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Home > How To > How to prevent the DVR from running out of battery power?
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How to prevent the DVR from running out of battery power?

How to prevent the DVR from running out of battery power?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-10-25 7616 0

Why the car can’t start? Please check your car battery! In most cases, the car DVR connected with the ACC fuse box, which may lead to the battery loss. However, it may also lead to the battery loss by directly inserting the cigarette lighter power supply. How to prevent the DVR from stealing the battery capacity of your car?

direct plug-in cigarette lighter power supply 

Modes of DVR's power supply

At present, the DVR is mainly divided into two modes of power supply, one is a direct plug-in cigarette lighter power supply, and the other is a car ACC fuse box power supply. In fact, most of the DVR powered by the cigarette lighter will automatically shut off after the vehicle turns off (unless the battery is built into the product itself), while some products are continuously powered mainly because of the design of the vehicle.

car ACC fuse box power supply. 

The other type of DVR, which is powered by ACC fuse box, belongs to the type of "continuous electricity", because the automobile fuse box is designed with constant electricity. Even if the vehicle is turned off, the power supply to the product will not be affected.

ACC fuse box, 

What situation will DVR run out the battery of car?

If the power supply is constant, you will need to pay attention to whether the product is equipped with voltage reducing line (note: it must be a high-quality voltage reducing line), or whether the product itself can judge the voltage and power of the car battery by means of software or hardware, and then automatically lose power to protect the battery.

Cutting car battery settings 

Currently, the common way to protect the battery is through the voltage drop line, but the DVR with the voltage drop line is mostly powered by the ACC fuse box. Some brands have designed the DVR as software and hardware to protect the battery. When the software recognizes that the battery voltage is below a certain value, the DVR will be automatically powered off. However, there are not many products that can protect the battery in this way.

the recorder automatically powered off  

After all, the cost is higher than a single voltage reducing line, and it takes certain research and development strength to produce a stable product.

How to prevent the DVR from running out of battery power?

If your cigarette lighter is designed for constant electricity, it is recommended that you try to connect the power supply interface of the DVR to the USB position of the original vehicle, because most of the power supply interface of the DVR is designed as USB port, and separate design from the cigarette lighter port. At this point, you can power the USB port through the original car's USB, and the location may not be designed for constant power.

car's USB port​ 


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