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Home > How To > How to perform a factory reset on your iPad?
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How to perform a factory reset on your iPad?

How to perform a factory reset on your iPad?

By  Matthieu Andre 2019-03-20 2361 0

Do you need to factory reset your iPad? Perhaps you are planning on selling your device and want to wipe all your data, or due to some risks occurred, you want to erase it by remote control. If therefore you experience such cases, performing a factory reset on your iPad will be the easiest solution to wipe your device accordingly. So, let's have a close look on factory reset first before explaining major solutions.


reset on iPad 

1. Why a factory reset on iPad?

A factory reset will erase all your data on your iPad once you confirmed. Before explaining main steps, it is necessary to understand what major benefits and limitations can bring a factory reset to your device. By resetting your iPad, your storage capacity will increase much more and lead your device to a better performance. In addition, given that you can remote control from another device, your data will be erasing easily by log-in your device anywhere.


Nevertheless, doing a factory reset only erase data on your HDD and doesn't take into account external cards such as SIM card. Seen as a security data risk, your data will be preserved once you plugged your external card to your device. Largely used in case of selling, troubleshooting or repair, there are several ways to perform a factory reset on your iPad as explained below.

2. Reset your iPad to factory default

If you want to wipe all your data, you must reset your iPad to factory default first. By doing so, this will fix all your troubleshooting and improve your device's performance in term of capacity storage and speed. Though you would need to create new accounts or passwords on your device that is requiring to backup your data before resetting it back to factory default. If you want therefore to wipe your device efficiently, please follow steps above.

Step 1. Open your Settings App.

Step 2. Tap General.


Tap General. 


Step 3. Scroll down and tap Reset.

tap Reset 

Step 4. Choose your Options for Resetting.

In parallel, if you have some Applications turn On such as Find My iPad, this method will reboot and erase all your content on your device. Your Applications will be disabling and require a new account or password to access. If you lost your data or can't log-in, a backup on iCloud will help you to store your data and wipe them remotely as explained below.

3. Perform a backup on iCloud

With its large storage capacity online and features, iCloud can store your data before you factory reset your device. Your Applications must be turn off for a complete and safe data transfer on iCloud. Because some problems may occur during it, it may impact your screen interface by causing a frozen screen.


Though it can be solved by holding down buttons or APP store, iCloud is the quickest way to optimize your device. Featuring an access remotely, your data can be backup before erase from another device. Powerful and useful management tool, if you want to backup your device on iCloud before resetting it, please follow steps below.

Step 1.  Open your Settings App.

Step 2.  Tap iCloud.

Tap iCloud 

Step 3.  Turn On Backup.

Turn On Backup 

Step 4.  Turn On iCloud Backup.

Turn On iCloud Backup 

Majorly easy to set up and store on iCloud, your personal information will be secure during unspecific time. After you complete this step, the process of erasing your contents must include and cover all your settings, in order to factory reset. For example, your Wi-Fi access may have some trouble to connect your device mainly due to an internet connection. Therefore, that is recommended to run a complete factory reset as explained in the next part.

4. Erase your Content and Settings

By differing from factory default, this process will help you to fully erase your Content and Settings and convert your iPad to its original version. Major benefits will be due in term of speed internet, storage capacity and performance after a complete data erase. This centric approach includes different solutions in order to perform your factory reset. As their stated from the lowest to highest level, the process of resetting will be easier by following instructions above.


Erase your Content and Settings 


By acceding on your Settings and sliding down to General, you will be able to choose one of the three solutions mentioned above.

Reset All Settings

This solution is the easiest one because it will automatically reset all your preferences after confirming. Your data such as videos or pictures will be conserved but you can extend your storage capacity by erasing them manually. Useful method when a family member wants to use same Apple ID or when you have some problems with your iPad. By acceding on your Settings and sliding down to General, you will be able to choose of the three solutions mentioned above.

Reset your Network Settings

An internet speed refers to excellent internet connectivity. If you experience an unstable connection or having trouble to connect your device, you must reset accordingly. That will fix all your internet or troubleshooting issues on your specific networks. Without having the need to full restore, your data will be erased for performing the device.

Remove all Content and Settings

Last solution, use iTunes to erase all content and settings if you want to protect your privacy and resell your device. Because your data are stored and synchronized on Apple, you can easily be a victim of theft. To perform your factory reset, make sure your Apple ID is deleted before a new iOs user log-in. But although you need to create a new one, you can also transfer your data to your laptop or USB key before erasing them on iTunes.

Wrap up

To conclude, most of people backup their data on iCloud for specific reasons such as selling. From this fact, different integrated solutions by Apple will help you to factory reset and erase all content and settings on your device.


Gradually extended by level, the process of resetting can be easy and solve all your issues or troubleshooting. But also controllable by distance, your core device will perform on three axes. To factory reset on your iPad, that is recommended to reset your device to factory default.  


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