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Home > How To > How to fix your water damaged phone?
How to fix your water damaged phone?

How to fix your water damaged phone?

By  Matthieu Andre 2019-05-06 2371 0

Did you accidentally drop your phone in the sink or toilet? Or accidentally put your phone in your pocket and forget to take it out and end it up with the washing machine? Or, in the case of a heavy rain, your phone is drizzled together with you? Here are our few steps to fix your phone when it gets wet

How to rescue your wet phone  

How to rescue your wet phone

If by accident your phone drops off in water that is possible to recover the loss by acting fast. Nevertheless, most of smartphones are equipped with circuits which can resist to water when it is not connected to power. By meaning so, your phone will be working but safety precautions are therefore required. If your phone gets wet, please follow the 12 steps as explained below:

Remove the phone from the water 

Step 1. Remove the phone from the water as soon as possible and turn it off at 100%.

Step 2. If the action is fast enough, your phone may still be saved.

remove the back cover and battery 

Step 3. After removing the phone from the water, place the phone on a paper towel or towel and remove the back cover and battery.

Step 4. Take out the SIM card to protect your contacts.

Step 5. Take out other less important parts such as earbuds, memory cards, phone cases and more.

Step 6. Clean thoroughly and wipe the phone with a towel. Every drop matters.

wipe the phone with a towel 

Step 7.  Use then a vacuum cleaner to completely dry your phone in 30 minutes.

Step 8.  Do not use a hair dryer to dry the phone directly (even in "cold air" mode). Direct blowing with a hair dryer will cause water vapor to enter the center of the device and be into contact with internal electronics and parts.

Step 9. An inexpensive way is to put your phone in a bag with dry rice. This method will absorb the remaining water and dry out your phone.

put your phone in a bag with dry rice 

Step 10.  Put the phone on a towel or paper towel.

Step 11.  Switch on and check your phone.

Step 12. Wait at least 24 hours until your phone looks dry in every corner. Wipe off the dust on your phone and put the battery back. Turn it on, pay attention to whether there are strange sounds and see if the functions of the mobile phone are working properly

In parallel, if the phone is in the water while it is charging, don't rush it out of the water. That is recommended to seek for a professional repair if it is not working. Some restrictions must be considered to keep your phone safe when it gets wet. Indeed, water in the power equipment can easily cause electric shock for humans and an explosion can occur by a heat temperature as explained below.

Cautions to dry your phone

If you want to keep your phone safe, pay attention to precautions. Indeed, some restrictions must be considered before drying your phone and use it as explained below:

Step 1.  Do not heat the battery as it may cause a leak or explosion. Lithium-ion batteries are more sensitive. Remove the battery before using the hair dryer. In particular, pay attention to the fact that the phone should not be exposed to high temperatures.

Do not heat the battery 

Step 2.   Make sure you don't use a stove or microwave to dry your phone.

Step 3. If your phone doesn't work, check with a professional to repair. Most of mobiles phones do have a "water inlet label" built-in. This will help the technician know if your phone has been in the water.

By contrast, your phone may not work if sudden damages occur. Dissolved minerals in the water may still be contaminated on the solder joints or metal pins, causing rust or short circuit in the cellphone and unrepairable damage. Therefore, precautions must be due to keep your phone safe.

Dissolved minerals  

The verdict

Overall, it is very important to give your phone at least 2 days to dry. It is possible that your phone still have your warranty through a third party vendor, such as Asurion or SquareTrade. They might cover accidental spills or submersion. Once you are sure your phone is dry, you can plug it back in and try to turn it on.  


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