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Home > How To > How to do what if the phone is flooded?
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How to do what if the phone is flooded?

How to do what if the phone is flooded?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-03 4141 0

At work this morning, a colleague said that his cell phone fell into the water last night and could not be turned on now. What should he do? Then there was a rare chorus in the office: change a phone! But the mobile phone has been flooded. Is there really no other choice except for a change?

Nowadays, more and more mobile phones have waterproofing functions, so there is no problem with waterproofing in daily life. But after all, waterproof mobile phones are still a few, and most of them do not have waterproof function. So the question arises. What should you do if your mobile phone accidentally falls into the water? I will show you how to deal with it correctly.

 mobile phone falling into the water<strong></strong>

Step 1: turn off in time

Yes, it's very important to turn off the cell phone in time. If you keep your cell phone on even when it's flooded, you've long wanted to change your cell phone. Because the mobile phone will form eddy current and cause short circuit after entering water and even burn down the motherboard seriously.


The correct way is to pull the cell phone out of the water, quickly wipe the water marks on the surface of the cell phone, and remember not to try to open the cell phone. Many users will unconsciously press the boot button to see if the phone can still boot after they pull it out. This is very wrong. Even if the phone itself is not damaged, once it is booted, it may cause the result of burning the motherboard. So never turn on!

It should be reminded that the fuselage should not be swayed to drain water after entering the water. After shaking like this, the water will move around under the action of force, resulting in more water-stained parts inside the mobile phone.


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Step two: remove moisture

The second step, of course, is to remove water.

First, clean towels can be used to quickly wipe. You should ensure that water does not flow into charging outlets, headphone outlets and other outlets. Many people will use a hair dryer to dry the interior when the mobile phone has water. This method is not impossible. However, attention should be paid to the way of operation; the temperature of the air blown out by the blower is still relatively high, basically equivalent to the temperature of the cell phone when the heat is the most serious. The closer the tuyere is, the higher the temperature is. It is not impossible to get scalded by the blower.


Therefore, when blowing mobile phones, we must pay attention to the distance between the air outlet of the blower and the mobile phone, so that the air temperature on the mobile phone is close to normal temperature. Keep in mind that the air outlet of the hair dryer should not be blown directly on the mobile phone. It is absolutely no good for the mobile phone if the temperature is too high.

using a hair dryer to dry the  mobile phone 

After about a few minutes, you stop for a while. The time for hair dryer to blow mobile phone should not be too long, 20 minutes is basically enough. After blowing the phone, you still can't try to turn it on, because at this time, you don't know if there is water in the phone. In order to be safe, you still need to do the next step, that is to dry the phone.

Step 3: drying

Moisture removal alone is not enough, so drying treatment is needed. The ancestral method of drying mobile phones is to throw them into rice. The reason is that the water absorption of rice is relatively good. If the mobile phone is embedded in rice, it can help to absorb all the residual water and vapor inside the mobile phone. But keep in mind that if you do this, you may cause the cell phone jack to be filled with sticky rice grains. So remember to wrap it in a paper towel before throwing it in the rice.

throwing the mobile phone into rice 

After all, rice is only an emergency measure. Compared with professional desiccants and drying boxes, there are still some gaps in water absorption effect. Usually we can prepare some desiccants or drying boxes for emergencies. In some commodities you usually buy, there will be some small bags of desiccant, which can be used. Collect all these small bags of desiccant and seal the soaked mobile phones with them. The effect is much better than burying them in rice.

At this point, you can try to turn the phone on. If the water intake is not serious, the mobile phone should be able to start normally. If you still can't turn it on, you can only turn to after-sales customer service. It should be noted that there will be waterproof signs in mobile phones, which will change color in case of water. When the customer service sees the color of waterproof signs has changed, it cannot be guaranteed. Maintenance costs a certain amount of money.


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If your phone can be turned on, don't be too happy too soon. You need to check the phone components to see if they work properly.

1. First check the screen of the mobile phone to see if there are any traces on the screen. Sometimes the screen will display abnormally when the mobile phone is soaked in water.

2. Check the handset of the mobile phone and whether it can be used properly. You can test it by calling.

3. Check whether the speaker of the mobile phone can sound normally. Soaking may cause silence of the speaker or silence of the speaker.

4. Check whether the camera of the mobile phone can take photos, including the front camera and the main camera.

If the above four items can be used normally, then congratulations, your mobile phone is basically OK.

At this point, there may be fans asking: In addition to these, is there no other good way? Yes! Really, I will tell you now. That is: change the phone alt="" >.


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