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Home > How To > How to maintain electric toothbrush?
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How to maintain electric toothbrush?

How to maintain electric toothbrush?

By  Steve Lowry 2018-10-29 4066 0

Electric toothbrushes are more and more widely used in our daily life, and have great potential to replace traditional toothbrushes. How to maintain electric toothbrush?

electric toothbrush

Why the toothbrush can't be turned on?

First of all, it is the most easily ignored and directly affects the life of the toothbrush. After more than a year of use, some users have problems. The machine cannot be turned on, and all the buttons not work. Generally speaking, this is the handle brush has broken into the water, not the battery problem.


toothbrush handle


The solution is simple: take your brush head off every night, even if you only have one brush, or just use an electric toothbrush. After the brush head is separated from the brush handle, the position will be naturally dry. The mold will hardly grow in the dry environment.

Electric toothbrush head maintenance

To be honest, the brush head pricing is very expensive, and the official recommendation is that after three months, the blue indicator part will turn white and need to be replaced. But without the official expensive UV disinfection cabinet, it's hard to get blue indicates the bristles in three months remaining half white, white said bacteria to brush a head, represents the pollution state of brush a head.


toothbrush head


If you don't want to buy the UV disinfection cabinet or don't know the effect on the market if the less known and inferior brand of UV disinfection box, I have a cheap and easy way to soak brush head, here I use the mouthwash. I tested, can probably make the bristles half white at a slower pace, can hold three month at a half white state. If disrelish mouthwash also trouble, can use thick salt water or alcohol, but need to pay attention to change regularly.




How to clean the bottom of handle?

Finally, does not affect the life and the effect is only appearance with a plaque at the bottom of the handle. Because every time I use after the brush handle vertically in the bathroom, itself is wet environment, then brush a body of water flow to the bottom, is a fungus liquid culture medium, after one year, the bottom of the handle has a black plaque, and the spots with general method is hard to figure out.




For example, I have used waste toothbrush with brush, such as washing powder detergent for ten minutes, nothing less. I can’t stand it the day before yesterday, really make a determined effort to use diluted bleaching liquid stains in the soap box, and then put in the vertical brush handle, probably buried plaque height , put probably 20 hours, in fact is the noon when I forget to take out. After taking out, I found that the plaque was almost cleared. Bleaching liquid stains supermarket are sold, a large bottle of a few dollars. 




In fact, the bleaching liquid is hypochlorous acid bleaching , soak ability to remove plaque is very good, the brush handle to remove plaque part also can faintly see a little bit of color will be a little shallow than the surrounding blue, should be destroyed by plaque rubber parts.

Why choose electric toothbrush?

Cavities are due to plaque constantly corrosion teeth, dental plaque is oral anaerobic bacteria colony. Common mechanical brushing your teeth is useless, big trucks also can not pull open plaque adhesion, but sonic electric toothbrush can use the high frequency vibration produces a large number of bubbles, the bubbles of the plaque of oxygen can make anaerobic loose fall off.


Before I can only use the dentist cleaning to remove plaque, but after using the electric toothbrush, one and a half months, the two front teeth inside of mandibular dental plaque were brushed off. To this day, never come back. So stop thinking electric toothbrushes are for the lazy and the nerd.



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 How to choose an electric toothbrush?

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