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Home > How To > How to fishing and best fishing equipment for beginner in Gearbest?
How to fishing and best fishing equipment for beginner in Gearbest?

How to fishing and best fishing equipment for beginner in Gearbest?

By  Steve Lowry 2018-06-28 3445 0

The fishing is the most popular activity nowadays. Would you like to go fishing but you do not know which equipment is the most suitable for this activity? Read our article and you won't leave doubts!

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Fishing is an exciting sport that gathers more and more followers. For this reason, it is logical that the new generations amateur that are interested in asking about the material necessary to fish. Our following article will provide you with all the fishing gear you need to practice this exciting activity. Learn in more detail the basic equipment to fish!


Happy fishing


The first thing we have to take into account when going fishing is to know what kind of fishing we are going to carry out. The dimensions and characteristics of the tools we use will depending on this factor. Next, we show you the general basic equipment that you will need to fish. In other word, if you can use these equipment, you will enjoy the funny fishing time.


1. fishing rod


There is no doubt that the fishing rod is the basic element to carry out when you go fishing.  However, it is not easy to choose it since there are many varieties with very different characteristics.




The material they are made of also varies a lot: it goes from fiberglass to graphite, passing through bamboo. Depending on where you want to fish and what. The rod you will use will be of one type or another. Read the different typologies that exist!


Within this group, there are two varieties of canes: the spincast and the baitcast. The spincast have an open reel, which makes them easier to manipulate. In addition, they have straight handles and small guides for the lines. For all this, they are highly recommended for children fishermen!


The baitcast rod demand a greater management of the cane because its reel has a more complex system. The handle of this type of cane can be straight or gun-shaped. Being more difficult to control so they are recommended rods for experienced fishermen.


2. fly rods

The fly rod is ideal for that type of fishing that requires a long and flexible rod. Both the reel and the line are mounted on the base of the rod. In the Gearbest you can find different types of fly rods with variations in the weight and length of the rod.


It is a type of cane used in fishing. In this modality, instead of throwing the decoy, the line is thrown. Some fishermen throw it in an almost artistic way. However, fishing with fish return is the main use that given to this cane. The fly rods is used to catch fish that after their fishing are returned to the water to continue living. Therefore, it is a perfect type of cane to explore the species of reservoirs, lakes and rivers. Among the fish that we can catch with it include: trout, salmon, carp, pike, inmates, barbels or tarariras.


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3.Trolling rods

Is your intention to practice a relaxed fishing? Then the trolling rod is your ideal tool! The length of this rod oscillates between six and eleven meters and contains the reel at the bottom of the handle.


Depending on the size of the fish we want to capture, we will use a different type of trolling rod. There are three varieties: soft action rod (perfect for catching small fish) and powerful action rod (ideal for catching large fish). reel

    Closed reel (spincast). As we have already said in the section on the reeds, the spincast reel is very easy to use. Therefore, it is ideal for beginners. One of the qualities of this reel is that unravels the fishing line in a fast way, so the hook can reach greater distances. With it, we have the option of throwing lighter lures.




     Semi-open reel (baitcast). It is valid for all types of fish and fishing. The main problem we have when we use this reel is that it can become entangled if we do not adjust it properly. Therefore, it requires fishing domination for its management. It is located mounted on the base of the rods. It’s main characteristic is that it allows a fluid movement of the fishing line.


5. Fishing baits

It is that food was placed on the hook to attract the fish that we want to capture. As is logical, the bait we use will depend on the fish we want to catch and the type of water in which we will carry out in finshing activity. As is known to us, fishing baits refer to the figure that is placed near the bait and the hook which has the function of attracting the fish. There is no doubt you can not miss fishing baits to fish. The Gearbest provide the best baits for you. You can check in our website. They are used in both salt water and fresh water. If you are worried because you do not know how to use them, do not worry!




6.Fishing hook

It is the hook that allows to catch the fish once it has bitten in our bait. The hook that we choose to fish will depend mainly on the type of bait we use and the size of the fish we want to catch. In these cases, it is best to ask an expert fisherman or a bait vendor for useful and specific advice on which hook to choose.




7. Fishing line


The line that comes out of the reel is called the fishing line. The different kinds of line are distinguished by their thickness and strength. The larger the size of the line, the greater the resistance but the lower its flexibility. When choosing a line, you should take into account the type of fishing rod, the capacity of the reel and the species you intend to capture. When we use a line with a larger caliber than necessary, the amount of fished species may decrease since the line can be seen by the fish.




8.Buoys to fish

What are the main functions of this element? It keeps the bait in the place where the fish are stinging, prevents the bait from sinking and lets you know if there are fish that are stinging and  trying to chop the bait. As usual, they are usually attached to the fishing line and are available in the market in various ways (round, pencil, oblong, pen, etc.).

Buoys to fish

The buoy is an important part of the basic fishing equipment.

Do you already have your fishing equipment ready? Remember that it is always advisable to have fishing insurance in case of any unforeseen event.


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