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Home > How To > How to quickly use fruit battery to charge your iPhone?
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How to quickly use fruit battery to charge your iPhone?

How to quickly use fruit battery to charge your iPhone?

By  Linky Johnson 2018-12-11 18418 3

The principle of a fruit battery is that the electrochemical activity of the two kinds of metal flakes is different. The more active side of the metal flake can replace hydrogen ions of acidic substances in fruits. Because of the positive charge, the whole system needs to be stable (or generated charge, which results in the following results). So in the case of forming the primary battery, electrons keep the system stable from the loop. In theory, the magnitude of the current is directly related to the concentration of fruit acid. If there is a functional relationship, then the function is actually related to the ionic strength, but also to the quantitative relationship, and has a qualitative relationship with the ionic concentration. In this case, if the length of the loop changes, it will inevitably cause the change of the loop, so it will also cause the change of the voltage.

Self-made fruit battery method

1. Prepare materials. In order to make fruit batteries that can charge a cell phone, you need to prepare the following things (note: this method may damage the cell phone, so if you can't accept these risks, don't try this method):

A dozen of acidic fruits, such as oranges, apples or pears.

Copper screws or coins in the same amount as fruits. If the surface of the coin is not copper, the outer layer needs to be polished to expose copper for use.

Zinc flake (galvanized flake) in the same quantity as fruit.

Insulated copper conductor.

Rubber gloves. Gloves should be worn all the time to prevent electric shock.

Self-made fruit battery materials 

2. Insert a slice of zinc into the first fruit. Make sure the zinc flake is exposed a little so that you can connect by wire.

3. Insert a piece of copper on the first fruit. The distance between zinc and copper flakes should be close, but do not touch them, otherwise they will be short-circuited. If your fruit is an orange, it's best to make sure that both pieces of metal are inserted on the same piece of orange.

inserting a piece of copper on the first fruit 

4. Repeat the above process on each fruit. Insert metal flakes into each fruit to ensure that no metal flakes touch each other.

5. Connect fruit with copper wire. Connect each fruit to the circuit with a copper wire. You connect the copper flake of the first fruit to the zinc flake of the second fruit. You then connect the copper flake of the second fruit to the zinc flake of the third fruit, and so on.

connecting fruit with copper wire 

6. Cut the USB line. Cut off one end of the USB cable, reveal the inside cable, and connect it to the copper wire of the fruit in a ring.

cuting the USB line. 

7. Charge the iPhone. The voltage of each fruit is about 0.5 volts, which up to about 5 volts to charge the cell phone. However, the charging time in this way will not be too long.

charging the iPhone 

Zinc flakes in fruits release zinc ions and energy at the same time. Zinc ions also displace copper ions, releasing more energy. When connected to a circuit, the energy it releases can be used to charge the phone.


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