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Home > How To > How to prevent phone from being eavesdropped?
How to prevent phone from being eavesdropped?

How to prevent phone from being eavesdropped?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-04 6827 0

Does the mobile phone you carry with always betray users? How can private calls be "disseminated"? How to find out that your mobile phone has been tapped?


How to find out that your cell phone has been eavesdropped?

If all the following points are in line with you don't hesitate, you're being eavesdropped.

1. Someone else bought the phone, or it disappeared for a while

Mobile phone bugging requires the "monitored person" phone to be "installed". It takes about one day to install the chip, and about 3 to 10 minutes to install the software, so if your phone has disappeared for more than half an hour, that's what it takes.

2. The phone gets stuck occasionally, and the button reacts slowly

If the phone is embedded in a chip, the eavesdropper will delay the phone by 1 to 2 seconds as you pick up the phone, whether playing with game or dialing the phone, by pressing the first button. This is not the case if the software is embedded.

3. There's a stranger in your address book

If so, the phone could be an "eavesdropper," a call-back number that the eavesdropper dial-up with the phone to eavesdrop. Though it is impossible to know who the person is, just delete it.

4. Communication costs skyrocketed

Cell phone eavesdropping has the function of "actively" sending a message to a "eavesdropper" without informing you, and the phone will not leave any record of the text message sent. It can only be checked from the bill of call. If you didn't pay your bill yourself, the person who paid the bill was even more suspicious.

The message you send to the eavesdropper is: call to call (who calls you, who you call), other people send you text messages, and you will automatically send a message to the eavesdropper. When you send a text message, you automatically send a message to the eavesdropper. However, this function can be turned on or off. If open, text messaging fee is a sure skyrocketing.

5. SIM Card opens Three-way call function

To monitor the content of the call, it means that while you are talking on the phone, another person calls in. Usually, the line is busy. But if your phone has a three-way call function, the eavesdropper can listen to the content of the call as soon as it dials in, and you don't even know it.

You'd better call your cell phone to see if it has been activated by someone. If this function is turned off, you can't know who the eavesdropper is, but at least the content of the call will not be eavesdropped.

How was the phone eavesdropped?

Mobile phone is eavesdropped, there are six basic methods.

1. Mini detectaphone

It's the oldest burglar to install a microphone in a mobile phone. Because the fixed telephone transmits analog signals during the call, and there is no encryption measures. If the signal is stolen, it can easily be restored to voice. Mobile phone signals are sent to the air. The transmitted signals are encrypted. It takes a lot to decode them. Nevertheless, cell phone eavesdropping is still happening unscrupulously. For example, installing a microphone in a mobile phone is one of the most primitive and old-fashioned ways of eavesdropping. However, when the back cover of the mobile phone is opened, the spare parts in the mobile phone are arranged very compactly. Where is the gap for installing the eavesdropper? For example, cell phone batteries can be made only half the size of the original, so there is enough space. However, the transmission distance of this eavesdropping method is mostly about tens of meters, that is to say, if you want to monitor mobile phone calls, it must be within a certain range, and then it will fail.

2. Pseudo base station

GSM blocker is actually a pseudo base station. Tens of thousands of miles apart, people can talk through mobile phones, relying on nearby base stations. On the one hand, the base station receives the signal; on the other hand, it is responsible for transmitting the signal, which acts as a "bridge" between the callers. This pseudo base station does not transmit signals, only receives signals. Pseudo-base stations vary in size, and smaller ones are similar to computer hosts, but they can receive all the communication signals around them. Although it receives so many signals, the interceptor can smartly identify and find the cell phone that intends to eavesdrop on. The secret is that the pseudobase station can acquire the IMSI number of each cell phone in the air. The IMSI number is unique, like the "ID number" of a mobile phone. After the pseudobase station acquires the number, all the signals from the mobile phone are intercepted.

3. Undercover software

Mobile phone "undercover software" is no longer a legend; this software is also called mobile phone spyware. Once the mobile phone is "hit", there is no privacy at all. Mobile phone "hackers" are more terrible than pseudo base stations; they are almost all-pervasive. Mobile virus is a program. If you use your mobile phone to surf the Internet, it will be very easy to be poisoned. Mobile phone poisoning will be very "crazy"; it will cause the illusion of mobile phone shutdown. It will make the phone black screen and the keyboard invalid. Poisoned mobile phones can also turn on automatically, revealing all the information in the environment where the mobile phones are located. After poisoning, mobile phones can not only switch on and off automatically, but also be used to send text messages to others automatically, dial telephone automatically, access the Internet automatically, and even destroy the SIM card chip.

4. SIM card replication

If the SIM card is duplicated, it will steal the privacy of the mobile phone. On the internet, mass text messages that "can copy SIM cards without master cards to eavesdrop on anybody's calls" suddenly found a “ride”. If there is a master card, it is easy to copy SIM cards, similar to copying other files. As long as there is machine equipment, anyone can do it. However, in the absence of a master card, replication of SIM cards is actually quite difficult. To know the encryption and decryption methods of SIM cards, international identity authentication and identification codes and other data, we must use high technology to enter the operator system, which may be difficult. Of course, it is not excluded that some people will illegally use high technology to enter the operator system, so mobile phone users must take good care of their SIM cards.

5. Drive Bluetooth in crowded places

Bluetooth lets people enjoy the pleasant surprise and pleasure of information sharing, but at the same time, there is a crisis lurking in it. Exchange e-business cards with mobile phones and send them through Bluetooth, but maybe there is a virus in the e-business cards, so a little bit of it can be switched on immediately. The most tragic thing is that when Bluetooth was inadvertently opened, the secrets in the mobile phone were completely disclosed, but they were still unknown.

6. Wi-Fi positioning

Like our mobile phones, every Wi-Fi hotspot (router) actually has a unique address. When a mobile phone opens Wi-Fi, it scans and collects Wi-Fi signals from the routers around it (whether they are strong or weak, whether they can be displayed or not, as long as they are available), and uploads their location information to the service. It forms a huge hot spot location database. The server retrieves the location of each Wi-Fi hotspot, and then calculates the location of the mobile phone according to the different intensity of the signal. This is Wi-Fi positioning.

Usually the management software in the mobile phone is very sensitive to the positioning authority of APP, because when the GPS is turned off, they can still roughly locate your position, which is calculated by signal and Wi-Fi hotspot. You can use Wi-Fi hotspots to calculate orientation, multi-user indoor positioning, the accuracy is also accurate.

How to prevent phone from being eavesdropped?

Following are 6 methods to prevent phone from being eavesdropped.

1. Don't let strangers come near your phone

If a cell phone is installed with a miniature eavesdropper, it is generally not easy to find out. Therefore, it is suggested that when purchasing and repairing mobile phones, it is better to go to regular professional stores, and mobile phones should not be lent to strangers. Also, other people should pay attention to the mobile phone, maybe it is a "modified" mobile phone. In addition, as in the movie against eavesdropping, if there are very confidential calls, but also highly suspected of eavesdropping, you might as well learn the plot of the movie to make noise. Because, eavesdroppers are all the same, and they are also sensitive to noise. The effect of the noisy wiretapping is greatly affected.

2. It's basically safe in shutdown state

Usually, when the mobile phone is in the state of real shutdown, it will enter a safe state. It would be safer to unplug the battery, because no chip would work without power on, and mobile phones would be no exception. Of course, this is not absolute. If the mobile phone has been "modified" and there is an additional rechargeable battery, it is likely to be monitored. Another way to prevent eavesdropping is to turn off the phone and put it in a sealed metal box.

3. Use antivirus software.

Poisoned mobile phones can be overcome with anti-virus software. It's just that antivirus software can't keep up with the speed of new viruses. At the current level, once you have a virus in your mobile phone, you can apply for mobile security value-added services from the operator, or change to a new mobile phone.

4. Report the loss of SIM card as soon as possible if you lose it

In general, to prevent SIM cards from being duplicated, mobile phone users only need to keep their SIM cards and passwords. Therefore, it is impossible for illegal elements to clone mobile phone cards. Once the user loses the SIM card, he should report the loss immediately.

5. Don't open Bluetooth in crowded places

Because wireless can go through walls. Once Bluetooth opens, it's "Walls have ears". Bluetooth has a relatively limited range of dissemination, so it is not necessary to open Bluetooth in crowded and mixed places, thus entering a relatively safe zone. Of course, there would be no problem if Bluetooth was not used at all. It can also check whether the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone is turned on or not, and when not in use, it should be turned off in time.

6. Do not arbitrarily connect to the public Wi-Fi

Do not easily connect to unsafe Wi-Fi for network speed and traffic charges. Make sure the Wi-Fi is secure.

7. Virtual location: making fake sites to confuse others

Many phones now come with traversing features that can be used to confuse stalkers by locating them at "various locations."


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