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Home > How To > How to find a stolen laptop
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How to find a stolen laptop

How to find a stolen laptop

By  Oleg Romanenko 2019-03-15 8507 0

Thieves take everything they can. And gadgets first. Therefore, many are interested in how to find a stolen laptop. What scenarios can be assumed? Users offer several solutions to the problem. Everyone has the right to choose the method of detection, which seems to him the most effective. Nevertheless, it is worth noting: no approach provides a 100% guarantee of success. Therefore, many recommend using a combination of various methods to search for a stolen gadget. Then the chance for a favorable alignment increases several times. Statement and Description Can you find a stolen laptop? In fact yes. But to do this is very problematic. Especially if they stole a gadget with documents. How to act in this case?

How to find a stolen laptop

The first and most logical step is to apply a police report. There will have to prove that the applicant is the true owner of the laptop. Next, you need to describe the gadget. On external signs the police will search for loss. However, as practice shows, quite often this technique does not end successfully. The exception is if the thief was caught in hot pursuit and very quickly.

The thing is that stolen gadgets are trying to sell as soon as possible. Sometimes not even turning on them. Because of this, the search for laptops and phones through law enforcement agencies, although it takes place, is extremely difficult to achieve in real life.

Address identifier

Fortunately, there are several other scenarios. You can try to find a stolen laptop at the MAC address. Each gadget has a so-called serial number, like a phone. With it, you can determine the location of the device, if it was turned on. Even better - when the gadget is used for some time.

In order to find the stolen laptop by the MAC address of the network adapter, you need to contact the law enforcement authorities. They will be able to search after the submission of the application of the established sample specified device. But, as practice shows, the MAC address is usually useless. There is no unique identifier like phones on laptops. Therefore, hope for success is not worth it. It is better to look for other ways to answer the question of how to find a stolen laptop.

Black market

The next option has more success, but it is usually very rare in practice. It is worth contacting the black market. This is where stolen items are bought and sold. And the gadgets here are not as few as they seem. The main sales in the black markets are sales of telephones, cameras and laptops.

Accordingly, it is here that you need to ask for help when a laptop was stolen from a person. How can I find it? Sellers in the black markets and dealers offer a good reward for returning the gadget to the owner. Most likely, it will work out. And dealers with great pleasure will return stolen to the owner.

In order not to face deception, it is recommended to communicate the main characteristics of the gadget as well as the serial number of the device to the potential buyer. The main problem - many dealers. And places of sale of stolen goods - too. So you have to try pretty hard to make it a reality. Most likely, it will not be possible to find the device yourself through the black markets. Only if the city is small and there are few places where a thief can resell a laptop. But to discard such a reception is not worth it. It can be very effective. However, like all the other tips.

"Spy Bug"

What else can you offer? There is a special program that helps to find a stolen laptop. For example, you can download an application on your computer. The principle of its operation is extremely simple: it is installed, encrypted and allows you to track a computer by IP address. The advantage is that it is hidden from the eyes of the average user.


Thieves who have exceptional acumen will not be caught on bait. And, most likely, just reinstall the operating system. But the "bug" will still work. To get rid of it, you have to completely format the hard drive. Therefore, to insure and in case of what to find a stolen laptop, you should install a specialized program on the hard disk in advance.

Then it will be possible to check the device’s location by IP address using a program (program site). Accordingly, the laptop will be detected. This is a fairly common technique, which is often used in the FBI. After all, such programs are rarely installed on a computer in advance.

Device Number

Some people are interested in finding a stolen laptop by serial number. This is not as easy as it seems. After all, as already mentioned, to track the device in standard ways (like, for example, a smartphone) will not work. With a high probability, you can count on failure. Serial number can be checked via the Internet.


In the network there are a variety of services offering a search for gadgets on certain data. In fact, most of them are a simple divorce of gullible users for money. Therefore, if a person wonders how to find a stolen laptop via the Internet, it is worth preparing for the fact that most of the proposed sites and tools are frauds. But you can turn to more or less proven hosting. For example, to the Prey.

Accordingly, the serial number to detect the laptop is almost impossible. And searching for a device through the World Wide Web is nothing more than a purely theoretical version.


What other tips might help? Some laptops have built-in GPS-navigator. It allows you to track the location of the included device by its serial number or IP address without any problems. The most surest way to search. Nevertheless, GPS navigation is a rarity for modern laptops. Embody the idea in life only when the computer initially has a similar function. Accordingly, even before the search begins, it is necessary to find out if the gadget is equipped with a GPS navigation device.

By the way, if such an opportunity exists, then even a citizen will help a citizen without any problems. It is enough to tell the IP or serial number of the device. After some time, if the computer is turned on, the relevant information will be verified. And the thief will be able to catch, and return the gadget to the owner.


You should know in advance about the device BIOS system. The thing is that now a program called Computrace is automatically launched on many computers in the BIOS. It sends location data, and also transmits data from the user's computer remotely to a special database. If a laptop is equipped with the specified utility, the user should contact the company that initially installs Computrace on computers.


For some fee (officially) the laptop owner will be told where the corresponding gadget is located. The problem is that often thieves simply do not switch on what they have stolen. So, to detect a laptop does not work this way. And finding a company that installs Computrace on a PC is also not so easy.


What conclusions can be drawn from what has been said before? Finding a stolen laptop is not an easy task. As practice shows, if you do not worry about the security of the device in advance, you can forget that they will be able to find it. Most often, the laptop cannot be returned.

Still worth to try. It is recommended not to give preference to Internet services. Instead, each user must pre-install a variety of "beacons" on the computer. They can help track the location of the gadget. It is worth considering: if the laptop is not turned on, then it is almost impossible to find it in practice. All methods work exclusively with enabled gadgets. Strongly count on success is not necessary. Finding a phone is much easier than a laptop. And this should be remembered.

Take care of your laptops!


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