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Home > How To > How to pair Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 speaker with your phone
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How to pair Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 speaker with your phone

How to pair Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 speaker with your phone

By  Adeline Belluz 2018-01-15 25166 3

As a brain of smart home, the high-quality but low price Xiaomi AI Bluetooth speaker is popular. But it’s difficult for those people who don’t know Chinese, because the Xiaomi AI speaker is accompanied by Chinese user manual, Chinese voice instruction, and a Chinese app. So, take a closer look at this connection guide, it will help you control your Xiaomi smart AI speaker!

Before using the Mi AI speaker, you should better be familiar with it. It looks like a smaller Xiaomi smart air purifier, but Xiaomi AI speaker is stronger than the purifier. You can control Xiaomi smart devices in your home through Xiaomi AI speaker, get weather and traffic information, and play streaming music, story, etc.

Mi AI speaker vs Mi air purifier

Let's pair the Xiaomi AI Bluetooth 4.1 speaker with your cell phone and start a smart life!

1. Install "Xiaomi AI" app on your phone.

You can search "Xiaomi AI" in App store or Google play store, or scan QR code on the user manual or the sticker on the Xiaomi AI speaker. Note: there is control panel of the speaker under the sticker, you should remove the sticker when using.

Mi AI speaker app QR code

Then choose Android or iOS version for your phone and install the app.

2. Connect the speaker to power source.

The Xiaomi AI Bluetooth speaker comes with a power adapter (100 - 240V input, 12V output), so just connect it to power source through it.

Mi AI speaker plug interface

3. Enter configuration mode.

The indicator light becomes orange (indicator lights: pink - disable microphone, orange - configuration mode, haven't connect to network, Red - system error) after connecting the speaker to power source, then the Xiaomi AI speaker will enter configuration mode.

If the indicator light isn't orange:

If you have paired this Mi AI speaker at the Mi AI app: long press the CH button for about 5 seconds until hear a sound "已进入配置模式" (the speaker has entered configuration mode), the indicator light becomes orange. You can set WIFI at app: profile - WIFI setting.

If the speaker is totally new for you: press the Previous song and Next song buttons at the same time for about 5 seconds, then you will hear a sound say "即将恢复出厂设置" (the speaker will restore to factory reset).

4. Find your Xiaomi AI speaker.

Open the Bluetooth on your phone and Mi AI speaker app. Login the app with your Xiaomi account, then the app will find the Mi AI speaker - the name is "小米AI 音箱-xxxx" (xxxx is the last 4 numbers of the AI speaker's S/N number).

find Mi AI speaker's Bluetooth

5. Connect the AI speaker to WiFi.

After that, click the Next button ("继续") to connect your speaker to WiFi. Enter the WiFi password, click Next and wait for a while, your AI speaker connect to WiFi successfully.

connect Mi AI speaker to WiFi

If you fail to set the WiFi, try the following methods:

Mi AI speaker failed to connect to WiFi

Place your Mi AI speaker closer to the WiFi router.

Check if your phone's system meets the requirement - the Mi AI speaker is compatible with Android 4.4 or above / iOS 8.0 or above system.

Close the Bluetooth of your phone, then open it later to try again.

If your phone is iPhone and has paired with speaker via Bluetooth, click "Ignore the device" at System setting - Bluetooth - click the blue exclamation mark at right of your phone.

Check whether the WiFi can access to the internet.

Make sure the WiFi isn't enterprise WiFi, because the speaker is not support enterprise WiFi at present.

Restart your Mi AI speaker and your phone's Bluetooth to try connecting again.

6. Personal settings.

After set the WiFi successfully, you could choose the music types you love, where the speaker placed at, etc. However, you can click Skip ("跳过") to do the settings later. Finally, you can use the Mi AI speaker to play music, listen to news, control other Xiaomi products, etc.

Mi AI speaker personal settings

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