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Home > How To > How to protect your smartphone from theft or loss?
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How to protect your smartphone from theft or loss?

How to protect your smartphone from theft or loss?

By  Matthieu Andre 2018-11-29 4544 0

With advanced technologies and mobile, millions of people are carrying smartphones in their daily life. But the chance of a device being lost or stolen has dramatically increased. Security issues with smartphones are gathering momentum. Here a few tips to protect your smartphone from theft or loss.

1. Protect your data

There are a number of ways to protect your smartphone from theft or loss. The risk of being stolen or loss has increased due to advanced technologies. To protect your data on phone in case of emergency, please follow tips cf-below:

Activate a screen lock

The first crucial preventive measure is to activate a screen lock. By activating a screen lock, the phone will automatically lock itself and prevent theft. To prevent this from happening, you can use a lock screen widget to lock your phone properly with a face, fingerprint, gesture or even code by doing an automatic wiping of the device after 10 attempts failed log in. Convenient and quick, with both of these security measures set up, it will keep your phone secure and enforce a protection against theft or loss.


 activating a screen lock

Write down your serial number

The second preventive measure is writing the serial number. If your phone is stolen in the future, writing the serial number with a pen can help prevent risks. That will not only allow you to call the manufacturer, but also to report the phone as stolen or loss. Proven to protect safely your data, if someone sends your phone in for repairs, it can be returned directly to you. Therefore, by anticipating, you will be able to protect your phone efficiently and use it again.

2. Turn on location tracking

If previous measures don’t work, turning on the location tracking on devices such as laptop, tabletsmartwatch phone is a good choice in case of risks. By using a smart Application, you may know the location of your phone and track it on real time. Nevertheless, it will automatically lock, remove or wipe all data to prevent theft or loss. Proven as an efficient measure, all your data will be secure. Therefore, by turning on the location, it will ensure an optimal safety and you will be able to use your phone after finding location.


turning on location tracking  

3. Be cautions with Application

Applications such as security softwares can help you avoid many of the potential dangers associated with smartphones. To protect and keep your phone safe, please follow tips cf-below:

Install security software Application

Due to massive Applications on phone every day, paying attention to any potential security warnings before downloading Application is necessary to avoid malware, fishing or virus. This can result by checking the permission for an installed Application such as security software. By downloading it from official Applications stores and disabling third party Applications, your device will keep your data safe by encryption protocol or even, you can erase your data remotely for safety.


installing security software Application 

Install Application updates

After downloading a security software Application, general updates may be required to fix issues and security problems. Those updates are essential to tackle potential threats on your device.


Indeed, it will perform your phone and bring major benefits such as saving data, ensuring compliance, detecting internal fraud. Therefore, updating the latest version will help you to protect your device and prevent major risks.


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Hide and lock your Applications

If you want to hide few sensitive Applications, a locker can help you to protect your privacy and ensure you a safety. By creating a secondary password, you can quickly lock down Applications that you don’t want anyone to access on your device. Whether your phone is stolen or loss, using applock can ensure your most important Applications are off limits and secure.


hiding and locking your Applications 

4. Use secure connections

Most smartphones have the option of connecting to wireless networks. However, wireless hotspots and unknown networks are by far the biggest security risk when it comes to utilizing this connectivity. If you are browsing the internet, using applications or checking your email, opt for a secure connection by turning off Bluetooth on your device. Ways to do this include signing on to a secure wireless network or a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


using secure connections 

5. Back up your data

Most modern phones allow users to synchronize information and back up all data in the clouding system in case of loss or theft. By activating regular automatic back up, it will allow your device to prevent risks. This option is available on all operating systems and synchronizes all your data and application to the cloud such as e-mails, photos uploaded. Therefore, automatic back up data is an excellent way to safeguard against loss or theft.


backing up your data  

6. Be responsible of your device

Last preventive measure is to be vigilant. With advanced technologies on the market, potential safety warnings may occur. To prevent those risks, please follow cf-tips:

Keep your phone safe

By leaving your phone unattended, you put you in danger for not paying attention. Indeed, thieves can easily breach your privacy policy, steal your data, etc. That is because phones are relatively smaller, powerful, costly and becomes dominant. Ways to keep your phone safe can include for example an apparel with zipper, backpack, waist bag. By keeping your phone safe, you will reduce those risks and thus protect your device.

Avoid suspicious call

Lastly, avoid suspicious call from unknown users using modern technologies. This allows the attacker to intrude your phone remotely and take control of it by sending messages or calling. By blocking requests on your device, you will be able to protect your identity and therefore your data. Among other things, be vigilant and take a wise decision before you use your phone.


avoiding suspicious call 

The verdict

To conclude, million of people carry their smartphone everyday. If you lose it, it can cost you money, time, inconvenience. Since the possible threat is growing on devices, taking a few preventive measures will help you to minimize potential safety warnings, so that it will keep your device safe. From a security standpoint, by being vigilant, adding some features and using a secure connection, it will help you to tackle and avoid all those risks.



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