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Home > How To > How to distinguish men’s shoes: Brogue, Oxford shoes, Derbies,Monk Strap shoes...
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How to distinguish men’s shoes: Brogue, Oxford shoes, Derbies,Monk Strap shoes...

How to distinguish men’s shoes: Brogue, Oxford shoes, Derbies,Monk Strap shoes...

By  Linky Johnson 2018-11-12 7005 1

The types of men's leather shoes are diverse. Bullock shoes, Oxford, Derby shoes, loafers, munch, Chelsea boots, desert boots, boat shoes, Cushing, Martin boots, patent leather shoes, Martin boots and work shoes, mountaineering shoes, shoes, slippers, and so on.


All the shoes with carved flowers can be called Brogue shoes. It's essence is sculpture.

It originated in the 16th century that workers' shoes in Scotland and Ireland when working in the highlands. Gradually evolving after the 20th century, the duke Windsor excavated Brogue out of the countryside, making it as a symbol of gentleman. The traditional Brogue shoe toe has an elaborate floral stitching pattern and turns the formerly stiff three-way joints into sleek flanks. It is normal in formal occasions nowdays.


Oxford shoes

You can hardly see the shoe tongue, and you can't adjust it between the shoe ears.

Oxford Shoes refer to the boys' uniform shoes that have been popular since the famous Oxford University in England in the 17th century. In the shoe tree and the two sides of the shoe body, Oxford Shoes often adopt the carved wing pattern design, usually with three or more holes on the upper, and tied with the lacing rope, which not only brings the decorative change of the shoes, but also shows the low profile and classical allusion. The tongue is almost invisible, and there is no adjustment between the ears. The shoes originated in the countryside of Scotland and Ireland.

Oxford Shoes 


The tongue and the whole shoe are made of leather, and the ears are adjustable.

It's a very popular form of lacing shoes in Europe, which is the third highest form of footwear in business. Derbies are characterized by a piece of leather between the tongue and the entire upper, and a bit of spacing between the two ears with the laces for easy adjustment of tightness.

Derbies are not only good for business casual or business travel, but also for formal wear, even more flexible than traditional black oxfords.


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The loafers are decorated with such cut, which we call penny loafers.

The original English word "loafer" is meant to mean an idle life, while the loafer represents a group of people with such an idle life. The characteristics of loafers are easy to wear and take off, which is the classic style of men's casual shoes. These Loafers have these incisions down here, we call them Penny Loafers. The penny loafer is said to have been inserted into the incisions of the shoes in order to make a convenient home call.


Monk strap shoes

Girdle design is its logo.

It is the second most formal shoe in business. Monk strap shoes, originated in the 15th century, a kind of shoe designed by Italian monks. The main feature of the shoes is that the upper has a wide horizontal band decoration and a metal ring buckle attached to the shoe tongue. Monk strap shoes have a long history. Before shoelace was invented, it was the only style of leather shoes.

Monk Strap Shoes 

Chelsea boots

Boots from the Victorian equestrian events in the UK were once popular because of the legendary band the “Beatles”.

Chelsea boots 

Characteristics: low heel, round toe, unlace, non-high heel, and high ankle, which are made of different leather raw materials before and after of that shoe, and tighten the boot with the elastic band of the lateral side.

Desert boots

Desert action boots are light, stable, breathable, and they can get in the sand, and they don't need to be polished, and they have a certain kind of lightning resistance. Lightweight, stable, breathable, sand - resistant, no oil needed.


Desert boots have a few advantages over all-leather army boots: they are lighter than the half-leather jungle boots, with a brown fur-furred leather face and a cordyula waist. The boot bottom is the panama bottom of synthetic rubber moulding. The inner liner adopts cool max material, which has good heat and air permeability performance. Insulated leather soles and removable activated carbon insoles make users more comfortable. Elimination of drain holes; In addition, the anti-puncture steel sheet was removed from the shoe bottom design and a honeycomb aluminum protective layer was added to reduce the degree of damage to the feet caused by landmines.

Desert boots 

Boat shoes

The original design of the shoe was designed primarily to walk on the deck of the yacht, but with the development of the time, the shoes have outgrown the original, and became a modern men's clothing item. Whether it's casual or formal, it gives a sense of ease.



It features flat and comfortable. Moccasin originally referred to the shoes worn by indians, hand-sewn in soft leather, used for indoor slippers, and also for walking in camps, especially for long distances, making it more comfortable to wear when the feet and soles of the feet are extremely tired.

Moccasin features anti-leather, soft, pressure-resistant and collapsible, sometimes with indian-style tassel decoration, and now refers generally to various footwear designed with such features extended.

Cowboy boot

It is a type of riding boot, historically designed for the convenience of the cowboy, bearing one of the hallmarks of American culture.

Cowboy Boot 

Patent leather shoes

Lacquer leather is a solid leather with a bright and strong finish, that is, a coating material with a strong surface effect and a style characteristic, a dress material with strong surface effect and style features. The leather is very bright. The surface is very smooth, like the feeling of brush painting. It is more suitable for formal occasions.

Patent leather shoes 

Dr Mskillsens

It's a kind of leather boot, originally invented by a doctor to restore the injured part of a patient, because it's easy to wear and then becomes a worker's boot. When young people put on the shoes, the shoes became a symbol of street and punk. Dr Mskillsens are divided into three types: short boots, medium boots and long boots.

Work shoes

They are derived from the equipment of workers, such as miners, loggers, stevedores, excavators, and so on. The particularity of these kinds of work requires certain security and protective equipment to work.

Hiking boots

Hiking boots are specially designed and made for climbing and traveling. They are very suitable for outdoor sports. Waterproof is the primary function of modern mountaineering shoes, and its waterproof permeability is incomparable to ordinary sports shoes.

Hiking boots 

Driving shoes

The name comes from the 133 small rubber pieces that come up behind the sole and the shoe. Its design is elegant, simple and light. At first, Diego DellaValle and ferrari President Luca di Montezemolo wanted to design a "driving shoe" that was light, soft and skid-resistant for F1 drivers. The "beans" of every pair of shoes are designed completely according to human mechanics and made purely by hand.

Driving shoes 


The slipper is one of the shoes, and the heel is empty, and only the toe of the shoe in the front is the flat bottom. The material is often a relatively soft leather material, plastic, cloth, etc. The shoes without upper in the back of slippers can be worn in the hotel, cabin, home, and leisure time. Superior quality coriaceous slipper not only loosen crural, and raise a foot, so people likes to wear slipper in informal circumstance more commonly.



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