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Home > How To > How to find out hidden spy camera with your phone and radio?
How to find out hidden spy camera with your phone and radio?

How to find out hidden spy camera with your phone and radio?

By  Sigismondo Eisenhower 2019-06-21 6070 1

If you go out, privacy protection and life security is equally important. In recent years, there have been a lot of news reports about sneak shot all over the country. At present, the mainstream secretly photographing equipment is the hidden camera, which is easy to hide in a variety of places, but it is not without clue. Today, I'm going to tell you how to find those spy cameras, let you stay away from sneak shot.

How to find out hidden spy camera with your phone and radio

Where are easy to place pinhole cameras?

Since it is used for stealthy photography, pinhole cameras are generally hidden in places that are not easy to find, and many hiding places are also difficult to find. Current surveys show that the most common places to hide pinhole cameras are the following:

● In the room of a chain (low price) hotel;

● Rental accommodation;

● In a rental house;

● In public toilets;

● In the fitting room of the shopping mall.

● Indoor swimming pool, fitness room, in the public bathroom.

If we go out to meet these kinds of places, then we should be vigilant when entering the place. Next, I'll introduce you to some common locations where pinhole cameras may be hidden.

What may be the hidden cameras?

●Socket, plug, plug board.

●Cartoon pendant.

●Fire smoke sensor.

● Clothes hook.

●Tissue box, alarm clock, router.

● Furniture, televisions, speakers, air conditioners, electric fans.

● Lighters, keys, portable battery, beverage bottles, etc.

What may be the hidden cameras

How to check if there have hidden camera exists?

Since the spy camera can be hidden so perfectly, it is impossible to prevent, then the general naked eye examination is certainly unreliable, and it is very easy to miss it. Here are some ways to make it faster and more accurate to find out if there is a pinhole camera. The methods we recommend are mainly divided into two categories, one is to use mobile phones, the other is to rely on professional equipment detection.

How to check if there have hidden camera exists

Detect hidden cameras by smart phone

The first is the electromagnetic field, generally near the pinhole camera will have a strong magnetic field, especially with wireless transmission function of the pinhole camera.

Using mobile phone communication to detect electromagnetic field.

We can download APP, related to magnetic field detection (such as Hidden Spy Camera Detector, etc.) or use a mobile phone to make a phone call, so that APP can detect a strong magnetic field or encounter greater interference when making a phone call, so there is a good chance that the pinhole camera will be hidden in this area. This method can also be used as a radio detection method.

Detect hidden cameras by smart phone

● Using camera of the mobile phone detects the luminous point.

This method is mainly used to detect pinhole cameras that use functional infrared lights. After entering the room, let the room environment as dark as possible, such as by pulling the curtains, turning off the lights, in short, the darker the better. Then turn on the phone photo feature and start scanning every place in the room where the pinhole camera may be hidden, and if there is a light spot on the phone screen, it is highly likely that the pinhole camera is hidden in that location.

● Using the flashlight of cellphone to detect glitter.

Turn on the flash of the phone and illuminate all the holes in the room, such as screw holes, vents, radiators, televisions, speakers, etc., and illuminate all the places where pinhole cameras are commonly hidden. If there is a reflection, there is a good chance that the camera will be hidden in it. Because the camera lens is made of glass and will be coated, the reflective color may be green or purple, and where it appears, it needs to be examined more carefully.

Using the flash light of cellphone to detect glitter

Detect hidden cameras by radio

There are a lot of professional equipment, such as the use of radio.

Radios are mainly used to detect sensors, such as the common CCD or CMOS. In general, the sensor needs the crystal oscillator to generate a clock, pixel by pixel (field clock) line by line (line clock) scan imaging. The generators of these clocks will have relatively fixed frequency electromagnetic wave leakage. The line clock is generally from 12MHz to 30MHz, and the field clock is generally in 15.625kHz (PAL) and 15.750kHz (NTSC).

Detect hidden cameras by radio

The former can be detected in the shortwave band with a multi-band radio, and the clock can be picked up at about half a meter if there is generally no electromagnetic shielding camera, while the latter can buy a very cheap ultra-low frequency VLF receiver for testing.

Detect hidden cameras by thermal imager

And then there's the thermal imager. In general, the sensors, control units, and other components of the camera are heated by long-term power consumption, so that as long as you use a thermal imager to sweep in the room, you can easily see where the heat is higher, and then check it separately.

Detect hidden cameras by thermal imager


Whether it is travel, business trip, work or any other factors, we will encounter hotels, accommodation, renting and so on, or public toilets, fitting rooms and so on. In public places, protecting ourselves is the most important thing. No matter how cheerful people are, they don't want to expose their privacy, so knowing these secretly photographed devices can be better prevented.

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