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Home > How To > How to increase the catch rate in Pokémon Go
How to increase the catch rate in Pokémon Go

How to increase the catch rate in Pokémon Go

By  Linky Johnson 2019-05-08 5850 0

Well, I'm going to tackle a pretty theoretical part of the game. A lot of things are said there without being able to disentangle the true from the false. So here's how I see the capture mechanism with the different elements of the game.

When you throw your ball, you are likely to have a "Super", "Excellent" and "Pretty" depending on when you throw it. Each different roll can therefore increase the chances of capture.

▪ An "Excellent" roll increases the catch rate by 1.7

▪ A "Super" roll increases the capture rate by 1.3

▪ A "Nice" roll increases the capture rate by 1.0

The default rate is thus not multiplied, which is ultimately logical. Multiplying 10 by 1 will always give 10, so the Joli roll would be useless.

The launch key step: This is one of the launches that is recorded in the code. When it arrives, it increases a Pokémon's capture chance by 100%. So any Pokémon can be captured in trouble. This is what is used for starters at the beginning of the game for example.

All PokémonGo Pokéballs have a multiplier to make it easier to capture a Pokémon.

▪ PokéBall has a multiplier of 1.0, i.e. it does not change.

▪ SuperBall has a multiplier of 1.5, which is 50% more than a PokéBall.

▪ HyperBall has a multiplier of 2.0, which is 100% more than a PokéBall.

When you try to capture a pokemon, you can rotate your Ball on itself which will give you a capture chance bonus.

To do this you have to hold the Ball and make circular movements with it, it will put the pokeball in rotation and make a flicker appear around it. The throw will nevertheless be more complex because the Ball will adopt a curved trajectory depending on the direction in which it was turned. So if you have turned it clockwise, you will have to start the pokéball on the left side to correct the trajectory.

This technique can be useful in capturing a pokemon with an orange or red capture circle. For pokemon offering a green circle this technique is not worth it because many Balls are thrown into the void.

The famous bay that facilitates the capture of Pokémon. Unfortunately, this one does not leave room for any multipliers found at the moment. So you're going to have to use tricks to get Niantic's logic on this object. They will not make an object that doubles the chances, this would give the Pokéball the power of a Hyperball. It would therefore be more likely that the chances would be 50% or less.

Now, let's think about a formula. We have:

▪ A ball multiplier.

▪ A capture rate defined on each Pokémon.

▪ PCs, which vary the capture rate of each Pokémon.

▪ Framby Bay which can increase this rate.

▪ A small variation according to the throws.

By following logic (and having a lot of imagination), we can get:

Rate = (((Catch Rate x ???) x Ball Multiplier x Framby Bay) x 100) + Launched Variation

The"?"? "remains the part that corresponds to the PCs that vary the capture. So we have to find out how much this accentuates it. In addition, each Pokémon has a Max PC, perhaps this would be part of the PC-related formula.

Of course, this item still needs to be taken with a little effort, but it would be the easiest way to operate the capture. Maybe there are other elements involved in the capture. 

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