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Home > How To > How to fix the abnormal display color of computer?
How to fix the abnormal display color of computer?

How to fix the abnormal display color of computer?

By  Bernadina Kempton 2019-12-26 2173 74

The abnormal color of the computer monitor is a relatively common computer fault, which is generally more common in monitors that have been in use for a long time. There are only two reasons for the abnormal color of the display. One is a hardware failure, and the other is a software problem. Although there are only these two major aspects, there are still a lot of details involved. Let's talk in detail about the possible causes and solutions of the abnormal color of the monitor.

Basic solutions

Step 1. The color of the monitor is abnormal. It is recommended that we first use the exclusion method to eliminate some simple problems as far as possible, because there are many reasons for the abnormal color display of the display, such as the color control panel of the display is not set up properly. Poor contact or rust of the monitor wire may lead to such problems.

Step 2. If the color of the monitor is abnormal in your newly bought monitor, first check whether the monitor data cable is normal and whether the setting is normal. If not, you can try a different host. If it still doesn't work, contact the dealer to change it as soon as possible. If there is an abnormal color of the display that has been used for a long time, you can still use the above methods to troubleshoot. If the host is changed normally, we can check whether there is something wrong with the display card and so on. In addition, there are many display interfaces caused by poor contact or rust.

Step 3. if the mainframe replacement problem is still focused on checking whether the monitor cable interface metal needle is broken or bent, if not, simply replace a new cable for the monitor and try again, if not, it may be the monitor problem. Need to be overhauled.

Abnormal display color caused by common failures of the graphics card

1. Poor contact of the graphics card

Poor contact of the graphics card usually causes failures such as failure to boot and an alarm sound or an unstable system crash. The main reasons for the poor contact of the video card are the oxidation of the gold finger of the video card, dust, poor quality of the video card or the problem of the chassis bezel, and so on. The poor contact caused by oxidation of the gold finger can be solved by wiping the gold finger with rubber, the poor contact caused by dust can be solved after removing dust, and the poor contact caused by hardware quality can be detected by replacement method. it is generally solved by replacing the graphics card. For poor contact caused by chassis bezel problems, usually the video card can not be fully inserted into the video card slot, which can be eliminated by replacing the chassis.

2. Compatibility issues

Compatibility failures usually cause failures such as computer failure and alarm sound, system instability, or abnormal clutter on the screen. The video card compatibility failure generally occurs after the computer has just been installed or upgraded, mostly in the incompatibility between the motherboard and the graphics card or the incompatibility between the motherboard slot and the graphics card gold finger. The compatibility failure of the video card is usually detected by the replacement method, and the replacement video card is generally used to troubleshoot the failure.

3. Video card components damage failure

Graphics card components damage failure will usually cause the computer can not boot, system instability crash, blurred screen and other failures. The damage of graphics card components generally includes video card chip damage, video card BIOS damage, video memory damage, video card capacitance damage or field effect transistor damage and so on. For the failure of the components of the video card, it is generally necessary to carefully measure each signal in the circuit of the video card to judge the damaged components, and after finding the damaged components, you can replace them.

4. Overheating failure of the video card

Because the video card chip will generate a lot of heat when working, it is necessary to have better heat dissipation conditions. If the cooling fan is damaged, the video card will not work properly due to overheating. The overheating failure of the graphics card will usually cause the system to be unstable and crash, blurred screen and other faults. If the video card is overheated, just replace the cooling fan.

5. Video driver failure

The failure of the video card driver usually causes the system unstable panic, blurred screen, incomplete text and image display card and so on. The failure of the video card driver mainly includes the loss of the video card driver, the incompatibility between the video card driver and the system, the damage of the video card driver, the inability to install the video card driver and so on. Generally speaking, the driver failure of the video card first goes to the "device Manager" to see if there is a driver for the video card, and if not, you can reinstall it. If so, there is a "!" on the video card driver, indicating that the video card driver is not properly installed, the driver version is wrong, and the driver is not compatible with the system. Generally delete the graphics card driver to reinstall, if there is a "!" after the installation, you can download the new version of the driver installation. If the video driver cannot be installed, there is usually a problem with the driver or registry.

6. CMOS setting failure 

The CMOS setting failure is caused by an error in displaying the relevant option settings in the CMOS. Common CMOS setting failures mainly include: integrated graphics card motherboard, CMOS graphics card screen option setting error; such as "AGP Driving Control" option setting error (generally should be "AUTO"), "AGP Aperture Size" option setting error: "FAST Write Supported" option setting error and so on. The CMOS setting error can be modified by loading the default BIOS value.

7. Overclocking problem of graphics card

The overclocking problem of Video card refers to the computer failure caused by improving the speed and working frequency of the video card. When a problem occurs, you can restore the frequency to the factory default settings. What if the color of

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