connecting again.

reset Mi air purifier

Why xiaomi Mi air purifier fails to pair with your phone?

You may feel confused that why the App still tells you "Connection time out" even you have followed the instruction. The most possibility is your router results in this problem.

Mi air purifier connection time out

● The router hasn't connected to the outer network. Check the net through your phone which has connected to the wireless network, if it cannot surf the internet, that's mean the network work is not fine.


● You entered a wrong WIFI password. Just enter the password your phone entered while connecting to the router.


● Your router has connected too many devices so that the network becomes slowly or totally has no response. Thus, disconnect some devices from the wireless router or restart your router, then try pairing your Xiaomi purifier again.


● Change the encryption of your router into WPA / WAP2 if it's WEP, EAP 802.1x or others.


● The air purifier doesn't support public network which needs identification, like CMCC, ChinaUnicom, etc.


● You have set hidden SSID, closed DHCP, or bound MAC address, etc. Those advanced functions cause you cannot access to network, close / open relative function to try connecting again.


● Your Mi air purifier is not compatible with the router. Update your Mi Home App if it's not the latest version, because the newest App may solve this problem. If it doesn't help, connect your air purifier to another router.

For Gearbest customers:

If you've purchased the Xiaomi Mi smart air purifier from us, but the guide doesn't solve your issues, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Just fill in the ticket with your questions at our Support Center and send it to us. We will do our best to deal with your problem as soon as possible. We are always happy to help.


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