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Home > How To > How to know if my Android phone is tapped and how to deal with it?
How to know if my Android phone is tapped and how to deal with it?

How to know if my Android phone is tapped and how to deal with it?

By  Brielle Wilson 2018-05-18 14459 0

Modern technology allows us to get the information quickly, and at the same time, information security becomes a problem, we need to be vigilant.
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How to know if my cell phone is tapped?

phone is tapped


If there are four situations in your mobile phone, it is likely to be trapped:

1. Didn't you buy your phone? Is a gift? The phone was lost for some time

Phone hacking needs the phone to install monitoring device: it takes about one day to implant chip, 3 ~ 10 minutes to install software.


2. Press phone keys, reaction is slow occasionally, a delay of 1~2 seconds

If the phone implanted chip, while eavesdroppers is listening, you pick up the phone at the same time, whether it's playing game or making phone call, press the key for the first time, there will be delay 1 ~ 2 seconds.


3. Strange telephone numbers appear in the telephone book

If so, the phone number could be the "eavesdroppers", who use the phone to dial in.


4. The monthly SMS charges skyrocket

Mobile phone hacking has a function that your cell phone will send messages to eavesdroppers in your unwittingly, and will not leave any records, but produce the expense.

How to prevent my phone from being monitored?

prevent phone from being monitored


Phone-hacking way 1: micro phone wiretapping device

Install micro bug on the phone, and the transmission is about a few dozen meters away.

Anti-hacking method 1: don't let strangers get close to your phone.

If a cell phone is fitted with a micro bug, it is generally not easy to be found, so it is recommended to go to a regular professional shop when buying or repairing cell phone, and don't lend it to strangers. In addition, watch out for the phones that someone present you, maybe it's a "refit" phone.


Phone-hacking way 2: pseudo-base station

Tens of thousands of people are able to talk through their mobile phones and rely on nearby base stations. The base station receives the signal on one hand and is responsible for transmitting the signal, acting as a "bridge" between the caller. And the pseudo base station only receives the signal, does not transmit the signal. 

Pseudo-base stations are of different sizes, and the smaller pseudo-base stations are similar to those of a computer host, but they can receive all the communication signals around them.

While receiving a lot of signals, the pseudo base station can find the wiretapping phone based on the acquired IMSI code.

After pseudo-base station gets the cell phone number, it can intercept all the signals sent on the phone to realize the monitoring.

Anti-hacking method 2: shutdown state is basically safe

Under normal circumstances, the mobile phone in a state of real shutdown is safe, if it pulled out of the battery is safer, because in the case of no electricity, no chip works. 


Phone-hacking way 3: undercover software

The phone's undercover software is also called spy software. Once the phone is "in", there is no privacy. Cell phone hackers are more terrible than pseudo base stations, they are almost invulnerable.

Cell phone virus is a program, if use mobile phone Internet, it is very easy to be poisoned. The phone is "crazy" after poisoning, which can cause the phone to shut down and keyboard invalid. Mobile phone can also be turned on automatically to reveal everything in the phone.

In addition to the automatic switch, the phone will also be used to automatically send messages to other people, automatically make phone calls, automatically surf the Internet, and even damage the SIM card chip.

Anti-hacking method 3: use anti-virus software.

Infected cell phone can use antivirus software to conquer. If antivirus software can't be solved, a new phone is suggested.


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Phone-hacking way 4: SIM card replication

If the SIM card is copied, the privacy of the phone will be stolen.

It is easy to copy the SIM card with mother card, similar to copying other files, so long as there is a machine, anyone can do it.

In the absence of a master card, however, it is relatively difficult to replicate the SIM card, but it does not rule out the illegal use of high technology to copy information from the carrier system.

Anti-hacking method 4: report the lost of SIM card as soon as possible.

In general, as long as you take care of your SIM card and password, can prevent it from being duplicated. But if you lose your SIM card, you should report the loss of it immediately.


Phone-hacking way 5: via Bluetooth.

Bluetooth enables people to enjoy the pleasant surprise and joy of information sharing, but it also has a crisis in mind.

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless communication technology that allows electronic devices to connect to each other within a distance of about 10 meters, eliminating traditional wires. If you open Bluetooth in a crowded place, you will probably be linked by someone else to steal information.

Anti-hacking method 5: don't open Bluetooth in crowded place

The range of Bluetooth communication is relatively limited, don’t open it in crowded place so that can enter a relatively safe zone. In addition, close the Bluetooth when not in use.


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