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Home > How To > How to install your new car DVR in the easy way?
How to install your new car DVR in the easy way?

How to install your new car DVR in the easy way?

By  GB Blog Official 2016-10-13 13672 1

Want to install your new Car DVR but not sure how? It’s easier than you think.
The installation procedure is commonly known as hard-wiring, and we’ll show you how to install the car DVR in 8 easy steps.

Step 1: Choose the correct mounting position

The dash cam should be placed within arm’s reach, but not mounted in a location that obstructs the road ahead. Ideally, the DVR should also be positioned to make it easy to access and run cables.

We recommend locating your DVR parallel to the rear view mirror for convenience.

Step 2: Locate the fuse box

Most cars have a fuse box under the dashboard, either on the driver’s or passenger’s side. To find the location, follow the instructions of the user manual.

Step 3: Route the power cable

In most cases, simply tugging the A-pillar rubber trim reveals a gap to run the power cable from the headliner down to the fuse box (it may be necessary to remove the A-pillar cover).

If you are not sure how to remove interior panels, consult the vehicle's manual or a professional.

Step 4: Identify a wire that is hot in start

Car fuses can be divided into two types: always hot (power always available) and hot in start (power available only when the car is running).

To identify which fuses are hot in start, use a simple circuit tester that (a) lights up when power is present and (b) shows there is no power when the ignition is off.

Step 5: Install the special power cable

Plug the add-a-circuit in to the empty spot where your "hot in start" fuse was.

Step 6: Locate a ground point

The other end of the installation wiring kit must be grounded to your vehicle; most cars have at least one ground point near the fuse box.

Locate this point (consult the manual if required), and connect the ground cable from the installation kit.

Step 7: Test the installation

Insert your key into the ignition and turn it to the run position. If everything was installed correctly, you should see your dash cam turn on and begin recording.

Step 8: Bundle cables together

As final preparation, use cable ties to carefully and securely bundle any loose cables together. A suitable place for this is near the fuse box.

Wrap up

Just follow the steps above and you’ll be enjoying your car DVR in no time. We love car DVRs at GearBest!

They’re perfect for on-the-road safety with plenty of great features. We’re confident you’ll love your new travel companion.

Check out our other how-to guides to get the scoop on how to master your favorite tech.

All of these pictures are selected from network, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about them.​

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