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Home > How To > How to get rid of mobile phone and focus on your work?
How to get rid of mobile phone and focus on your work?

How to get rid of mobile phone and focus on your work?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-06 4378 1

In today's society, you can hardly live without a smartphone. Overuse of smartphones may lead to more anxiety and depression, especially among young people. Spending too much time on mobile phones can affect our ability to form new memories, as well as our ability to think, focus and absorb information. But for many people, quitting cell phone addiction is more difficult than quitting smoking and alcohol.

Spending too much time on mobile phones

Cell phones aren't as important as you think

Many of us may have the experience of forgetting to bring a mobile phone to work. In this case, we are usually worried that our family or friends will not be able to notify us of important things, or even be unable to concentrate on work for a whole day. As soon as we get off work, we can't wait to get home, and finally we can connect with the mobile phone. That kind of mood is like reunion of relatives who have been lost for many years!

Are you really inseparable from mobile phones? When you light up the screen of your mobile phone with great expectation, see what calls have not been answered and what important text messages have been missed today. But in most cases, you will find that nothing important has happened except a few boring advertisement messages or a few harassing calls, but you worry too much.

4 methods to help you get rid of your cell phone addiction

Many people may realize that they have a certain degree of dependence on mobile phones and try to reduce this dependence. They may turn off their mobile phones or even lock them up, but the end result is often the opposite. It's the same as losing weight. In order to lose weight quickly, some people tend to drastically reduce their food intake in a short period of time, which not only fails to achieve results, but also brings about various negative consequences.

So, the four methods presented here are all mild. They are not meant to break off your relationship with your cell phone, but to reduce the number of times you pick it up.

1. Turn off mobile phone vibration

Many of us unconsciously check our cell phones regularly, regardless of whether someone contacts you or not. According to a British study, adults in the UK check their mobile phones 33 times a day, while teenagers make up 90 times a day. Checking your smartphone is basically an obsessive-compulsive disorder for many people. Researchers say it affects the brain's dopamine circuits, so we always want more. To short-circuit this process, turn off distracting notifications, such as mobile phone shakes, and other insignificant message reminders.


Trust us; you won't miss any important text messages or phone calls in this way. Don't use the so-called "missing important information" to find an excuse for yourself. If you want to respond to their concerns, you can focus on accomplishing things in a limited period of time.

2. Ban the use of battery power display

Another reason you can't help checking your cell phone may be that you are worried about the lack of battery power and that the cell phone may not be able to cope with the next tasks for the rest of the day. But in fact, if you don't overuse your cell phone or have problems with cell phone batteries, most of your cell phone's power is enough for you to use for a day. The more you look at it, the faster it will consume.


For a mobile phone, whether the battery power is 80% or 50%, it can also work properly, and even if you know the percentage of the power, you can't really help, so, it's better to turn off this function, just don't look at it. On the other hand, because you don't know the power of the mobile phone, it will also provide you with a psychological hint, so that you can use the mobile phone less, otherwise what will you do?

3. Set the screen color to gray level

This is a suggestion from Tristan Harris, a former Google design ethicist who has done a lot of in-depth research on how mobile phones affect our attention. In order to prevent us from turning our eyes to the home screen over and over again, he suggested setting the beautiful graphical interface of the mobile phone to gray scale so that it would not look so attractive and the mobile phone would become more monotonous, thus reducing your attention to the mobile phone rather than colorful colors.


You can also continue to make phone calls, send text messages or map your phone, but scrolling on some applications won't pay off. For the iPhone, you can click on "Display Adjustment" in "Settings" - "Universal" - "Auxiliary Functions", open "Color Filter" and select "Gray Level".

4. Install anti-addiction APP

There are many APPs that can help you limit the frequency of using your mobile phone. For example, this APP called Forest can help you stay away from your mobile phone. Whenever you want to have a dedicated working time, you can plant a seed in Forest, which will gradually become a big tree in the next half hour. Once in the meantime you can't help going to see a tweet, or play games, the tree will wither and die.


Of course, there are some more violent ones that will lock your mobile phone directly, such as "Anti-addiction" and "Smart AppLock". Some APPs can also record the time you spend using various applications in detail, and these "horrible" numbers can prevent your addiction to mobile phones to some extent.



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